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James: I think the saddest part is the friendship thing, you know? People pretending that they're friends now. (I guess he can't wait.) NT - Toronto
7:43PM 29/08/2005

Howie:Kaysars pic is gone from the wall,he cant come back. Fish April is pic is jacked they r probally fixing it. Fish now NT - Crissy126
7:54PM 29/08/2005

James/Ivette playing Chess Maggie B Jan Howie and april talking about Marceles and past BB's NT - Crissy126
7:58PM 29/08/2005

Chess game over - Toronto
7:59PM 29/08/2005

James: There is not a single person that can stop Janelle. NT - Toronto
7:59PM 29/08/2005

ivette saying America hates us - serac
8:00PM 29/08/2005

Ivette says that if she nominated Janelle and Howie and April exercises the PoV to save Janelle, she would have no choice but to target her. NT - Toronto
8:01PM 29/08/2005

James asking Ivette how she would feel....... - serac
8:02PM 29/08/2005

Ivette and James outside - James asked Ivette if they really thought he was the best - Suzan
8:03PM 29/08/2005

James said he knew he had to get HOH this week - serac
8:04PM 29/08/2005

James: I had my own team stab me in the back. I don't think I stabbed them in the back. NT - tragopanic
8:16PM 29/08/2005

Ivette & James - Suzan
8:23PM 29/08/2005

James talking about he can't believe the ***** he has put up with in this house, Ivette saying it's been ridiculous. Talk chess moves. - Suzan
8:29PM 29/08/2005

Ivette and James both seem to be in a better mood after their talk. Ivette is talking to him in baby voices about the chess moves. James brings up - Suzan
8:32PM 29/08/2005
James saying he hates the arrogance of Howie, he can't talk ***** to him because he's still here and he's not. Ivette adding - Suzan
8:34PM 29/08/2005
James beats Ivette in the chess game, says it was the best ever - then says she's sending him home so she can beat someone in Chess NT - Suzan
8:37PM 29/08/2005

Ivette keeps saying..... - serac
8:34PM 29/08/2005

April can be heard but not seen (maybe on the balcony) she's talking to Howie and Beau, you can hear her calling Janelle Nelly NT - Suzan
8:36PM 29/08/2005
Ivette has come into the HOH room NT - Suzan
8:40PM 29/08/2005
Ivette just said Janelle is in the gym. Feeds switch to HOH - April is complaining about her NOSE! Maggie is - Suzan
8:39PM 29/08/2005

Check says Ivette - serac
8:38PM 29/08/2005

James in the house now - serac
8:40PM 29/08/2005

Beau and Howie playing the coaster game. NT - serac
8:41PM 29/08/2005

Howie talking about jerking off AGAIN. - serac
8:44PM 29/08/2005

Howie says he will never evict Ivette if she lets him. - serac
8:46PM 29/08/2005

Great, I finally get my feeds back and we have fish :( NT - shesblazzzing
8:48PM 29/08/2005

More foul talk, then fish........ - serac
8:49PM 29/08/2005

HG joking about how gerry did not wash his hands after the bathroom. NT - serac
8:50PM 29/08/2005
they mock the scene when Lori made Danielle tell Gerry about his hand washing habits in BB3 NT - ostra
8:53PM 29/08/2005

In the LR B/H/Jam/Jan/Ivette all horsing around. April comes out of HOH with her zit treatment on her face and is throwing food from the - Suzan
8:51PM 29/08/2005
April is borrowing Janelles creams (MaryKay) from Janelle, she's hoping it will help her face NT - Suzan
8:52PM 29/08/2005

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