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topic now is movies...Jan says Reindeer Games is just like the town where she is from in Minnesota. - Taffy
3:13PM 29/08/2005

James working on Ivette again... - Taffy
3:21PM 29/08/2005

James to Ivette in GR about final vote if he's out... - just1fan
3:23PM 29/08/2005

Lockdown Over NT - just1fan
3:38PM 29/08/2005

Indoor LD is over. NT - drummer_inblack
3:38PM 29/08/2005

Howie & Beau are laying in front of the memory wall; Beau is showing Howie some pilates moves. NT - drummer_inblack
3:42PM 29/08/2005

Janelle called to DR. Janelle: "Hold on BB, just need to grab my lipstick." NT - drummer_inblack
3:42PM 29/08/2005
LOL looks like Janelle's taking her sweet time, BB calls her a second time. NT - drummer_inblack
3:44PM 29/08/2005

Ivette & James in the GR - (I came in late) - Suzan
3:45PM 29/08/2005
I believe James was referring to the friend that was originally supposed to come with him NT - Patti
3:54PM 29/08/2005

M/H/Jam/Iv in BY talking about veto comps from previous seasons... - dlg195
4:15PM 29/08/2005

Howie: DNA, Do Not Assume... - dlg195
4:17PM 29/08/2005

Beau and Janelle in kitchen... - dlg195
4:18PM 29/08/2005

James calling Maggie a cop NT - dlg195
4:20PM 29/08/2005

James and Ivette playing chess; Maggie in kitchen with Beau and Janelle; April in bed; and we have FISH NT - dlg195
4:20PM 29/08/2005

James and Ivette playing chess - dlg195
4:25PM 29/08/2005

janie tells beau she thinks kaysar is cute, and she said she thought beau had a crush on kaysar. - kaysar_and_janie
4:26PM 29/08/2005

janie goes back to bed. howie, beau working out in backyard. outdoor lockdown announced. NT - kaysar_and_janie
4:39PM 29/08/2005

The HG's are lazy; BB calls the lockdown for a second time. NT - drummer_inblack
4:42PM 29/08/2005

james says he's going to be in sequester with the 2 most boring people in the house. maggie says jen is the funnest, is a blast. NT - kaysar_and_janie
4:46PM 29/08/2005

Before lock down James was standing in front of HG pictures and told BB - amIsane
4:49PM 29/08/2005

HGs speculating that there may be a luxury comp today or tomorrow. NT - medusa
4:51PM 29/08/2005

Magg asks what would be the first meal they want when they are out of the house - amIsane
4:54PM 29/08/2005

The HGS discuss .. - ouxch
5:00PM 29/08/2005

Outdoor LD is over. NT - drummer_inblack
5:28PM 29/08/2005

HG disappointed that they found no quarters!! NT - bakerladee
5:30PM 29/08/2005

BB fixed the bathroom door. NT - medusa
5:32PM 29/08/2005

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