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ChiPrincess - Update of Internet Live Feeds From 8:30 am to 4:00 pm BB Time 0 Replies #2283323 4:26PM 24/08/2005
If you had to work today and missed the feeds, don't feel bad--nothing unforgettable happened. Still, there were some funny moments.

8:00 am/9:00 am—Oh how I hate to get up in the morning

As usual, Rachel wakes up first, getting up around 8:30 am....She does her usual thing—bathroom, then treadmill, then goes outside to eat breakfast....About 9:15, BB makes its first wake-up call of the day....James is the next one up, and joins Rachel outside for a few minutes...Then Rachel goes back inside to do her dishes and take a shower.....BB makes its second wake-up call about 9:35, and James asks BB for a song...BB must be taking listener requests this morning, because we go to FISH....At 9:40, BB repeats the wake-up call twice....Maggie, April, and Beau are still in bed, but Maggie gets up and starts to get ready.

James is a busy boy this morning. First he goes outside and makes casual conversation...Then he is inside talking to Rachel while she gets ready at the bathroom mirror....Then James is back outside, giving Ivette a pep talk, talking about how she can't let the other people in the house get to her. James tells her, "We're all f*ckers."

10:00 am—One of us is going to a much nicer place

At 10:00, BB makes yet another wake-up call.....Rachel/Howie/Janelle are in the Gold Room...Rachel tells Howie it's time to get up because it's 10:00 am. She tells him that BB has been trying to get them up for two hours. (Nope Rachel, just 45 minutes—I guess time moves slowly in the house.)...When Rachel tells Janelle (who is also still in bed), that it's 10:00 am, Janelle says, "F*ck that!"

Rachel tells Howie/Janelle, "One of us is going to a much nicer place." (Huh? Is this BB or Six Feet Under? Ever notice the parallels between death and sequester? All the HGs assume they are going to a much nicer place, but none of them will really know exactly what it's like until after they leave the house.).....Rachel makes fun of how "the friendship" is always worried there won't be enough food. Rachel asks if they'd like her to make cookies and Howie says, "Yes." Then Rachel kids, "But there might not be enough eggs and butter. I might use it all. There are only 2 ½ dozen eggs and 5 pounds of butter."....Janelle leaves for a minute, and Rachel and Howie flirt a little—hug and kiss. But, when Howie asks Rachel to get under the covers with him, Rachel declines....When Janelle returns, she asks Howie to give her a backrub and says she was cold in the night. Rachel suggests that Janelle should wear a sweatshirt and Howie says, "No." Janelle says a sweatshirt is too uncomfortable. (I assume Howie's reasons for not wanting Janelle to wear a sweatshirt are a little different.)

At 10:15, Maggie is called to the DR. (Although we've been told the eviction voting will be live on Thursday, the HGs will still likely be called in one-by-one today to make DR comments and tape good-bye messages.)....Immediately afterward, BB makes yet another wake-up call, "April, Beau, HGs, it's time to get up for the day." Janelle yells, "No!"....Howie gives Janelle a backrub while she struggles to wake up...Howie says, "Mommy, mommy, why does my Janie doll sleep all the time?"....Howie drops one of this pills, but doesn't find it—he says it was one of his Viagra pills.

James is in the exercise room, and Ivette is holding one of his legs because when it rubs up against the machine it hurts...Then Howie comes into the exercise room and takes over the leg-holding duties....Ivette starts to work out while James gives her instructions. As she runs on the treadmill, Ivette complains, "My butt is bouncing all over the place.".....Beau and April have finally gotten out of bed, and are in the kitchen making themselves something to eat.

About 10:45, Howie gets called to the DR....Meanwhile, Beau (still in his HOH bathrobe)/April/Maggie/Rachel are in the kitchen chatting....Rachel comments, "Looking back on everything, this really has been a fun summer." (It has? Something tells me that Rachel's idea of "fun" is different than mine. Either that, or someone has erased Rachel's memory.).....Beau decides to go back to bed (and it looks like Janelle has never really gotten up, because BB makes yet another wake-up call, This time saying, "Janelle, Good-morning HGs, it's time to get up for the day.

Beau is called to the DR a little before 11:00 am....Howie is out of the DR, and wonders to Rachel (who is washing dishes) why BB is so bent on getting everyone out of bed this morning. He figures it's because of the East Coast (Internet feed watchers).....Rachel asks Howie if he said something nice in the DR, and he tells her he did....April and Maggie are playing cards, and April asks Maggie if she already taped her good-byes, and Maggie says she has.

