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Topic #2285362
abbybb - as soon as Iv leaves, Jam tells Jan her that Iv thinks that it's going to be her and Beau on the block. NT 0 Replies #2285362 9:34PM 24/08/2005
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Topic #2285370
abbybb - Jan says that she has been thinking about her ex..but when she's w/him she thinks, "is this all there is." NT 0 Replies #2285370 9:35PM 24/08/2005
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Topic #2285398
mnj - Rach/Howie on workout bench in backyard 0 Replies #2285398 9:39PM 24/08/2005
Rachel: I'm okay with going to sequester, there will still be times they show us in sequester

Howie: they will still show bits of your dr sessions

(ivette walks out to hottub)

Howie: whispers inaudible, talking about how maggie isn't good in comps, calls her a moron and a few other four letter words

Howie and RayRay smooching.......

Rachel: if julie asks if I have any predictions, I'm going say i think ivette will be joining me soon (in sequester). I think I am going to try to get to know Jenn and be friends with her. I actually think I LIKE April.

Talk of what they will do outside of the game....

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Topic #2285451
Zazny - R: Other than winning vetos, James is kinda boring / talk about Jan (great admiration from Howie for Janie fans) 0 Replies #2285451 9:43PM 24/08/2005
H says that Jan is the Big Brother dream because she trash talks and do well.

R: I'm kinda jealous
H: She walks the walk and talks the talk
R: I'm envious she can be like that and not worry
H: Nothing bothers her.

BB: Janelle, please do not obstruct your mic

H: She doesn't care. They can't push her around! She's on the block and telling people to go F themselves! They have to respect that because she'll step up and evict you. She can back up everything she says in this game. She is one of two that have an HOH and a Veto. She has completed this game like you. ...Janie's probably going to win HOH tomorrow and send someone out the door.
R: I can't believe they didn't put her up. I can't believe they didn't backdoor her.
H: That's on them. That's their stupidity. She'll get them. SHe knows the game back and forth and has been a fan forever. She will be so unpredictable next week.
R: I hope so!
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Topic #2285464
mnj - James saying he thought Mike was weird 0 Replies #2285464 9:45PM 24/08/2005
James telling Janelle he thought that Mike was strange, Janelle saying she thought it was hilarious because he was doing things to torture the other girls.
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Topic #2285481
mnj - Janelle/James talk about phone call from home 0 Replies #2285481 9:48PM 24/08/2005
Janelle said she asked for a call from Michael or her mom or her brother

James said he asked for one from Sarah or his grandma
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Topic #2285494
Suzan - Feeds showing only Rachel/Howie and James/Janelle NT 0 Replies #2285494 9:49PM 24/08/2005
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Topic #2285498
Zazny - R: Take care of yourself when I'm gone. And don't become a stranger 0 Replies #2285498 9:50PM 24/08/2005
R: I want to say goodbye [there might not be time later]
H: I'll see you soon - within the next four weeks.
H: There'll be some hidden punches that BB will throw out to us!

H: They get so comfortable when they're on top. It's so stupid. They walk around like they own the place.
R: When you were all excited. It was one day. And I'm going to get evicted for that *****

H: ...she does not stress. She's flawless in this game and she's gonna take people out. I want to win it...I don't want to win it because I don't want her to be on the sidelines. I feel stronger with her out there.

Rachel tells Howie that James knows better than to flip back with April.

R: I won't vote for him. I'd vote for April [if he took April along to final 2 instead of Howie and/or Janelle]!
R: If you're in the final four and he's in there with April, take him out first.
H: Absolutely.
R: Frickin pool thing will be so embarassing
H: They already saw it
R: My tits flying out of my bathing suit
H: They loved it! Look at cute Ray-Ray with her big boobies
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Topic #2285504
abbybb - James said there wouldn't be many people he'd talk to after..Jan said, "You'd still talk to Kay though." and he said, "Yeah, I'll talk to Kay." NT 0 Replies #2285504 9:50PM 24/08/2005
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Topic #2285507
mnj - James quote/Janelle quote 1 Replies #2285507 9:51PM 24/08/2005

James: "if I passed some of these people on the street-i'd be like, what the hell are you talkin to me for?"

Janelle: "you don't think michael just liked me for strategy do you?"
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memyselfandi - James says he doesn't know, but if it was for strategy it wasn't a very good strategy b/c both were targets NT #2285524 9:53PM 24/08/2005
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Topic #2285512
memyselfandi - James telling Janelle that even if Kaysar was behind James-Sarah thing 0 Replies #2285512 9:51PM 24/08/2005
he would want to be friends with him outside the house. He and Kaysar have a lot to talk about.
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Topic #2285518
abbybb - James wonders why these ppl are still ?talking about Eric and Mag's relationship NT 0 Replies #2285518 9:52PM 24/08/2005
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Topic #2285533
Zazny - R complains about Ivette's shout outs 0 Replies #2285533 9:54PM 24/08/2005
R: It's [someone's] birthday today. Oh god.
H: They are playing for sequester, and we're gonna give them their wish.

