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Topic #2252190
memyselfandi - Janelle speculating whether to go after Ivette or make a deal with Beau/Ivette 0 Replies #2252190 12:14AM 21/08/2005
Janelle said Ivette should maybe go out next because she's close with James, Beau and Maggie.

Howie says something that makes her question that idea.

Janelle says maybe Beau and Ivette would be up for a deal and break off from Maggie and April.

Howie is saying there is no more deals in this game. He wants to break up Beau and Ivette.

He goes on rant about getting outsmarted by an f'ing nerd herd.
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Topic #2252221
Joolz - Poker game breaks up. Getting ready for bed. Talking about disgusting HG habits (especially Rachel) 0 Replies #2252221 12:18AM 21/08/2005
Speculating that Rachel didn't wash her hands after "taking a sh*t". Now discussing something about using towels after using them to wipe down sinks (I think).
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Topic #2252251
Joolz - Creepy pajama party bed buddies: Beau and Ivette on bed, April and Maggie on floor. NT 0 Replies #2252251 12:21AM 21/08/2005
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Topic #2252264
memyselfandi - Janelle tells Howie that Ivette is the next target because it rips everything apart 0 Replies #2252264 12:22AM 21/08/2005
She says that Ivette being there is what keeps Cappy still there.

He just tells her to do it what it takes to rip that couple apart.

She and Howie were in backyard discussing Eric and what an impact he had on the house. Howie said Eric didn't have an impact on him, but they were both laughing about the Friendship worship of him when he had only been there two weeks and lied to everybody in the hosue and was evicting people because they had the highest pile of dishes.

Janelle says she just needs to win the power of veto and get some rest. She hopes the POV contest is physical.
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Topic #2252291
Joolz - FISH NT 0 Replies #2252291 12:25AM 21/08/2005
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Topic #2252328
Joolz - Lights out in HoH room; Beau cycling through spy screen. NT 0 Replies #2252328 12:29AM 21/08/2005
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Topic #2252370
memyselfandi - Beau says "smoking without drinking" is not hot, but Maggie used to smoke NT 0 Replies #2252370 12:35AM 21/08/2005
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Topic #2252386
Joolz - Howie walks into barracks, wakes up Rachel (or maybe she was still awake.... couldn't tell) 0 Replies #2252386 12:38AM 21/08/2005
Rachel talking about how she quit her job and gave up her life to follow him in there. Says she doesn't regret quitting her job that it sucked anyway. Now Rachel going over all the stuff she's won in the house, says she had a great run.
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Topic #2252445
Joolz - Janelle joins H and R; lies down on bunk; all 3 talking about past stuff in the house 0 Replies #2252445 12:48AM 21/08/2005
... like Jenn going into Rachel's HoH room and locking the door. James comes out of GR, I guess to go to the bathroom.
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Topic #2252502
valentine - Beau: I Have, Like, The World's Greatest Watch Collection! 1 Replies #2252502 12:59AM 21/08/2005
Beau: Let's see. I have a Rolex Oyster.....

Meanwhile, Ivette is describing how she and her girlfriend have such a great life--they can afford to go anywhere and eat out where ever they want.

Ivette: I have, like, nice purses too. I just save up for them.

April: I thought you said you had bad credit.

Ivette: I do, but I'm not doing anything to make it worse, you know? I'll clear all that up when I can.

Maggie: Are you saving anything for retirement?

Ivette: No. But I'm going to start doing that when I get back.
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valentine - Beau: I Had, Like, Three Cartiers #2252512 1:02AM 21/08/2005
but I lost them all.
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Topic #2252527
Joolz - James joins H/R/Janie in barracks; talk turns to the game 0 Replies #2252527 1:05AM 21/08/2005
James: it's not over yet
Howie: there's still a lot of balls to be played
Howie doing mild trash talking - nerd herd, how easy the game was that Beau won (ed: careful Howie!)
James: I keep thinking about how different this game would've been if Maggie had only gone home.
Rest agree.
James campaigning against Maggie.

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Topic #2252531
memyselfandi - James joins S3 in barracks chit-chatting, then talking strategy 0 Replies #2252531 1:06AM 21/08/2005
James was first telling them all about the guy who was originally going to be in the house instead of Sarah. About his job.

They discuss past mistakes and James is laughing with them about what a mistake Howie made to put up James and Sarah his HOH week and how different the game would be had Maggie had gone home.

James confesses he doesn't talk to Maggie at all. They don't have conversations, it's always Ivette as a liason.
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Topic #2252536
Time2getLost - Howie says he thinks HOH comp was tailored to make Beau win. NT 0 Replies #2252536 1:07AM 21/08/2005
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Topic #2252545
memyselfandi - James is talking with S3 as if they're on the team 0 Replies #2252545 1:08AM 21/08/2005
He also tells S3 that April came to James campaigning against Maggie.

