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janelle in Storage Room....I, M, A outside......Howie asleep NT - rollo2005w
12:06PM 04/09/2005

janelle goes back to her bed.....she is laying there....... NT - rollo2005w
12:08PM 04/09/2005

April, Maggie & Ivette outside - April said she said at the beginning of this, she doesnt like people that are dirth - bbaddict2005
12:08PM 04/09/2005

Maggie Ivette and April outside bashing Janelle. - pr3tty1np1nk
12:08PM 04/09/2005

Ivette reviewing every HOH, POV, evictee NT - bo_bim_bob
12:08PM 04/09/2005

ivette is going over evictions, HOH, and POV's NT - rollo2005w
12:10PM 04/09/2005

ivette goes to the bathroom..... NT - rollo2005w
12:11PM 04/09/2005

Ivette April and Maggie still talking in backyard. - pr3tty1np1nk
12:11PM 04/09/2005

howie and jainny sleepin howie wakes up says your cute jainny and jainny your cute howie NT - JAK420
12:13PM 04/09/2005
You can hear Howie snoozing, but Janelle is having a tough go at it. She is tossing and turning and wide awake. NT - Disneyisme
12:15PM 04/09/2005

After bashing Janelle for being such an avid viewer of BB etc etc... - pr3tty1np1nk
12:19PM 04/09/2005

ivette, april, and maggie are talking about previous competitions NT - rollo2005w
12:19PM 04/09/2005

Ap/Iv/Mag talking about everyone's weight in the house NT - pr3tty1np1nk
12:20PM 04/09/2005

Now outside with the friends. Maggie is talking about how someone got better time - Disneyisme
12:21PM 04/09/2005

If Janelle wins HOH put Ivette and Maggie up NT - deliasgirl
12:21PM 04/09/2005

They are talking about the morfed pictures..Ivette says - Disneyisme
12:24PM 04/09/2005

Ivette says it it likely the morf thing will be an HOH challenge, she mimics - Disneyisme
12:26PM 04/09/2005

Maggie and April head insdie to get drinks. Maggie says "good thing - Disneyisme
12:29PM 04/09/2005

Ap/Iv/Mag head inside to the kitchen. - pr3tty1np1nk
12:33PM 04/09/2005

Maggie went to the bathroom and April went back outside and said to Ivette - Disneyisme
12:34PM 04/09/2005

April in the kitchen whispers "I can't believe they haven't woken them up yet." - Disneyisme
12:36PM 04/09/2005

April is tip toeing around. Ivette says "why are you walking like that?" - Disneyisme
12:39PM 04/09/2005

Now they are all whispering about Janelle and how there is no more - Disneyisme
12:41PM 04/09/2005

April decided against eating that crappy looking egg and now Maggie - Disneyisme
12:44PM 04/09/2005

Eww maggie sneezed on her hand and didn't wash it while cookin NT - drewschick
12:45PM 04/09/2005

April asks Maggie is she likes apple butter. Maggie says "My mom - Disneyisme
12:46PM 04/09/2005

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