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Topic #2261120
abbybb - Maggie telling Iv she only wants James to stay 2 more weeks to benefit them strategically 0 Replies #2261120 9:56PM 21/08/2005
she says she can't compete against him and win. He's just far too good.

They're suspicious that Jan & James are hooking up and now saying that Jan would be easier to beat than James.

Iv is not commenting but isn't agreeing with the plan
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Topic #2261123
memyselfandi - Beau and Maggie tell Ivette if James stays longer he will wipe out the friendship 0 Replies #2261123 9:56PM 21/08/2005
They have to backdoor him next week if they want to keep him out of playing for the veto.
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Topic #2261124
KaysarWinsBB6 - Maggie Figures Out Janelle's NOT Dumb! 0 Replies #2261124 9:56PM 21/08/2005
What a revelation! Maggie just told Beau, "Janelle's not DUMB, she's smart!"
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Topic #2261130
MonsterDubs - maggie tells ivette if we are going to backdoor james we have to do it next week 0 Replies #2261130 9:57PM 21/08/2005
when speaking to beau and april about this she seemed set on this. now with ivette she says she is conflicted. says they can use him for the next 2 weeks but then he might win every competition and win the game.
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Topic #2261136
BHnoah - Maggie telling Beau and Ivette that next week is last week to backdoor him- 0 Replies #2261136 9:57PM 21/08/2005
Saying that yes they may need him-- but have to get him out next week or they might never get him out. Talking about Janelle having luck, and james skill-- "luck runs out, not skill"

Ivette gave a weird face when Maggie kept saying next week they have to get James out
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Topic #2261159
fnfish - B/A/M in HOH talking about James. 0 Replies #2261159 10:01PM 21/08/2005
The guess that James and Janelle are scheming.
April reports that Jennifer, b4 she left, told April that James said "Hey Jenn, I know you may be leaving, I know April will be alone, let April know that I can be there for her.

April got called to the DR.

Apparently they believe he has also made the same offer to Maggie (when she first lost Eric) and Janelle.
Maggie is recounting one time (weeks ago) when she and James were in the WC and the conversation went like this:
J: I can't believe you're talking to me
M: Well, you came in here
M: Shh, lower your voice so that other people will think we're talking about the game
J: (excited (according to Maggie)): I didn't think you would talk to me about the game!
M: (as cold as ever) I won't.

Maggie is making fun of him for this convo.

Ivette joins them in the HOH and Beau and Maggie are trying to convince Ivette that they have no choice but to backdoor James next week. They believe that he is far too strong of a competitor that they will not be able to beat him in the veto's and he will take the game. Maggie admits that they could use him strategically for a couple more weeks but that he is far too smart and strong of a competitor and if he doesn't go next week he will win.
Maggie says that James is playing an excellent game. He's being nice to everyone and playing every side and on top of this is an extremely good competitor.
Ivette admits that she is the one who told James that Janelle is their next target.
Maggie asks Ivette if she is being careful enough with information that she shares with James bcs he probably just runs to the other team with information.
M: Rachel is a better competitor than Howie that's why she has to go first. Howie thinks he's the one leaving so we've done something right.
James knew he was going to be picked today, Maggie says she can tell because his diet is different on days that he competes (bananas & other healthy foods).
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Topic #2261179
fnfish - Beau just lied to Maggie! 0 Replies #2261179 10:03PM 21/08/2005
Maggie has already figured out that there is no way that Rach or Howie would have picked James for the comp, strategically it didn't make any sense, so the only way for James to compete would be if Beau picked him. Since James obviously knew that he was competing, Maggie is trying to figure out how he knew that he would be picked.
Beau just said, "well i didn't tell him"
But he DID, last night while the two of them were alone at the HT. (He didn't actually say it was definate, but Beau did tell James that he was considering using him for the comp).
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Topic #2261181
memyselfandi - Maggie is saying the friendship is messing with fire by using James 0 Replies #2261181 10:03PM 21/08/2005
Maggie is mad that Beau told James the friendship's next target is Janelle.

Maggie said her next target isn't James but it isn't good that he knows what they're thinking. Maggie said she would like Janelle to go home, but James is better than her.

Maggie: I'm just worried about my abilities against James.

