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Ivette said she was looking at the knob and didn't even lean over the grill. The video will shock her, her whole face was over the grill NT - Patti
6:40PM 04/09/2005

Ap: That could've been a bad dill NT - gokaysar
6:40PM 04/09/2005

ivette asking if she maybe should ask for more.... - serac
6:41PM 04/09/2005

hg asking howie if he screwed the tank closed. - serac
6:46PM 04/09/2005

maggie says we should watch howie I don't know if I trust...... - serac
6:47PM 04/09/2005

OMG Maggie just pulled out the 1st aid kit NT - gokaysar
6:48PM 04/09/2005

ivette asks if the cream should sting? - serac
6:48PM 04/09/2005

Ivette says she thinks her hair protected her alot. NT - serac
6:49PM 04/09/2005

maggie and ivette and howie by fish tank..... - serac
6:50PM 04/09/2005

april about to feed the fish.... - serac
6:51PM 04/09/2005

ivette says she is just a little cooked but ok. NT - serac
7:00PM 04/09/2005

april says she thinks holly and howie are going to hook up. NT - serac
7:02PM 04/09/2005

Howie about to exercise more - scoobydoo
7:03PM 04/09/2005

Maggie asks again: Ivetta, are you okay? - scoobydoo
7:04PM 04/09/2005

Howie wants to know how fish itch??? - serac
7:04PM 04/09/2005

Ivette thinks it's weird that April and Matt have separate accounts - scoobydoo
7:13PM 04/09/2005

Maggie thinks Janelle is exercising so much to prepare for possible endurance competition NT - scoobydoo
7:16PM 04/09/2005

Ivette talking about Rachel - scoobydoo
7:21PM 04/09/2005

Ivette amazed by Janelle's composure yesterday even after knowing she had won the veto competition - scoobydoo
7:23PM 04/09/2005

Ivette talking about her earlier conversation with Janelle - scoobydoo
7:28PM 04/09/2005

Cameraman having fun with Maggie's butt....zooming in and out.....he needs to get out more NT - TX_Redhead
7:30PM 04/09/2005

Maggie: I don't care (to ivette's c omment that Jan may not be a bitch after all) the fact that her grandmother - Taffy
7:32PM 04/09/2005
Maggie tells Ap/Ivette to only set three places & not call Jan/Howie to dinner... - applecrisp
7:39PM 04/09/2005

Howie & Janelle in the Backyard - Suzan
7:33PM 04/09/2005
Janelle surmized that Ivette asked if she can trust howie probably means that she want to deal with Howie NT - sinistre
7:36PM 04/09/2005

Everyone is sitting down to the dinner that the NH prepared. Janelle and Howie have been in the BY exercising - Suzan
7:35PM 04/09/2005

Howie: what do you think about the porkchops maggie...any good (ed: LOL) NT - TX_Redhead
7:38PM 04/09/2005

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