H: If we didn't take out half our team for them, the nerd herd would have been gone a long time ago. Maggie would've been gone a month ago and it'd be slim pickins for the rest of them. It's a different game now.
R: I'm hoping for you...I actually think if you are with Janelle, you'll have a good chance.
H: America will have a say in this too. They're gonna.
R: If it's unanimous we know it's me. If it's 3-2 be worried.

They finally return to their workouts.
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Topic #2285552
memyselfandi - Janelle has decided Howie looks like guy from Brawny towel ads with his flannel shirt on (Ed: LOL) NT 0 Replies #2285552 9:57PM 24/08/2005
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Topic #2285569
abbybb - Jam says, "We suck. We're so boring." Rach said, "Do you want to make words with our legs?" NT 1 Replies #2285569 10:00PM 24/08/2005
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SassyPrncess - followed by Rachel: And then photograph it! NT #2285620 10:15PM 24/08/2005
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Topic #2285618
SassyPrncess - R to Jani: Send her (Ivette) to me next week, will ya? NT 1 Replies #2285618 10:14PM 24/08/2005
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SassyPrncess - R: Tell her "get rich schemes never work." NT #2285619 10:14PM 24/08/2005
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Topic #2285624
memyselfandi - James leaves Rachel and Janelle alone in gold room where 0 Replies #2285624 10:15PM 24/08/2005
Rachel says Ivette was basically talking out of her @ss about the Michael stuff. She's too cocky "Send her to me next week, will you please?" Janelle says she'll try.
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Topic #2285697
knifey_spooney - April comes back to HOH room 0 Replies #2285697 10:41PM 24/08/2005
(She was talking with Janelle in the kitchen)

She immediately starts justifying talking to Janelle in the kitchen (Maggie was watching on spycam - alone in the bedroom)

April immediately says that she was hugging Janelle because Janelle apologized to her for calling Jennifer a bitch. Janelle told her that they(the S4) were upset because they really trusted her and Jennifer, and they really didn't expect them to break their word. She also told April that although it was a group decision to get rid of Kaysar, it really screwed Jennifer and April in their game. April says she knew that would probably happen anyways, when the decision was made, and she's OK with that. etc.

My feeds are breaking up but I can't hear if Maggie really has a reply. I keep hearing grunts.

When my feeds come back, Ivette is out of the shower and inquiring about Beau. Maggie tells her that he is with Howie in the kitchen.

April reports that Janelle took 4 benedryl, and does MAggie think that is wise? Maggie says no, thats like 100 mg (in a disapproving voice.)
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Topic #2285709
knifey_spooney - April telling Ivette how she colours her eyelases. 0 Replies #2285709 10:44PM 24/08/2005
She gets them dyed black, but she still has to wear mascara. Ivette sounds cynical, and asks how she does it. Ivette has never heard of anything like this before.

April says when she is going to be in a situation where she may not have makeup, she gets it colored on.

April proceeds to say she hasn't broken out this bad since puberty.

Ivette says its stress. April doesn't think the house has been that bad this week, everyone basically getting along.

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Topic #2285715
knifey_spooney - April wants HOH baaaaadd. 0 Replies #2285715 10:45PM 24/08/2005
Ivette was bringing up how HOH is back up for grabs. April says she wants it so bad she can feel it around her neck.

(Ed. Note: Jinx!)

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Topic #2285724
memyselfandi - April telling Howie is total strategy/ Ivette is saying if that's true Howie would get out James 0 Replies #2285724 10:48PM 24/08/2005
April says no I don't think he would do that. She was telling him about next week being hte last to backdoor James.

Ivette: Howie said he would backdoor James if he gets HOH?

April: No. That's not what he said. ... I think kind of how HOwie looks at it is he tried to get him out once and it didn't work so he won't try it again.
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Topic #2285728
Doofannes - James mocks Eric 0 Replies #2285728 10:49PM 24/08/2005
J: (making fun of Ericís appeal to America): America you need to vote me back in the house because Iím the biggest ***** ***** these people have ever seen. Iíve got a little ***** dick and I stand 5í3 and Iím pissed off!!
R: And what was really sad was that in the nomination speech he (Beau) mentioned that Ďthe cappy daysí
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Topic #2285732
knifey_spooney - Ivette asks April if she thinks Howie would vote out Janelle to save himself in the game 0 Replies #2285732 10:49PM 24/08/2005
April asks for an example, but Ivette doesn't have one.

April says that everything Howie does is for strategy. She thinks that last week, Howie's insulting her was for strategy. She also thinks that Janelle is all that Howie has left in the game.

Ivette asks if she thinks he would put up James. April says Howie was just saying outside that he wouldn't put James up again, at least not straight up.

