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Topic #2258724
AlexaRae - Ivette, the college graduate says " Minnesota....is a state, right"??? NT 0 Replies #2258724 6:01PM 21/08/2005
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Topic #2258726
Iris - Ivette: Minnesota is a state, right? (Ed: not kidding) NT 0 Replies #2258726 6:01PM 21/08/2005
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Topic #2258739
coffeebug - hg's doing impressions of Lori when she was upset about people talking about Gerry not washing his hands... NT 1 Replies #2258739 6:02PM 21/08/2005
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ibackdapack823 - no no....danielle was mad at gerry for not washing his hands....lori scolded danielle for getting mad NT #2258747 6:03PM 21/08/2005
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Topic #2258741
Angelfire - As the HG are sitting around the table talking, the camera person zooms in on 0 Replies #2258741 6:03PM 21/08/2005
first Eric's picture then on Kaysar's.
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Topic #2258743
Iris - F3 keeps zooming in on evicted HGs grayed out pictures on memory wall and then on to people talking around the table. NT 0 Replies #2258743 6:03PM 21/08/2005
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Topic #2258751
valentine - Janelle Says that BB3's Lori Is From a Town 0 Replies #2258751 6:04PM 21/08/2005
that is close to Janelle's hometown.

Now Janelle mimics exact things that Lori said on the show, and says them in a really funny Minnesota accent.

Janelle: You betcha!

(and other funny things)

Ivette told her that Lori would be at the finale and Janelle is surprised at this.

Ivette: They're all invited!
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Topic #2258772
valentine - Ever Since They Came Back Into the House 0 Replies #2258772 6:06PM 21/08/2005
and saw the smaller table, Janelle has been saying that she expected to go the first or second week, and is so proud of herself.

Janelle: We all made the finals! Because we're on the jury!!

Janelle leans over the new table and runs her hands on it, saying: I can't believe I got to stay here this long!

The camera shows us a close-up of Maggie pursing her lips as Janelle says this.

Janelle: My partner has been gone since the first week!! And I'm still here!!

Ed Note: Janelle better shut her mouth fast. Maggie's wheels are turning.
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Topic #2258780
Iris - Janelle talking lovingly about her Grandma living next door to her mother on a lake. NT 0 Replies #2258780 6:07PM 21/08/2005
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Topic #2258856
bakerladee - HG's talking about others choices to bring into the house and Howie says that he was going to bring his mom. They were trying to convince her to come 0 Replies #2258856 6:14PM 21/08/2005
but she said 3 months was too long. Yvette says that would have been cool.
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Topic #2258859
virdee - on f3 they zooming in and out at the pic what that meanNT 0 Replies #2258859 6:14PM 21/08/2005
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Topic #2258867
Iris - Conversation around the new smaller dining table 0 Replies #2258867 6:15PM 21/08/2005
Talking about who they left as contacts. Rachel left her room mate, Janelle left the name of the person keeping her dog. Everyone else put spouse or parent.

Howie said when he applied to BB they wanted pictures of 2 relatives and 4 friends. They are surprised no brothers and sisters ended up coming in. Janelle said she is glad her brother didn't come in with her she would have had to babysit.

LOL Jan talking about her ex-ex-ex boyfriend, hitting the table at each ex for emphasis. Jan said he was really hot but not rich. They all laugh, except Maggie. Maggie is just sitting and listening, not participating.

Rachel says she didn't think they would make the table smaller.

Jan: It's wierd, there's only 2 couple left.

Howie: Until Thursday.

They all laugh.

Michael and Kaysar were first couple evicted Jan says.

Jan says she forgets Ash was ever there because she's been so long. Ash never wanted to talk strategy.

April: Does she (Ash) only date rich guys too?

Jan: I never said that about myself!

Ivette: Hello April! If you have $250 grand a year you are rich.

Jan: Rich is, "I live in a mansion on a hill."

They talk about where you live as to how much "rich" is.
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Topic #2258881
memyselfandi - Money talk around the table. Ivette and April asking a lot of questions about Janelle's rich boyfriends. 0 Replies #2258881 6:16PM 21/08/2005
April asks Janelle if Ashlea only dates rich guys like she does?

Janelle says who said I only date rich guys? That's not a rule. Ivette goes off saying $250,000 is rich. Rachel tries to say well after taxes it's not that much.

Ivette will be the happiest camper in the world if she made $150,000.
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Topic #2258886
Iris - Ivette to Beau: I hate it when you become a pretentious faggot! He jokingly smacks her. NT 0 Replies #2258886 6:16PM 21/08/2005
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Topic #2258904
memyselfandi - James is saying if a woman dates you for money you can do whatever you want to them 0 Replies #2258904 6:18PM 21/08/2005
you can sleep with their sisters, you can kick them around.