Maggie has noticed James eats certain things on the day he competes. Beau claimed that James didn't know he would pick him, Maggie says he knew he would because he eats bananas on the days he competes.

If one of them gets HOH the only way they can backdoor him is if they would put up Howie and Janelle and then backdoor James if one of them gets POV. But they would have to not pick James to play POV. Otherwise one of them goes home.
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Topic #2261205
fnfish - Ivette believes that they can't leave Janelle and James together 0 Replies #2261205 10:05PM 21/08/2005
So Maggie says right, so who do you get rid of first? The one that we can't beat. (James).
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Topic #2261214
ferretkiss - maggie strategizes about getting james out next, ivette not going along with it. 0 Replies #2261214 10:06PM 21/08/2005
beau and mag: next week is the only week left to backdoor james. (ivette looks on sadly).
beau: we need him gone. janelle and him, they are like this (holds fingers together).
mag: james and janelle, they are very very equal. james has pure skill, but janelle has this luck like i cannot believe.
iv tries to badmouth janelle.
mag says we dont have a chance of beating james. i want him to stay for two more weeks because we could use him, but when it gets down to it, i dont think i can beat him, i really dont. But, and im not saying im sold on this, if we are going to backdoor someone it has to be next week.
iv silent and listening.
mag: i just dontknow if backdooring is the only way to get rid of him
mag: he outthought people on the pinata. im not surprised about howie but im really surprised about rachel. he outthought rachel and howie. and jennifer too. so its not just physical skill.

mag: thats it, ive always said mess with fire and you are going to get burnt, but i dont know how long we can mess with him. because we have used him, like today, we used him to win the veto.

they confront ive about what she has told him.
mag says i dont want him to know what we are going to do and plan accordingly.
mag: james is not my target right now. i would absolutely love to get janelle out before him. but im just worried about my abilities to get him out. like rachel, she is way better than howie.
iv pipes up to say something bad about rachel (Shes a bitch, i think)

they say how thinks he is leaving, so we must be doing something right.
they say that james eats special food on days he competes. mostly banana, because he doesnt eat bananas on his days off.

mag: i ate a healthy breakfast in case i competed, absolutely.
mag: um what do you guys think? i dont want to jump the gun, but.
iv: so lets say one of us gets hoh next week. we put up howie and janelle.
mag: and if one of them wins the veto, then he has to go up anyway because its only us four left.
mag: if you want to backdoor him,its the only time he cannot compete in the veto. he will compete in every single veto situation. and he can win this game by winning the veto every single time.

mag tells beau what he can and cannot talk about. its ok to talk about her scenarios, but beaus scenario that howie gets hoh, he cannot talk about. because he is jumping the gun.

iv talks about her instinct that they cannot leave james and janelle together in this game.
mag: right but who do we get rid of first, the one we cant beat.

(beau and maggie agree on this. and we know april agrees. ivette has not said anything to show that she agrees. only time iv speaks up is to denounce on rachel or janelle.)

now they talk about that they will not feed the other people. iv says she is a nasty person (about rach or jan).

now on to card playing.

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Topic #2261285
WendyLee - maggie just lied to ivette about her not realizing that ivette hadnt won anything yet NT 1 Replies #2261285 10:13PM 21/08/2005
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WendyLee - maggie and april were talking about it in the exercise room earlier NT #2261300 10:14PM 21/08/2005
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Topic #2261291
abbybb - Maggie pipes up with "Have you won anything yet?" to Iv 0 Replies #2261291 10:14PM 21/08/2005
Iv tells her no.

She then says, "Oh so you and April are in the same boat. I never knew that about you."

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Topic #2261323
memyselfandi - Ivette, Beau, Maggie snickering about sending Kaysar back as they think America will choose them for more prizes NT 0 Replies #2261323 10:17PM 21/08/2005
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Topic #2261372
fnfish - Gold Room - Howie, Rachel and Janelle 1 Replies #2261372 10:23PM 21/08/2005
James has told everyone that Rachel is their target for this week and will be going. Rachel doesn't mind, "I'll get a unanymous (sp?) vote!" she laughs
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Mirage - H tells Jan to go to DR to complain that James cheated during POV. Jan says she has been there & someone else went in, too. FISH NT #2261415 10:26PM 21/08/2005
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Topic #2261417
fnfish - Rachel asks what should she say for her veto speech 0 Replies #2261417 10:26PM 21/08/2005
Howie suggests saying "don't save me I want to leave!"

