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Topic #2281966
skywalkerone - s3 commenting on the new bb6 dolls H: saying 0 Replies #2281966 12:34PM 24/08/2005
little girl all over the country saying they want jedi jannie dolls Jannie says they will tell there mommies pack your bags bitches
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Topic #2281970
abbybb - James says he has no fans b/c he has a girlfriend. How says wait until the Jam doll comes out.. 0 Replies #2281970 12:35PM 24/08/2005
How says it can't come out now b/c they don't know how many vetoes he'll win by the end.

Jam says, "F that...I think the trophy case should come separate and I should get residuals on that too.."
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Topic #2281983
skywalkerone - James says they dont know how many vetos with 0 Replies #2281983 12:36PM 24/08/2005
his doll yet and he thinks his trophy case should fore sure be sold seperatly/
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Topic #2281984
abbybb - How & Jam say the Jan doll can't come alone b/c it has to trash talk some other doll... 0 Replies #2281984 12:36PM 24/08/2005
Jam says it will be wearing a dominatrix outfit
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Topic #2281985
fgjadfg - Janie STILL in bed , Howie next to her, they are doing their Oh Janie, Oh Howie stuff again ( vomit) NT 0 Replies #2281985 12:36PM 24/08/2005
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Topic #2281989
abbybb - How asks Jam if they're voting him out..James mumbles incoherently. 0 Replies #2281989 12:37PM 24/08/2005
How says, "Go get Magg..go get that constipated b**ch."
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Topic #2282033
Janie_Roxx - Nerd Herd + Rach are continuing to play cards.. How, Jam, and Jan in the GR talking and now How and Jam are laying down too NT 0 Replies #2282033 12:44PM 24/08/2005
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Topic #2282057
Janie_Roxx - Maggot and Iv are now laying down and it looks like Maggot has a book out which I think is the Bible NT 0 Replies #2282057 12:47PM 24/08/2005
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Topic #2282066
Janie_Roxx - Iv and Maggot are talking about HoH and how they need to win it NT 0 Replies #2282066 12:48PM 24/08/2005
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Topic #2282075
Janie_Roxx - Iv went back outside with ape and beau and rach 0 Replies #2282075 12:50PM 24/08/2005
Iv to Beau: Arent you hot with that robe on.
Beau: No
Rach: Hes enjoying it
Iv: I went to talk to Maggie, and James, who is the BR right now, and then I'm going to play chess with him, and then I'm probably going to take a nap, and then I might run for 20 min again
Ape: I miss my little doggy
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Topic #2282076
applecrisp - Mag & Ivette whispering in barracks, Ivette says quietly "I can't pray anymore for god to help me win HOH." 0 Replies #2282076 12:50PM 24/08/2005
Maggie - "I haven't prayed for that." The rest is inaudible to me.
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Topic #2282138
fgjadfg - Rachel and April have noticed something different about the memory wall NT 0 Replies #2282138 1:02PM 24/08/2005
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Topic #2282152
fgjadfg - Looks like they changed the pics to goofy pics of the HG NT 0 Replies #2282152 1:04PM 24/08/2005
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Topic #2282156
fgjadfg - They are laughing hysterically at the pictures now on the wall, look at me! NT 0 Replies #2282156 1:04PM 24/08/2005
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Topic #2282166
fgjadfg - Everyone except Janie ( who, of course is sleeping) and Howie are at the 1 Replies #2282166 1:07PM 24/08/2005
memory wall, standing on chairs to see their pictures better, they just look like different pictures than the ones before, maybe diary room pics
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JessicaRabbit - They are all Diary Room pictures of each house guest. NT #2282195 1:09PM 24/08/2005
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Topic #2282258
applecrisp - Most are taking the HOH pictures with the digicam, Iv/James playing chess outside NT 1 Replies #2282258 1:21PM 24/08/2005
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ostra - lost of pics in the bathroom area, shower WC, Howie kissing Beau in WC lol NT #2282342 1:31PM 24/08/2005
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Topic #2282353
Suzan - Ivette to James: I may not have won a lot of things but I've...James: April hasn't won and she's done 1 Replies #2282353 1:33PM 24/08/2005
alot in this game, Ivette finishes: I've done a lot in this game, youknowwhatImean.