11:00 pm—HGs playing cards <yawn>

In the kitchen, Ivette chats with Howie....She tells him that she mixes skim milk with her chocolate milk, otherwise it gives her constipation. (Thanks for sharing that.)...Ivette wonders if her parents are going to visit her brother Frankie today because it's his birthday. (Big shout-out from Joker's to Frankie and all his fellow inmates!)...BB tells April to put on her mic. (I guess BB is feeling sadistic toward Internet feed watchers today.)....A few minutes later, Ivette is called to the DR. She yells at BB, "Are you serious? The way I'm dressed right now?" (Ivette sweetie--you've had almost two hours to get ready since the first wake-up call.) Then, Ivette decides to take a chess piece to the DR because she beat Janelle at chess twice last night. (I guess nothing makes a good DR conversation like a visual aid.)

The next while is fairly boring (compared to the last two hours of feeds, which have been spine tingling with excitement)....Beau/Rachel/Howie/Maggie sit in the BY and play cards, making friendly conversation...Maggie tells Beau that she cleaned the HOH room because it needed to be cleaned today, so if he's missing something, just ask her. (What? Beau is incapable of cleaning up himself?)....Maggie says she sure that "they don't show all the sh*t we do in HOH." (Maggie is in for a shock.)

At 11:22, BB once again announces to Janelle that it's time to get up for the day....She gets up out of bed and goes to the orange couch and collapses.....Soon after, April is called to the DR....Outside, Beau is still wearing his HOH robe, and doesn't want to give it up when his time as HOH is over....Ivette has joined the group outside, and says she thinks there is another double eviction coming up...Beau tells the others he had a dream that Ivette was jacking off Howie....Ivette is facing Howie with one leg up on the window ledge. She puts her other leg up on the table, and says, "Poor Howie!"....The conversation continues on "adult" topics....Rachel looks disgusted when Howie tells the others about how he has banged girls without kissing them first.....Janelle is called to the DR at about 11:44. (I hope she is able to stay awake during the session.)

Then, at about 11:53, James is called to the DR....Outside, at the table, April/Maggie/Beau/Rachel wonder aloud why James gets called to the DR so much...Maggie thinks that James is either saying something really mean, or there is something up....April and Maggie try to set Rachel up with a man...Maggie thinks Rachel would be good with a fireman. She says that firemen like to get into the wild side, and then later want a stay-at-home wife. (Well, the two firemen we know about from BB6 are Eric, who has a serious anger control problem, and Dave, Maggie's boyfriend, who has been dating her for nine years, but doesn't want to get married. Sorry gals, I think Rachel could do MUCH better than that.)....Rachel says she hopes no one left a nasty good-bye message for her, because she hasn't said anything mean.....April tells Beau that he was laughing in his sleep last night, and then making "shhh" noises. Beau asks, "Was I having sex?" April replies, "Maybe. I hope it was good."

12:00 noon—Get your BB6 dolls right here. Limited time only

A little after noon, most of the HGs are outside playing cards, while Howie and Janelle are in the Gold Room cuddling and whispering...BB tells Howie to move his mic up, and he apologizes, saying his mic hit his big boobies....James comes into the Gold Room, and starts to relay information he got from the Nerd Herd, but we never get to hear what he says because we keep going to FISH. (April is singing "America the Beautiful." Since when is that a copyrighted song?)....Howie comments that if James wins, he'll be rich enough to date Janelle. James replies, "Yeah, but only for a year." (LOL)....They make fun of the Nerd Herd's shrine to Cappy. James suggests that they make a shrine to the people they have voted out, i.e., Cappy and Jennifer....Janelle says to James, "You're taller than Eric by several feet, right?"

Then James/Howie/Janelle joke about BB6 dolls. (At least, I assume this is a joke.)...Howie says that little girls all over the country will want "Jedi Janie" dolls. Janelle kids that (little girls) will tell their mommies, "Pack your bags, b*tches!"....James thinks he has no fans because he has a girlfriend....Howie says that they can't put out the James doll yet, because they don't know how many veto comps he will win. James kids that the trophy case (for all his veto medals) should be sold separately, and he should get extra residuals....Then Howie and James say that the Janelle doll can't come out separately, because it needs another doll to trash. James says it will be wearing a dominatrix outfit. (Personally, I'm holding out for the Kaysar doll—I don't want to marry him. I just want to look.)

