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Topic #2258269
memyselfandi - James tells S3 Maggie saw the banner, but she isn't allowed to talk about it 0 Replies #2258269 5:10PM 21/08/2005
They speculate on how that's not fair. Janelle says maybe it said something like America loves Kaysar, but would somebody spend money on that?

James suggests the S3 (and him) should get shirts made that said "America hates you, April"
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Topic #2258316
memyselfandi - Ivette and April discuss how April's "bobbers" prevented her from getting to bottom of pool in veto comp NT 0 Replies #2258316 5:15PM 21/08/2005
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Topic #2258327
ferretkiss - F4 talk details about the veto comp 0 Replies #2258327 5:17PM 21/08/2005
Maggie says that there is no way any of them (F4) could have beat janelle.

maggie very impressed with james strategy, really impressed about it, she never would have thought of it. apparently they were told they had to unclip each one, and james found a way to unclip it later [ed: maybe after he was not underwater]

Ape says she is claustrophobic and cant be underwater.

maggie says that would have been a very difficult 15 minutes for her (if she had competed). she is really f*cking glad she did not do that one.

lot of injuries. two first aid kits. maggie said the injuries must not have been that bad because they did not call her. ape says they told them outside if they hurt themselves they are out (then says i dont know what they said).

iv says i would have done it without goggles like janelle. howie did it with goggles. (howie there now talking about comp with them). apes goggles kept getting filled up with water, but her eyes got red as hell, she chucked them halfway and couldnt find the mother f(*ckers again. says you dont understand it was like burning my eyes.

[ed: this is all during the lockdown outside; they are playing cards in the grass.]

mag happy it was not one of them on the block because they could not have won.

some pictures were in the deep water. beau chose the deep ones first. apeil did too so when she was exhausted she would not have to touch the bottom.
ape: i couldnt even f*ckin touch.

you couldnt jump out on the side, you had to go in and out by the stairs.

ape says if you were tall it was definitely and advantage because you could walk thru the water. (ape apparently not tall, she had to swim.)
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Topic #2258332
skywalkerone - Fish tank! NT 0 Replies #2258332 5:17PM 21/08/2005
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Topic #2258341
skywalkerone - James joking about knowing someone at CBS NT 0 Replies #2258341 5:18PM 21/08/2005
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Topic #2258392
erniebert - Howie talking to Janelle about breaking up w/her bf on tv 1 Replies #2258392 5:26PM 21/08/2005
Janelle gets pissed off, says she feels bad enough, that he doesn't have to announce it on national tv. Howie laughs at this. Then he asks who was cuter, Michael or her old bf. Janie says Michael was.

Per Janelle, Michael is a huge beefcake and Howie is a big beefcake. She says she wouldn't really call Michael a beefcake because it's cheesy,,,, and that's why she does call Howie one.

James and Rachel get a good laugh at that one.
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ferretkiss - Janelle says they were both cute, michael and hannon NT #2258406 5:28PM 21/08/2005
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Topic #2258393
Maggie872 - funny convo between Janelle, James, Howie and Rachel about intruders 0 Replies #2258393 5:26PM 21/08/2005
James starts the convo asking if anyone could scale the BB walls.

Howie said they'd have to get on the lot first but probably would be caught by security before they got to them.

Janelle said they were to go into the DR if an intruder comes in.

James agrees because the DR can only be opened by BB so no one could get in from the outside.

Janelle and James said they (BB) should let them take care of them.

Howie says "Yeah, they'd better hope I don't have a 10lb weight in my hand when they come in."

Conversation turns to the plane and the banner that only Maggie saw.
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Topic #2258395
Timbo36 - James talking about Live feeds 0 Replies #2258395 5:26PM 21/08/2005
He said, "what, they must have been blocked at least 5 hours today."

Thanks, James, we were blocked.
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Topic #2258402
memyselfandi - Ivette tells Maggie James knows he's supposed to use veto so they can get out Janelle 0 Replies #2258402 5:27PM 21/08/2005
April said something earlier how she's a dumb blonde but she wins a lot.

Maggie wants Janelle gone to.

Ivette is now inviting James to play chess to talk it over.
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Topic #2258529
memyselfandi - Maggie, Howie, Ivette discussing blow-up dolls and other stuff, although it shouldn't need to be said *ADULT* 0 Replies #2258529 5:38PM 21/08/2005
Maggie strangely knows a lot about them. How real they are. How much they cost. How you can get them personalized.

They are saying Howie should have brought one, he says Ivette could have too.

Maggie is saying it only works for a guy to have a blow-up doll. Ivette says when you're horny you're horny.

Howie is discussing mirrors and how he or some guy he knew had a mirror headboard. James is saying Howie probably puts mirrors on the ceiling to watch himself.

Howie admits that he gets excited just by looking at himself. Ivette and Maggie say it's gross that Howie could watch his roommates or other guys have sex and it excites him.

James agrees that it's gross.

Howie: "See James is just uncomfortable seeing my tool in action."
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Topic #2258539
ktan - There's now a smaller dining table which was shown on F2. NT 0 Replies #2258539 5:39PM 21/08/2005
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Topic #2258558
memyselfandi - Rachel and Janelle discussing strategy if either of them is next HOH 0 Replies #2258558 5:41PM 21/08/2005
Whether they would have votes to get out Ivette. They know they'd have votes to get rid of Maggie.