Ivette seems interested and asks if she thinks that means Howie would backdoor James? April says probably, and Ivette asks if thats what Howie said... April changes her mind, and doesn't think that Howie would backdoor James. She isn't 100% certain, but she doesn't think he would.
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Topic #2285741
ferretkiss - 10:30 - 10:45 PM BB time. 0 Replies #2285741 10:50PM 24/08/2005
hoh bathroom. iv and beau are in there. beau lathering up his face. iv is talking to maggie at the door. iv takes off her outer top. takes out her ponytail. i hear mag and iv whispering about janelle. beau started shaving now. rinses razor a lot. iv goes into shower.

iv: thats why i said that, if she wants to tell maggie, if she wants to go after the f*ckin rules, go ahead. [ed they are almost impossible to hear between water running and mikes off for washing/showering].

[flip cams to james and rach in GR.]
rach: somebody stole my razors.
jam: somebody stole one of my toothbrushes. im really pissed off about that. it wasnt used.

they talk about iv and april.
jam: all last week she was trying to vote out..
rach: ivette
rach: you did not just eat that did you. [think something he was grooming himself. a piece of skin or something.]
jam: no i blew it out.
rach: ew.

rach: see thats who made a comment to howie. she said you need to stop that or im voting you out.
jam: its like they feel like they deserve, like they belong here. they did a f*ckig good job. its within the rules.
[ed: everyone hard to hear tonight, sorry!]

jam: her loyalty is still to eric. janelle told you how maggie was in here saying that eric and maggie have the strongest relationship here, even stronger than mine and sarahs . she was saying that tonight. how the f*ck.
rach: when you watch the tapes you are going to see me rip him from one end to the other. not just in there but to his face. i was p*ssed. [rach talking about how she has been mad at howie for his rants]

rach talking about girls will ask her about howie.
jam: at first i was embarassed. but april would say the stupidest things to him. he deserved to go off on her.
rach: howies going to have to step up his game.
jam: oh definitely.
rah: i can see people being annoyed with him and janelle.
rach: they can take out me and howie, or howie and janelle as a strong team.
jam: i think they think janelle is using howie. they despise her. i cant believe she is still in the game.
rach: really.
jam: they havent come after me in a while, ive had 4 weeks of freedom.

rach: i gave up a lot potentially a lot to be here, and i would fight for it just as hard as anybody because i gave up so much. and i would fight for it.

jam: april she wont have her job (Repeats).
rach: i know.
jam: i dont give a f*ck if she loses her job.
i mean she hides between people, she runs back and forth.
rahc: thats ok that should not affect her job.
jam: im sure she has personally attacked everyone.

rach: what are you doing there janie.
jan: im the laziest piece of sh*t, (mentions a lot of foods she has eaten).
[ed: just noticed janie is in there, she is in bed under covers]
jam: she is saving up her energy for tomorrows big blow up.

jam says he hates something, then says not really hate, its just frustrating.
rach and james are sitting on the other bed in the GR.


jam: sometimes you get so bored towards the end of the night its impossible to fall asleeep. to f*cking bored to pass out.
rach: hmm hmm. (Agrees).
jam: if this is your last night, tomorrow night youll be sleeping in a nice hotel bed. youll have to wake up early for the early show. youll have to answer questions online from a bunch of tools.
rach: ill have to answer questions online? did kayser say you have to do that.
they say no because he went to sequester.
they joke about the dumb questions she will be asked: did howie really kiss beau, what was the ropes course like, is janie really so lazy.

james tells rach about the howie/beau kiss where howie tried to push ice cream down beaus mouth. rach did not know about that and is shocked but laughing.

jam: if we cannot beat april and maggie tomorrow, we all should just walk out the storage room door.
jan: you have to win it tomorrow james.

rach asks james a question about ivette.
jam: ivettes been on this crazy-ass tear, where everything bothers her. i think a lot of it had to do wtih the fact that you didnt vote to keep eric.
rach: oh jesus. i would have voted him out no matter what. (justifies why she voted out eric - partners, went with her partner, etc.)
jam: i would think that the people who trash talked the most would be you too (jan and rach).
jan and rach say they hardly ever trash talked.

jam: iv asked me why eric was and i told her:
poor sportsman, neve shut up his mouth all the time, he was an a**hole.

jam: i got a little fuch*in dick i stand about five foot 3 (about eric).
jan: hes a midget.

jam: after these people watchthe tapes ill be like dont you feel f*ckin stupid.
rach: he would have taken everybody to the final four with him.
jan: except for me.
rach: except for you janelle.
(still talking about eric).
jam: after week 3 i was expendable. what was i supposed to do, just roll over and die?

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Topic #2285761
knifey_spooney - James and Janelle in hysterics in GR 0 Replies #2285761 10:54PM 24/08/2005
They are making fun of the nerd herd, want to get t-shirts that say "America hates the nerd herd"

Janelle laughing very loud, says America hates you, bitch (about April I think)

James laughs that America hates Busto.

James says God, we need to hang out in Miami

Rachel says you guys are so bad (but is laughing too)
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