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James telling April about POV Ceremony: Try not to spit on my picture (they all laugh) NT - Iris
11:41AM 29/08/2005

Maggie and April in BY talking about after this week they really have to work as partners. - Iris
11:44AM 29/08/2005

April and Maggie think the divide will happen sooner than they thought - Zazny
11:44AM 29/08/2005

April called to DR then fish (veto?) NT - NSGirl
11:45AM 29/08/2005

Maggie/April talking about their partnership of two - just1fan
11:46AM 29/08/2005

FISH several minutes now. (possibly the veto ceremony has started) NT - Panda4
11:55AM 29/08/2005

TRANSCRIPT: 8/29/05 - Beau & April (meeting of the minds) 11:20am in BY: - InTheCave
12:00PM 29/08/2005

Still Fish NT - ShelBel
12:23PM 29/08/2005

Feeds back, James in an nominee chair NT - Zazny
12:27PM 29/08/2005

Feeds back showing James dejected in nominee chair with Ivette in other chair consoling him. NT - Iris
12:27PM 29/08/2005

Howie hugged April, not sure who she took off the block though, no one has said. NT - Iris
12:29PM 29/08/2005

Sounds like Jan is safe: Jan: I have that icky feeling; Apr: Tell him it's not your fault NT - Zazny
12:31PM 29/08/2005

James still sitting in nominee chair. Iv sitting on her feet facing him w/her chin in her hands on the arm of the chair next to him. - Iris
12:32PM 29/08/2005

I tells M that James said "being next to Howie I have no hope." NT - Zazny
12:33PM 29/08/2005

James sitting all alone in nominee chair now. NT - bbfangurl86
12:33PM 29/08/2005

Confirmed..April saved Janelle and put up James NT - LizziBrown
12:34PM 29/08/2005

M: I was upset with what's going on. PERSONALLY, he should not be the one going. Personally. - Zazny
12:34PM 29/08/2005

Maggie whispered to Ivette: - Diana
12:35PM 29/08/2005

Iv saying James is upset because he wasn't given one fighting chance... - Iris
12:37PM 29/08/2005

Maggie backpedalling... - Diana
12:37PM 29/08/2005

Maggie explains the backdoor to Ivette, Ivette still harping on "dirty" playing and luck - Zazny
12:37PM 29/08/2005

April having her heart-to-heart with Janie about cleaning up after herself. She's actually being nice about it. NT - Iris
12:37PM 29/08/2005

April to Janelle: Start Cleaning - Diana
12:38PM 29/08/2005
And now Jan asked Howie 2 help her doing the dishes :) NT - John_DK_
12:46PM 29/08/2005

Maggie walks up to April and Jan and whispers to April: You made the right decision. NT - Iris
12:39PM 29/08/2005

April to Jan: You have to vote to evict him (James) Jan: Like I'd vote to evict Howie! NT - Iris
12:39PM 29/08/2005

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