Janelle is worried if James will use POV and she'll be put up and voted out.
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Topic #2258595
memyselfandi - Rachel says she would rather be stuck in sequester with the dorks 0 Replies #2258595 5:46PM 21/08/2005
and not have the S3 join her because she wants the chance to vote for Janelle or Howie at the end.
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Topic #2258601
memyselfandi - Janelle says she might go into real estate after Big Brother after Rachel asks what her plan is NT 0 Replies #2258601 5:46PM 21/08/2005
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Topic #2258642
Kaz - They are going to go run and look for quarters when lockdown over: Rachel to Jan NT 0 Replies #2258642 5:51PM 21/08/2005
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Topic #2258656
abbybb - Iv complaining that "those people" waste food and are inconsiderate NT 0 Replies #2258656 5:53PM 21/08/2005
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Topic #2258660
virdee - bb LD is over NT 0 Replies #2258660 5:53PM 21/08/2005
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Topic #2258662
Jillio71 - Lockdown Over - Houseguests noticing the table is much smaller. NT 0 Replies #2258662 5:53PM 21/08/2005
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Topic #2258663
abbybb - Looks like the table is smaller...Janelle thinks she's the luckiest girl in the world 0 Replies #2258663 5:54PM 21/08/2005
Ivette suggests that she should play the lottery b/c she's lucky
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Topic #2258673
ferretkiss - rach: i wonder if they cleared my desk out yet at work, now they know im not coming back.... 0 Replies #2258673 5:55PM 21/08/2005
... for a while.
Jan/rach talk about being voted out the first week.

rach: i was just watching james, he is over there isttingnext to ivette.

(i switch cams) james is on the pink lounger, ivette in the middle on the blue lounger, and mag next to her on the yellow lounger.

so far they are doing small talk. and talking about the pov comp. MAGGIE LEAVES SO IV CAN TALK TO JAMES ALONE. (they whispered to plan this.)

iv: shes pissed,rachels pissed. she is a sore loser.
jam: she wants to go.
iv: what are you farting.
jam: i did that time.
iv: you are ripping them.. hey howie.

iv talking about puttingout janelle.
jam: dude you cant leave that team here. (how and rach).
ive: why is she acting so pissy.
james: cause she hates you guys.
(plane overhead).

jam: they hate you f*ckers.
iv: why do they hate us so bad.
jan: both sides are very dishonest.
iv:why becasue we have a good friendship and they have a f*cked friendship.
jam: they didnt come here to make friends.
iv goes on a rant about how much they will hang out afterward and how good friends they are.
iv: so she hates us, huh.
james: you gotta understand, (says they are mad about kayser being sent out).
jam: i said kayser f*cked himself).

jam: (about jan) shes a badass.
iv: i dont think she knows shes a badass
jam: she does, because when she has to do it she does it.
jam: of course she tried her f*ckin ass off, because the thing is, if i talk someone off, she goes up.
iv still complaining that jan does not like her.
jam: dont worry about who likes you and who does nt like you.

[ed this is hard to hear because iv and james are talking low, and how must be right by the microphone.]

BB: Houseguests, the lockdown is over, you are now free to move about the house.

they go inside and see the smaller table.
jan: you guys i never thought wed make it this far. at least for myself. im like the luckiest girl in the whole world.
iv: you are. you need to go play the lottery after this.
jan now hugging ivette [ed: funny since james was just telling ivette that janelle hates her] now ivette jumping up and down with janelle saying the big buxom blonde in the finals.

they have all sat around the new table, talking about it (except james who is in the toilet).

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Topic #2258680
memyselfandi - Ivette wants to backdoor Janelle, James is telling her a team needs to broken up 0 Replies #2258680 5:56PM 21/08/2005
Ivette: That girl (Janelle) is amazing.

James is trying to get Ivette hating Rachel hardcore again, by saying the S3 was saying bad things about the friendship to him. He isn't specific and doesn't elaborate (Ed: Rachel was asleep when most of the trash talking was happening)

Ivette is saying Janelle is a badass. She asks if Janelle knows she's a badass. James says she does.

James: She takes care of business.

He is saying it's funny because she's out of shape too.

But James is saying it's more important to break the pairs up. To go for Rachel or Howie.

Ivette is complaining about Rachel wasting hot dog buns, by opening a fresh package.

James: So is the plan to get Rachel still?

Ivette: Absolutely. But Janelle is really tempting. You saw her today.

James is bringing up the previous competitions and pressure cooker and Janelle not doing good in them.
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Topic #2258693
memyselfandi - Janelle was an All-American cheerleader in high school, but not one of her school's hockey cheerleaders NT 2 Replies #2258693 5:57PM 21/08/2005
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valentine - Janelle Explained That To Be An All-American Cheerleader, #2258737 6:02PM 21/08/2005
you need to cheer at the Orange Bowl, and she did.

Ivette: You mean like OUR Orange Bowl, in Miami?

Janelle: Yep.

Maggie is sitting to Janelle's right at the smaller round table, staring her down as she discusses this.

Ed Note: I don't think Maggie was a cheerleader.
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ferretkiss - she cheered for basketball and football. all-american only means you cheered at the orange bowl in miami (according to jan) NT #2258732 6:02PM 21/08/2005
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Topic #2258699
Jillio71 - All houseguests sitting around the table together talking about life in general with laughs, smiles. NT 0 Replies #2258699 5:58PM 21/08/2005
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Topic #2258701
virdee - bb beu please put on u mic NT 0 Replies #2258701 5:58PM 21/08/2005
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Topic #2258719
memyselfandi - Ivette: Minnesota is a state, right? NT 0 Replies #2258719 6:01PM 21/08/2005
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