Howie asks James if they're voting him out...James mumbles incoherently...Howie says, "Go get Maggie! Get that constipated b*tch!"....Then James and Howie decide to lie down. (Janelle is lying down already.)....Ivette and Maggie are lying down (in the Gold Room?), and it looks like Maggie is reading the Bible...Ivette says to Maggie, "I can't pray anymore for God to help me win HOH. Maggie replies, "I haven't prayed for that."....The rest of the HGs are outside playing cards.....Ivette goes back outside and asks Beau, "Aren't you hot with that robe on?" Rachel replies, "He likes it."...Ivette plans out the rest of her afternoon.....April says that she misses her little doggie. (Where did that come from?)

1:00 pm—Memory wall changes, James makes some astute observations, picture-taking

A little after 1:00 pm, Rachel and April notice something different about the memory wall. It's now changed to goofy pics of the HGs from the DR, and they all (except Janelle, who is sleeping) come over and laugh at the pictures....About the same time, Beau gets the HOH camera, and the HGs start taking pictures of each other. (How many weeks has it been, and the HGs still get excited about the camera each time? This crowd obviously LOVES to see themselves on camera—Good thing, I guess.)

Ivette and James step aside for a short private conversation....Ivette confirms to James that they are voting out Rachel....Actually, at first Ivette wouldn't tell James how she voted, but said, "You know where my vote is going." James remarks that they all vote as a group, and Ivette replies, "So what does that tell you?"....Ivette says to James, "I may not have won a lot of things, but...." James interrupts and says, "April hasn't won and she has done a lot in this game." Ivette finishes, "I've done a lot in this game youknowwhatImean?"

Ivette asks James why America didn't vote Eric back. James replies, "Because they saw who he is." (Yup, James, exactly.)...But, Ivette still doesn't believe this. She counters that America sent Kaysar back because he stirred up the house...James tells her that if that was the reason, then Michael would have come second in the voting...James tells Ivette to put her emotions aside, and look at the only two people in the house who wouldn't hug everyone when they left—Eric and Jennifer. James says Eric was a poor sport, and America saw that.....James goes on to say that what Kaysar voted out of the house was his arrogance—that he kept saying he was the leader of the group.

2:00 pm—Howie promises to streak on Friday—but wearing a bandana

As we move into the 2:00 hour, the picture-taking continues....Janelle is still sleeping, and the others taking a picture of Janelle asleep, with a red sign reading "Evict me" over her head...The talk turns to who has lost or gained weight in the house....Howie says Maggie has lost about 80 pounds. ( (Maggie does not look amused). Maggie thinks she's probably lost 10 pounds...April has gained some weight, but Howie thinks April looks better. (Geez, is Howie kissing butt, or what?)....April asks Howie if he thinks Matt will like (the fact that she has gained some weight) and Howie says, "Yeah."...Howie thinks Janelle has gained a few "Janie pounds."...Then Howie looks at his stomach and thinks he looks fat in the pictures they're taking.

April takes Maggie aside and asks if she should go to Janelle and tell her that April misses how close she and Janelle once were. April asks Maggie if Janelle would "fall for it."....Beau wants Howie to promise that he will streak naked in the BY if he is still in the house on Friday. Howie says he doesn't want his "guy" all over the Internet. He says they wouldn't show it on TV, but on the Internet they show everything. Instead, Howie promises that if he is still in the house on Friday, he will streak in the BY wearing just a bandana.

3:00 pm—Beau writes a love note to Cappy, April plays nice with Howie/Rachel

In the kitchen, April/Rachel/Janelle are talking in a very friendly way as they make tacos for dinner...Janelle comments how bad she looks in her DR picture. She says she doesn't wear make-up except on Thursdays, and hardly showers...April tells her that she doesn't need to wear make-up in the house....Rachel tells Janelle that Janelle got screwed as HOH because she didn't get a camera, and Janelle says she doesn't care.....Janelle goes back to the memory wall. She tells Howie he is the cutest, except for Michael, but wonders why Maggie looks so surprised in her picture....Janelle thinks that the picture of her is the most awful picture she's seen in her life...Howie comments that James looks like he's aged 10 years since his picture....Howie comments that he's never been with anyone under 18. (Not sure where that came from.) Howie says, "I was with an 19-year old once. I was with a 19-year old when I was 32."....(Ha! That's nothing Howie! I was with a.......never mind.)

Beau rushes off to add a "love note" to Cappy from himself and Maggie in his HOH blog...Beau tells Ivette that he apologized to his mom for getting drunk, told everyone that everything he said about Janelle is true, and asked Dan (Jenn's boyfriend) where Jenn's ring is (meaning, I assume, "Why hasn't Dan proposed yet?")