James and Janelle are discussing past season dynamics and how in the past it wasn't this polarized. There were more floaters.
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Topic #2252576
memyselfandi - James tells Janelle that he thinks Ashlea tries to emulate her NT 0 Replies #2252576 1:13AM 21/08/2005
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Topic #2252592
Joolz - Jan: if it were between April and Maggie, I'd give it to April. 1 Replies #2252592 1:17AM 21/08/2005
Says she likes April better as a person.
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theXandman - Rachel said this. Janelle agreed that she would give the money to April with no explaination. NT #2252793 2:10AM 21/08/2005
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Topic #2252598
Time2getLost - Rach and Janelle both would give the money to April ove Maggie, because they wouldn't want Eric to get any and to piss off Jen NT 0 Replies #2252598 1:18AM 21/08/2005
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Topic #2252600
billw84 - S3 and James said if it was up to April/Maggie in the Finals 0 Replies #2252600 1:19AM 21/08/2005
they would vote for April.

Rachel calls Maggie shady. Janelle says she doesnt want eric to have any part of the money. Howie says "I've always said from the start Aprils gonna win this, because she sucks so bad". they laugh
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Topic #2252620
memyselfandi - S3 plus James discuss who they would vote for if it was April or Maggie and who they want to have the $$$ 0 Replies #2252620 1:23AM 21/08/2005
Janelle would vote for April because it would make Jennifer mad and Eric couldn't get any money.

Rachel would give April the money because Maggie's betrayal was worse and she says April hasn't done anything to her (Ed: not realizing how much April talks behind her back)

James said he would rather Beau or Ivette get the money over April and Maggie.
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Topic #2252634
memyselfandi - James: If I were Kaysar I would be so mad... 0 Replies #2252634 1:30AM 21/08/2005
after that 14 hours staying there.

James is saying that it was horrible, but at the same time it worked.

Janelle: Jennifer shouldn't have taken out the king without taking the queen first. It wasn't a checkmate.

James is telling the S3 that they lost their weakest player in Kaysar. He wasn't good in the competitions and he gave away all his strategies.
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Topic #2252644
Zazny - Jan: So why do they think you're coming after us? James: Because I told them NT 0 Replies #2252644 1:33AM 21/08/2005
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Topic #2252660
memyselfandi - Janelle is telling James he looked like he was acting at POV when Kaysar was nominated instead 0 Replies #2252660 1:36AM 21/08/2005
James is saying he wasn't acting. He really didn't know that he wasn't going up on the block.

James is telling them that Kaysar was dumb for telling Jennifer that he was the leader of the group, for admitting that the Sovereigns fell apart without him. Janelle is saying Kaysar would never say that, James is saying he did. He's been telling them that Kaysar's arrogance did him in.

James is also telling S3 that he has told the friendship that he is going after the other Sovereigns as revenge for Sarah, but he isn't doing that.

James is saying that Jennifer was being nice to Howie as part of her strategy. The S3 didn't realize that.
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Topic #2252681
memyselfandi - James is learning all about the fight night from Jan and Howie and laughing and saying "WOW" 0 Replies #2252681 1:41AM 21/08/2005
He didn't know that April had said something about Howie's hand or what Janelle was telling Beau about him being a male prostitute or using drugs.

James is spilling all this stuff that April had poured out about her being there for Jennifer because Jennifer has no friends. And how she's a waste of eviction and now one will do it even though she wants it.

Howie is rehashing "How does it feel to have America hate you, April?"
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Topic #2252718
Zazny - Jam/Jan say Big Brother final 4's are boring. James: Drew was forced to hook up with the ugly chick NT 0 Replies #2252718 1:49AM 21/08/2005
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Topic #2252740
memyselfandi - James/Janelle talking smack about April's birthday card and other stuff 0 Replies #2252740 1:54AM 21/08/2005
James and Janelle are talking in gold room now. James thinks it's really weird that April's birthday card had her dog on the front, no pictures of the husband and he didn't sign his name. Janelle agrees.

He says it's going to be horrible at the wrap party to listen to April if she gets any money.

James is saying the personalities leave the house early, and that's what ruins the show. Cowboy was a mess, Nakomis had writing all over her, and Drew was forced to hook up with the ugly chick who he got rid of in the end.

"This game is so f'ing cruel"

James: Imagine if we had gotten rid of Eric the first week. F'ing Maggie.
I just can't believe these people. Jennifer and Eric weren't friends until the final week.

James says he has to hand it to Eric, he's a sh!tty player but a great motivator. You don't tell people you're a leader or how great you are as a leader, you're great because of the people around you.

Janelle: His speeches make me want to puke.

James says he went to Eric after he knew Kaysar was going to put him up and how if Eric could have admitted James had figured out he was partnered with Maggie, maybe Ivette could have been put up and voted out of the house.
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