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The only things BB did during the LD was fix the bathroom door and the memory wall pictures. NT - drummer_inblack
5:32PM 29/08/2005

Janelle called to the DR. NT - drummer_inblack
5:33PM 29/08/2005
and a little snafu...we saw Janie putting on her Mic saying Hi, and a female voice answering "hi, how are you" NT - hoarsewhisperer
5:34PM 29/08/2005

Howie says all that time and they only took one picture. - bakerladee
5:33PM 29/08/2005
I think that was Janelle, not Maggie. NT - Jean
5:35PM 29/08/2005

Maggie, April, James and Howie in the kitchen. Maggie eating watermelon. NT - bakerladee
5:35PM 29/08/2005

A, M & B in kitchen James walks past saying b#tch b#tch b#tch NT - sparkletts
5:40PM 29/08/2005

A, M, B making food Howie comes in they talk about food then talk switches to Howies roomate NT - sparkletts
5:41PM 29/08/2005

April: B made a really good point America hates us because we sent Kaysar home that's why they gave the phone call to Janie NT - sparkletts
5:48PM 29/08/2005

Howie and Beau *Adult* - amIsane
5:52PM 29/08/2005
*Adult* - amIsane
5:54PM 29/08/2005

Ivette comes down the stairs from HOH in a towel - amIsane
6:02PM 29/08/2005

Ape & Maggie on Hammock talking with Jan/Howie - fnfish
6:19PM 29/08/2005

Magg/April Janie and How at hammock- some Adult* - amIsane
6:23PM 29/08/2005

Sex talk and stuff in hammock - Janelle/April/Maggie/Howie (adult and long) - just1fan
6:24PM 29/08/2005

J,H,A,M in hammock trashing James NT - jan1953
6:49PM 29/08/2005

Jam and Beau - amIsane
6:52PM 29/08/2005

April reminds Janelle that she's the tiebreaker, tells Janelle not to give a sympathy vote to James NT - tragopanic
7:01PM 29/08/2005

April: (James) never talks game to me. NT - tragopanic
7:02PM 29/08/2005

Maggie: You realize what would happen if James stayed in this house? April: We'd be gone. NT - tragopanic
7:05PM 29/08/2005

HGs are in kitchen talking about Anna Nicole Smith. - fnfish
7:12PM 29/08/2005

Beau sings Somebody Told me by The Killers and it goes to fish for a few seconds. NT - ouxch
7:18PM 29/08/2005

April & Maggie alone on hammock after Janelle leaves (transcript) - tragopanic
7:22PM 29/08/2005

Kitchen chat on a VERY boring day. - fnfish
7:26PM 29/08/2005

James trying to persuade Ivette to vote in his favour, alluding to April's incessant lamenting for luxury comps [he says it's greed, but April said - Toronto
7:36PM 29/08/2005

James and Ivette playing chess, James working Ivetter over..... - hoarsewhisperer
7:37PM 29/08/2005

James: I think that you should consider what's best for you and Beau, which would be to get Janelle out of this house. But that can't happen. NT - Toronto
7:38PM 29/08/2005

Ivette: Stop biting your nails. James: Good call; thank you. (James postponed game chat till after the chess game.) NT - Toronto
7:42PM 29/08/2005

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