In the BY, April/Howie/Janelle are going over the competitions again...April hopes there won't be any more bathing suit competitions, because she's sure Matt's friends are making fun of him....Janelle asks April, "Who would have been put up if I had won (the last veto comp)—James?"....April replies, "April - Yep. There are certain people who want him out and certain people who don't want him out. He'll win it."....Howie says, "(James) has a great shot. He had 10 people against him. Now he has 6. He hasn't even won an HOH yet. He's awesome." April reminds them, "There's still one more week, you guys." Janelle asks, "For what?" April says, "Depends on who wins it." (It appears she's referring to backdooring James, but is not bringing it up directly.)

In the gym, Ivette and Maggie are working out....James is called to the DR....Maggie makes a face, and Ivette asks, "What?" Maggie says that James is in the DR three or four times a day. Ivette is surprised to hear that.....Outside at the BY table, a similar conversation is going on between Howie/Rachel/April...April thinks it's weird how often James gets called to the DR....Howie thinks James uses the DR as a journal to vent.

April/Howie/Rachel are still talking in the BY....Howie asks April, "Who do you think is leaving?" April says she knows who it is....Howie jokes, "One of us?" and Rachel laughs....Rachel says, "Some people around here don't like me." April replies, "I don't know if it's like or dislike. It's on a weekly basis." She tells Rachel, "You have been enjoyable." (Enjoyable how, April? Meaning enjoyable as someone to trash? What scares me is that I think April really believes this stuff when she says it. For example, James lies too, but at least he knows when he's lying and for what purpose.)....Howie says that he knows 100% that he's leaving this week....April asks, "Do you want me to tell you who's leaving?" Both Howie and Rachel reply, "No."....Howie says that James wants Howie out because he wants to be the only attractive guy in the house....April and Rachel assure Howie that they don't find James attractive...Then Howie says he's looking forward to being in the sequester house with Jennifer. Howie says to Jenn's bf Dan, "Too late, Dan. He who hesitates, loses."...April thinks that Jenn's boyfriend may have already proposed to her, and Howie is disappointed.

The April/Howie/Rachel strategy discussion continues....April says that this is the last week that they'll be able to pick who plays for them in the veto, so it's the last chance to backdoor someone...Howie wonders if BB will just change the veto comp rules so that only the nominees and HOH compete, to make better TV...The subject of who is leaving comes up again, and April says if they want to know, they should just ask James. Rachel says, "(James) says it's me."....April says, "You know I want to keep both of you." (Sure you do, April—you want to keep both of them in the sequester house.)....Then, they talk about how much fun they've had in the house, all the competitions, etc. (Sure April, that's why you were crying and praying to the porcelain god last week.)
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Topic #2283325
ouxch - Lockdown to go outside. Some HGs seem to think a suprize. :D NT 0 Replies #2283325 4:26PM 24/08/2005
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Topic #2283329
Janie_Roxx - BB: HG's this is a lockdown. Please go outside and shut the sliding glass door. NT 0 Replies #2283329 4:26PM 24/08/2005
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Topic #2283330
scoobydoo - Outdoor lockdown announced. 0 Replies #2283330 4:27PM 24/08/2005
April wants to use bathroom and leaves table leaving Ivette & Rachel alone. Ivette mumbles, "I thought Maggie was going to come out here" and gets up & leaves.
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Topic #2283356
Janie_Roxx - All HG's outside except for Howie NT 0 Replies #2283356 4:30PM 24/08/2005
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Topic #2283358
Janie_Roxx - Howie is now outside. NT 0 Replies #2283358 4:31PM 24/08/2005
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Topic #2283367
ouxch - Houseguests really think somethings going to be inside after the lockdown. But don't they every lockdown lol? NT 0 Replies #2283367 4:32PM 24/08/2005
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Topic #2283373
Janie_Roxx - Maggie thinks she has to take a sh*t NT 1 Replies #2283373 4:33PM 24/08/2005
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JenJen - "My poop pain is over," Maggie tells Ivette. NT #2283391 4:36PM 24/08/2005
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Topic #2283392
Janie_Roxx - Mag and Iv sitting in lounge chairs talking. Ape and Rach playing cards and Beau and James are playing chess. 0 Replies #2283392 4:36PM 24/08/2005
Mag to Iv: I burned myself, trying to pick up the weights that had been in the sun all day. I was so pissed, thats so f*cking rude.

