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Howie and Janey looking at HGs pictures on the wall... - Taffy
8:48PM 04/09/2005

Janie is walking around the backyard exercising - scoobydoo
8:56PM 04/09/2005
Janie's tone was definitly intending to egg them on NT - TX_Redhead
8:58PM 04/09/2005

April asking Howie if he'll give Jen a big hug when he sees her - scoobydoo
8:57PM 04/09/2005

Ivette and April just asked Janey what the prize one for bb1, janelle said 'i'll never tell', and kept walking around - Lissdawn
8:59PM 04/09/2005
No, Janie said more than now as to them amount won in BB1, but when - TX_Redhead
9:01PM 04/09/2005
Well it worked, because Ivette is now freaking out, and about to tell Maggie the newest version of what took place. NT - Lissdawn
9:04PM 04/09/2005

April & Ivette go upstairs to HOH room - scoobydoo
9:05PM 04/09/2005

Ivette rehashing Janelle story - scoobydoo
9:08PM 04/09/2005

Ivette to maggie (in the shower): You don't even want to know - Taffy
9:10PM 04/09/2005
They think they "busted" Janie on being a producer of the show - TX_Redhead
9:12PM 04/09/2005

I didn't QUITE underrstand, but I think they were saying Janie doesn't shower... - TX_Redhead
9:16PM 04/09/2005

Howie and Janelle in the BY - Janelle telling him her side of the conversation about past shows - Suzan
9:21PM 04/09/2005
Now H&J are laughing about how she asked Jennifer for the HOH key - - Suzan
9:23PM 04/09/2005

Howie: c'mon America! vote to keep me! more begging to America... - Taffy
9:22PM 04/09/2005

Howie: my buddy's on the Packers (football team) NT - BigBooty
9:25PM 04/09/2005

NH think Janie is walking to prepare for an endurance comp coming up NT - TX_Redhead
9:25PM 04/09/2005

Ivette saying she is going to say to Janie at end "Janie, you played an AMAZING game, but you made no friends, you got no votes NT - TX_Redhead
9:31PM 04/09/2005

Haggie: you can teach someon to play an amazing game but you can't teach them to be a good person NT - TX_Redhead
9:32PM 04/09/2005

am I allowed to thank masterreplicas (sp?)on national TV for my lightsaver? - Taffy
9:33PM 04/09/2005
Light Saber NT - Jube
9:34PM 04/09/2005

howie preparing his eviction speech with janies help - ferretkiss
9:35PM 04/09/2005

HOH room... - Taffy
9:38PM 04/09/2005
Ivette was teasing April about being challenged. NT - Tracie
9:42PM 04/09/2005

Practicing HOH Qs with Janie- Howie: which HG almost blew up the house with the BBQ grill? NT - Rainyfame
9:55PM 04/09/2005

for the last 30mins the conversation in the HOH room has been about - Taffy
10:00PM 04/09/2005

Maggie is going to give Howie a massage NT - Janie_Roxx
10:00PM 04/09/2005

Maggie says HOH room not being broadcast over internet - luvmykitties
10:06PM 04/09/2005

april is telling ivette that howie is pissed that he is leaving, but also asking ivette... - ferretkiss
10:07PM 04/09/2005

Maggie giving Howie a massage in barracks - Taffy
10:20PM 04/09/2005

April goes to the Bathroom to talk to Janelle - Suzan
10:38PM 04/09/2005
April tells Janelle that she is worried about her, she just wants her to be happy, she seems unsocial... - Dulcie
10:42PM 04/09/2005
Janelle actually said "I am not the one putting you up. Why isn't she putting Maggie up?" And then April - Minx
10:41PM 04/09/2005

Ivette and Maggie in the HOH talking about April - Suzan
10:41PM 04/09/2005

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