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April: Winning HOH was the best day of my entire life. NT - just1fan
9:54PM 29/08/2005

April complaining... - shesblazzzing
10:06PM 29/08/2005

April and Mag working Ivette - shesblazzzing
10:08PM 29/08/2005

Ivette: the REAL reason America picked Janie to win is because my alliance wtih james NT - boo2
10:12PM 29/08/2005

I/M/A obsessed with Janelle - trashing everything about her. Her heigth, the fact that she doesn't sweat when she works out - Suzan
10:12PM 29/08/2005
They are watching the spy cam where they've got it on the LR. Beau, Howie and Janelle are in there having fun - this is giving them fuel for their - Suzan
10:15PM 29/08/2005

Ivette now retelling an earlier conversation in the kitchen - Suzan
10:17PM 29/08/2005

April back to their NEED to get "them out" that they should review, review review - Suzan
10:18PM 29/08/2005

Screams can be heard as Beau chases Maggie around the kitchen and up the HOH stairs NT - Suzan
10:22PM 29/08/2005
Everyone but James is now in the HOH, Beau and MAggie still goofing with her screaming. Ivette wants them to stop - - Suzan
10:25PM 29/08/2005

Jan/Howie/Beau in LR. Beau still grooming Howie.... - InTheCave
10:23PM 29/08/2005

jan, howie, and beau come up to hoh to ask for oreos iv sits and looks flabbergasted that they asked for them. maggie and beau begin to wrestle - MonsterDubs
10:26PM 29/08/2005

April whining about "them" (Jan/Howie) taking all her Oreos. Boo hoo. NT - shesblazzzing
10:27PM 29/08/2005

Okay here's the bashing of Janelle for coming into the HOH for more oreo's Ivette is still stuck on Janelle didn't share her HOH goodies - Suzan
10:28PM 29/08/2005

Fish NT - Janellefan02
10:45PM 29/08/2005

Around the feeds in the last little while (through the periodic interruptions of FISH) - drummer_inblack
11:27PM 29/08/2005

Jan & Howie talk about blackheads. Howie: "Everyone in the world has blackheads. President Bush has blackheads." (LOL) NT - drummer_inblack
11:33PM 29/08/2005

James joins How/Jan in BR (BB is keeping him up because of the NH) - drummer_inblack
11:41PM 29/08/2005
actually he wasn't counting himself or sarah so that makes it 12 NT - kfndawg
11:59PM 29/08/2005

James to Howie & Janelle in Bathroom: "You guys are all f&(king idiots... - InTheCave
11:46PM 29/08/2005

FISH. NT - drummer_inblack
11:48PM 29/08/2005

Back from FISH, James/Howie/Janelle are in the BY; Jam/Howie are at the table, Janie's doing her laundry. NT - drummer_inblack
11:50PM 29/08/2005

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