Ape to Iv and Maggie: Do you want to play cards?
Maggie: No thanks a little later
Iv: Yeah later, I'm really comfy in my chair
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Topic #2283432
scoobydoo - Ivette talking about when she found out Crappy & Maggie were partners 0 Replies #2283432 4:42PM 24/08/2005
Ivette - I felt awful.
Maggie - I understand. You guys were close.
Ivette- I hope he was portrayed okay.
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Topic #2283435
applecrisp - Ivette asking Mag questions about Eric and telling her how she was so hurt when she found out 0 Replies #2283435 4:42PM 24/08/2005
Maggie and Eric were partners. "I wasn't hurt, but I was just like... you said you were friends for four years? I was just like... (moans) felt like I didn't exist."
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Topic #2283479
Iris - Iv and Maggie talking about being able to keep secrets and learning who to trust in the game. NT 0 Replies #2283479 4:47PM 24/08/2005
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Topic #2283487
Janie_Roxx - Mag wants to borrow Ape's green shirt, so Ape is checking if it is clean. (ed note. how can mag fit into ape's stuff?) NT 0 Replies #2283487 4:48PM 24/08/2005
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Topic #2283490
JenJen - Ivette tells Maggie, "There hasn't been a close partnership on BB... 0 Replies #2283490 4:49PM 24/08/2005
... since Jason and Amy on Season 3."

She pauses and Maggie looks and her.

"And us," says Maggie. "Jason and Amy, and now you and me."
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Topic #2283519
Iris - Maggie and Iv talking about beginning of game 0 Replies #2283519 4:52PM 24/08/2005
Maggie wants to wear something colorful tomorrow. Iv telling April what to wear tomorrow, an aqua top and skirt.

Iv to Maggie: Maggie is just Maggie, I love Maggie.

Maggie thinks she will be asked a bunch of questions about Iv and Cappy's relationship in the beginning. She said Iv and Cappy acted like husband and wife so no one suspected Maggie and Eric were together.

Maggie said Eric told her that people suspected Maggie and Kaysar were together, she said James said this to Eric. Maggie said ERic never told her personal things between Iv and Eric, said Eric kept that private. Maggie said she never knew about Iv's brother until Iv told her even though Eric new. Iv said Cappy has a good soul.

It's an Eric love-fest. (yuck!)
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Topic #2283581
Iris - Iv: I'm a loud Cuban. NT 0 Replies #2283581 5:00PM 24/08/2005
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Topic #2283596
Janie_Roxx - Iv and Mag still sitting in lounge chairs talking.. Beau, Ape, Rach, and Janie playing cards, & Jam is sitting in a louge chair by the table NT 0 Replies #2283596 5:02PM 24/08/2005
Howie is doing stretches.
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Topic #2283619
Iris - Howie: My pee-pee is so big it gets in the way when I stretch. NT 0 Replies #2283619 5:06PM 24/08/2005
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Topic #2283623
Janie_Roxx - Mag ran a lap in shoes called "shocks" and she likes them. 0 Replies #2283623 5:07PM 24/08/2005
Iv to Mag: You look like a cheetah running in those!
How to Mag: You look faster

Mag: I want to get myself a pair.
Iv tells her how to order them.
Mag: How much are they?
Iv: I dont know, but they are worth it, I've had them for like 3 years.
Mag: Shut up!
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Topic #2283636
Janie_Roxx - How and Jan talking about birth control. Jan doesnt take it because it makes her a raging b*tch and she almost killed somebody. NT 0 Replies #2283636 5:09PM 24/08/2005
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Topic #2283660
carrie1969 - BB Camera Crew zoomed in on a quarter on kitchen floor. NT 0 Replies #2283660 5:12PM 24/08/2005
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Topic #2283661
Janie_Roxx - Jan is telling the story of how she was behind a lady who was going really really slow.. 0 Replies #2283661 5:12PM 24/08/2005
In like a 40MPH zone she was going 15MPH so Janie was getting pissed and the lady stopped at a yellow light and didnt go and Janie got out of the car and started cussing at the lady and then when the light turned green the lady wasnt going fast enough and Janie hit her but the lady just drove away. Janie went home and she told her B/F that she needed to get off the pill since it was making her a raging b*tch.
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Topic #2283698
Janie_Roxx - BB: HG's this is a lockdown. Please go inside and shut the sliding glass door. NT 0 Replies #2283698 5:16PM 24/08/2005
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Topic #2283704
Janie_Roxx - The HG's found quarters on the table and run all around the house NT 0 Replies #2283704 5:17PM 24/08/2005
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Topic #2283715
scoobydoo - Janelle found 1; Beau has 2; Ivette has 3 so far NT 0 Replies #2283715 5:19PM 24/08/2005
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