Janelle is laughing and say nooooo.
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Topic #2258905
mattiebear - Janelle has turned around several times 0 Replies #2258905 6:18PM 21/08/2005
to look at the memory. The whole group is still at the new dining table discussing people they date, relationships and money.
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Topic #2258909
ferretkiss - talk around the table - mostly about janelle's life and guys with money. 0 Replies #2258909 6:19PM 21/08/2005
at this point janelle is the focus. janelle has a roommate with blue eyes and light brown hair. she is half italian and half (something else). (janelle is half polish). the roommate (juliana) is janelles contact because she is watching her apartment, instead of her mom. this is why she got the pictures of her dogs and not her family for hoh. janelle dated a guy in the military for a while. he is hot, but he is not rich.

jan says its great that they made this table for us.
jan: its weird there are only two couples left, you know what i mean.
they talk about jans partner ashlea who has been gone since the first week.
ape: does she only date rich guys as well.
jan: i never said that about myself.
iv: if they need to make 250, thats rich.
jan: thats not rich, come on.
rach: it honestly depends on where you live in the country.
iv: but you honestly tell me that with 250 thousand dollars you are not living well.
rach: oh id be living well.
iv: if i made 3 figures i would have accomplished everything i want to do in my life.

they say supposedly michael makes 250 [ed: doubt it]
iv: my exgirlfried used to make 180-200 thousand dollars, and we lived great, nice neighborhood, fabulous car, and she did not make 250. she did very well, she had 10 properties.

jan: well ashlea does not only date rich guys, she likes muscular guys, she likes guys from new jersey for some reason.
ape: does she only date guys with money.
jan: no but she expects gifts and things.

beau says he does too (Expects gifts).

iv tells beau to stop it, and says she hates when becomes a pretentious f*ggot.

ape goes back to the topic of how can you only date guys with money when you dont make that yourself.

iv says if you dont drive the nicest car, you could be the nicest guy, and some girls wont even look at you.
jam says a guy with money can treat a girl terrible and she will not care because she is just happy about his money.

jan says i disagree, its all about standards, beau. ive dated guys who only make 150 thousand dollars and was i happy, no.

[this continues.............]

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Topic #2258912
Iris - Howie: Money doesn't buy happiness, it buys an awful lot of unhappiness. NT 0 Replies #2258912 6:19PM 21/08/2005
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Topic #2258929
memyselfandi - Now Ivette is putting Beau on the spot for only dating rich men too NT 0 Replies #2258929 6:20PM 21/08/2005
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Topic #2258966
memyselfandi - James might sublet Ivette's girlfriends apt. 0 Replies #2258966 6:24PM 21/08/2005
after the show so he and Sarah can live in Miami and go to school there.
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Topic #2259002
Iris - Jan, Ivette, Beau and James talking about Miami, where to live where to go 2 Replies #2259002 6:27PM 21/08/2005
Ivette talks about giving her Mother money so her Mom won't have to work because she's always been a housewife and never worked.

James went to FIU he says. Talks about Miami being culture shock for Sarah.

Ivette says her house is hooked up in ways she can't say. She uses a scooter instead of a car or rides a bike. They talk about gas prices.

Jan lives 10 minutes from work or a $10 cab ride.

They talk about the only time they have to leave the beach is to go to Target. (LOL if you live in Miami this is so funny...)

Jan says she is going to the cafeteria where Ivette works and say, "What up bitch?" They all laugh. They talk about how they love living in Miami. James is talking about the places he knows in Miami and different clubs and stuff. Ivette telling Jan where a good restaurant.

Janelle talks about her and friend drunk driving in a ghetto on the beach and a homeless man and grabs her arm and says, "Get out of the car bitch, get out of the car!" They took off in the car with his arm in the car.

Talking about rent and James changes the subject to Atlanta.
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Queen_Laury - Details, Details #2259681 7:35PM 21/08/2005
Jan lives 10 minutes from work -- a $4 cab ride. IV says that she gives her mom $600 each month. Her mom has been working for 5 years -- before that, she was a housewife that had never worked.
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memyselfandi - Closeup on Rachel the whole time is her quiet and yawning. NT #2259059 6:32PM 21/08/2005
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Topic #2259039
Iris - Jan tells story of giving a homeless guy fake money $400 0 Replies #2259039 6:30PM 21/08/2005
Jan talks about getting drunk and having fake money and she gave it to a homeless guy who started thanking her and blessing her. Maggie is looking at her with a look of disdain and disbelief. Jan said it was so funny because the guy thought it was real money and it wasn't. She said she told him it was only $400, but he was saying thank you and God bless you.

Maggie: You are ***** horrible.

Janelle laughing.
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Topic #2259077
Iris - Ivette: I like the Bo-Bo that goes to the movies with me and eats hot dogs. When you want to be fabulous, go hang out with your other girls. NT 0 Replies #2259077 6:34PM 21/08/2005
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Topic #2259103
he244 - "Janelle, please stop SINGING !!!" She got us fished. and then the group broke up. 0 Replies #2259103 6:37PM 21/08/2005
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Topic #2259114
Iris - Howie looking in the mirror: I'm a disgusting fat piece of sh*t. Look at me. NT 0 Replies #2259114 6:39PM 21/08/2005
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Topic #2259147
dustyma - Ivette just told James not to use the veto, unless she tells him different NT 0 Replies #2259147 6:43PM 21/08/2005
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