She finishes with "a lot of it has benefited you in this game"
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Suzan - Also earlier in this conversation Ivette confirmed to James that they were voting out Rachel. #2282374 1:36PM 24/08/2005
At first she wouldn't say, and said to him you know where my votes going and James commented on how they vote as a group and Ivette said - so what does that tell you?
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Topic #2282365
Suzan - Ivette asked James about why he thinks America didn't vote Eric back. James said because they saw who he really is, 1 Replies #2282365 1:34PM 24/08/2005
and then tells her to put her emotions aboaut Eric aside and look at this, there were only two people voted out who wouldn't hug everyone, Eric and Jen. I: Jen didn't hug you, J: yea she hugged me but she wouldn't hug Janelle or Rachel, I: You really think she'd hug Janelle after she called her an f-in bitch?
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scoobydoo - James thinks America really liked Kaysar #2282415 1:43PM 24/08/2005
and saw Eric for who he was. Ivette counters that America sent Kaysar back because he stirred up the house. James said no, then Michael would have come second in the voting.
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Topic #2282377
Dingy_Diva - James tells Iv that this is the first eviction he doesn't know who is going. 0 Replies #2282377 1:36PM 24/08/2005
He's trying to get Iv to tell him who is being voted out.
Iv is keeping it to herself.
James mentions that "the group" always makes a group decision.
Iv doing a lot of smiling and avoidance. Talking around things.
Iv again mentions how they both need each other for the end votes.

James says Howie is really nervous.
Mentions something about Maggie talking about goodbye messages...
(Can't hear it all)

James is now talking about Eric and Jen were the only one's who didn't hug anyone when they left.
How Eric was a poor sport and America saw that.
Apparently America liked Kayser.

(Sorry I'm on dial up and can't get clean voice it cuts out a lot. Hope someone got more!)
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Topic #2282382
Suzan - Also earlier in this game Ivette came over to James to show him how to shuffle his cards. She stood behind him and put her arms around him 0 Replies #2282382 1:37PM 24/08/2005
and shuffled the cards in her hands, then she handed him the cards and he comments that this is like "Ghost", she said Ghost? Yea the movie. He tried to do the shuffle (the part at the end where you kind of make a bridge out of them) but he couldn't do it.
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Topic #2282431
scoobydoo - Ivette still complaining about Kaysar and Janelle 0 Replies #2282431 1:45PM 24/08/2005
James says it was Kaysar's arrogance that got him thrown out of house. He kept saying he was leader of the group.
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Topic #2282435
Suzan - The picture taking continues in the LR- These should be some good pictures to see - everyone is getting along. Looks like 0 Replies #2282435 1:46PM 24/08/2005
most of them will be of M/A/H/R/B. Janelle is still asleep and I/J are outside with their chess game.
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Topic #2282492
ostra - picture taking now moves into the BY, James and Iv still playing chess, Janie shown still sleeping in GR NT 1 Replies #2282492 1:57PM 24/08/2005
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ostra - Ivette asks to see Janelles pictures and then says 'I don't come out as cute as you guys in these pictures' NT #2282509 1:59PM 24/08/2005
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Topic #2282588
scoobydoo - Rachel makes cookie dough and everyone is eating 0 Replies #2282588 2:13PM 24/08/2005
except for Janelle, who is still sleeping. The others take a picture of her sleeping with a red sign ("Evict me") over her head. Howie and Ivette also take a picture of them looking like they're kissing.
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Topic #2282617
Janie_Roxx - Maggot is still playing soltitare and everyone is eating cookie dough NT 0 Replies #2282617 2:17PM 24/08/2005
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