Jan: Don't say that, they're crazy, it might make them keep you instead"
H: I think I'm going to say something like, I respect Beau's nominations and I had every chance to win the veto and save myself and I didn't so, that's ok.
Rach says she'll probably say something similar.

The start to discuss something that I can't hear (whispering) but something about the fact that James might have cheated in the veto and that this was already brought up in the DR and then we have... FISH
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Topic #2261446
fnfish - Rachel asks Janie to come eat Ice Cream with her 0 Replies #2261446 10:30PM 21/08/2005
And Janie complains that she's too fat, she won't fit into her bikini.

Howie: No, Janie you look great, look James'd bang ya right now, wouldn't you James?

James: I can't Howie, I have a girlfriend
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Topic #2261497
fnfish - Janelle, Howie and James 0 Replies #2261497 10:36PM 21/08/2005
Goofing around in the GR.
They compare Ashlea to Jennifer and Janie asks Howie who he prefers.
Howie says something about not being able to choose, there's 4 beautiful boobies (wait a minute, did he say titties not boobies?)

Janelle laughs at herself gaining weight.

Janelle can't wait to win HOH - she's going to say "Pack your bags Maggie!!!!"

(ed note: g'night folks the fnfish are going to sleep!)
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Topic #2261606
mikesgirl - F group talking about how James always plans three weeks ahead. A telling I not to give him information by talking too much. NT 0 Replies #2261606 10:50PM 21/08/2005
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Topic #2261634
Nemesis - M, I, A, & B, talking about James 0 Replies #2261634 10:53PM 21/08/2005
They are talking about James being a threat and how James and Sarah thought really far ahead.
They talk about not making James more paranoid by talking to him until after they know they have HOH.
The nerd heard wants the second deck of cards to play with.
Beau and April are watching the spy cam.
Beau says that Ivette is over James since yesterday when James made up a story about April.
Beau and April talk about James making up stories.
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Topic #2261641
memyselfandi - April figures out James has been lying, he needs to take Janelle to end to win. She tells Maggie/Beau. They agree NT 0 Replies #2261641 10:56PM 21/08/2005
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Topic #2261661
memyselfandi - April on James: The only epiphany he had is that he needs to be quiet and be a better snake in the grass NT 0 Replies #2261661 10:58PM 21/08/2005
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Topic #2261695
memyselfandi - Ivette and James are talking in gold room, while F3 upset over keeping James 0 Replies #2261695 11:02PM 21/08/2005
James is trying to convince Ivette he isn't working with the Sovereigns. Ivette wants reassurance he isn't after the friendship and Maggie. Ivette wants James and Maggie to start talking even if they don't trust each other. James is telling her that he thought he was dead so he just wanted to get the people that got to Sarah. Beau interrupts their chat wanting Ivette to come join them for poker.
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Topic #2261718
Nemesis - April is looking to steal the gummy bears that Beau hid because they are almost gone! (ed: nice friend) NT 2 Replies #2261718 11:06PM 21/08/2005
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bama_chevygal - April trying to find Beau's gummy bears before he gets back upstairs. Maggie tells her NO. #2261745 11:10PM 21/08/2005
Tells her to stay out of Beaus stuff. That Beau will be pretentious (sp). That Beau can get mean and that scares her. April still looking, wants Maggie to be her lookout and tell her when Beau is coming. Maggie says she is not playing that game. April continues looking. Maggie says you have a set of balls on you. April continues looking but does not find them. Beau and Ivette come back upstairs.
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Sunflake - Maggie also suggested that April try looking in the "books". (where Rach got hot tub key clue) Ape didn't know they were a box. NT #2261762 11:12PM 21/08/2005
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Topic #2261726
Nemesis - Ivette puting up a Jennifer disk, looks like its from today's veto comp. NT 0 Replies #2261726 11:08PM 21/08/2005
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Topic #2261727
PoisonIvy - Janie: they have us in numbers, but they suck. NT 0 Replies #2261727 11:08PM 21/08/2005
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