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Jan: I think Holly and Howie will hook up out of here. - Kaynelle
3:46PM 04/09/2005

Janelle says that she thinks Howie will hook up with Holly when they get out of the house.. - knifey_spooney
3:48PM 04/09/2005

Ivette says she will make pork chops for dinner, and if Janelle wants something she better defrost it. - knifey_spooney
3:49PM 04/09/2005

Ive: I wish Howie could be here for the shopping spree. He could really benefit from it. NT - Kaynelle
3:50PM 04/09/2005

Ivette says she wishes Howie would be here for the shopping spree, he could really benefit. Maggie says Eric would benefit from it - knifey_spooney
3:51PM 04/09/2005

Janelle doesn't cook, she just orders from "Big Pink" - knifey_spooney
3:53PM 04/09/2005

Maggie asks Ivette if she will deliver food for Cafeteria when she gets back? Ivette says God no! We leave delivery for people with no papers! - knifey_spooney
3:55PM 04/09/2005

Janelle does alot of shopping online.. Ivette fascinated by this.. - knifey_spooney
3:57PM 04/09/2005

Janelle sold some Prada shoes on eBay. An ex-boyfriend bought them for her and she was too embarrased to say she was a size 40, so she got size 38 NT - knifey_spooney
3:58PM 04/09/2005

Janelle/Ivette/Maggie/April are eating nachos at kitchen table - pr3tty1np1nk
3:59PM 04/09/2005

More eBay talk... - knifey_spooney
4:02PM 04/09/2005

Ivette's grandmother has a Louis Vutton from like 1975, when they used to sell it in "PAradigm" - knifey_spooney
4:08PM 04/09/2005
on sale at Burdine's - - store in Florida NT - bbaddict2005
4:12PM 04/09/2005

Ivette asks Janelle to repeat what her mom said about her, she wants to hear Janelle say it again... - knifey_spooney
4:10PM 04/09/2005

Ivette talks about how Latin culture is different from American Culture. - pr3tty1np1nk
4:13PM 04/09/2005

Maggie is heading upstairs for a nap and Ivette and Janelle are in the kitchen. Ivette asks her - Disneyisme
4:14PM 04/09/2005

Ivette asks Janelle how old she was when she started working? Janelle says 15 - knifey_spooney
4:14PM 04/09/2005

Ivette says "If you are Latin, it is perfectly normal to move in with your in-laws - Disneyisme
4:15PM 04/09/2005

Ivette says latin families are different, they are more united. Said its ok for newly weds to move back home in latin families. - knifey_spooney
4:16PM 04/09/2005

Ivette says her brother would love for her to move in with him and their parents too. - Disneyisme
4:17PM 04/09/2005

Ivette says her brother will give her money, and she will attempt to pay it back, but he won't take it. - knifey_spooney
4:19PM 04/09/2005

Maggie states that she cleans out people's a**holes and can't clean a toilet. NT - Mirage
4:19PM 04/09/2005

MAggie: I clean out peoples a--holes and I can't handle plunging a toilet! - knifey_spooney
4:20PM 04/09/2005

They are questioning why Janelle didn't get a picture of her family. - knifey_spooney
4:23PM 04/09/2005

Janelle says she does everything for herself, she put in her own dog door. - knifey_spooney
4:26PM 04/09/2005

Guns and Texas - knifey_spooney
4:28PM 04/09/2005

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