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maggie and ivette talking in HOH room stressing out about - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
12:01AM 04/09/2005

Feeds switch!! Howie telling Janie about Ivette telling him basically that - Kaynelle
12:02AM 04/09/2005

Howie told Janelle about Ivette's 500G question - fnfish
12:02AM 04/09/2005

Janelle is really mad that they are saying that she can't win the grand prize NT - fnfish
12:05AM 04/09/2005

Janelle: (Sarcastically) Oh, do you think they'll let me in their group if I vote you out Howie? - Kaynelle
12:05AM 04/09/2005

Apparently in the Veto comp, Janelle asked if her time beat Drew's time last season. BB told her she did. NT - drummer_inblack
12:07AM 04/09/2005

Janelle is so sad about the NH not letting her win the grand prize - fnfish
12:13AM 04/09/2005

Howie thinks that America should get a 50% say in who the winner is - Kaynelle
12:14AM 04/09/2005

Howie to Janelle- you look really hot with that white stuff on your face - Kaynelle
12:17AM 04/09/2005

April to Ivette in HOH: They're laughing their asses off at me. I was - Kaynelle
12:20AM 04/09/2005

F3 quickly switched to HOH room w/Iv/Mag/Ap; Mag called to DR, Ape still pissed off about/Jan & the Veto - drummer_inblack
12:21AM 04/09/2005

April is still swearing up and down that BB gave Jan 3 or 4 chances to win the game.. NT - cussler
12:23AM 04/09/2005

Howie: I'm happy with this game. I don't ever want to talk with these fcking people ever again! - Kaynelle
12:30AM 04/09/2005
Howie said that if he had went out the week that Kaysar was backdoored he would never talk to them again NT - bama_chevygal
12:32AM 04/09/2005

How: If you win this game, it will make me even happier. - Kaynelle
12:32AM 04/09/2005

Howie's barb about his POV performance - danieldaniel
12:33AM 04/09/2005

April: "Maggie, would you award the money to someone who played the best game, or to someone who would do good with the money?" - drummer_inblack
12:41AM 04/09/2005

April: Maggie, would you award someone at the end of this game - Kaynelle
12:41AM 04/09/2005

April an Maggie saying Janelle would do evil with the prize money if she won NT - BHnoah
12:42AM 04/09/2005

April: I want it said at the end with either of us that we didn't come here for the money - Kaynelle
12:42AM 04/09/2005
April: I'm not saying I'm perfect by any means! - Kaynelle
12:43AM 04/09/2005

Maggie into her microphone: Whoever is listening to my audio and just told on me, I don't apperciate it! NT - Kaynelle
12:44AM 04/09/2005

"it's not for us to judge." says maggie in the HOH room to april. (ed. note: wow, finally it's said!) NT - Mrguytvblog
12:45AM 04/09/2005
Then Maggie calls Janelle pathetic. (ed. wow, hypocrite much?) NT - Cali2Jax
12:47AM 04/09/2005

"think about it. there's not one person in this house that she cares about more than herself." says maggie. "we go home to love..." NT - Mrguytvblog
12:46AM 04/09/2005

Maggie: Should we be so judgemental though? I cannot like someone - Kaynelle
12:47AM 04/09/2005
Maggie was saying it wasn't for them to judge Janelle when April said - bama_chevygal
12:50AM 04/09/2005

"...yourself shines in this game." says maggie about their 3 month duration and their character in the game. NT - Mrguytvblog
12:47AM 04/09/2005

Maggie: "your self shines in this house" - BHnoah
12:49AM 04/09/2005

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