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Topic #2403003
amynyc - April trying to figure out schedule for the next 13 days till Tuesday finale NT 0 Replies #2403003 10:59AM 07/09/2005
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Topic #2403013
amynyc - April hopes it goes real fast, thinks comps will come quickly NT 0 Replies #2403013 10:59AM 07/09/2005
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Topic #2403029
amynyc - April: HOH comp is scary as sh*t - no guarantee to F3 unless you get HOH NT 0 Replies #2403029 11:01AM 07/09/2005
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Topic #2403056
amynyc - April - I am not going to get worked up..whatever is meant to be will be 0 Replies #2403056 11:03AM 07/09/2005
believes if the money doesn't come to you in a good way, no good will ever come of it.
April does not want the money to go to someone that she does not think deserves it
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Topic #2403084
amynyc - Ivette back in house, April alone yawning and drinking coffee in BY-- seems deep in thought NT 0 Replies #2403084 11:04AM 07/09/2005
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Topic #2403109
amynyc - Ivette back out in BY - April says our families will be so proud of us if we win that money 0 Replies #2403109 11:06AM 07/09/2005
they would because they know we went the right way about getting it, you know?
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Topic #2403116
nickinoodles - April thinks their families would be proud.... 0 Replies #2403116 11:07AM 07/09/2005
to know that the NH played the game the right way.....

(so, dirty should make them real proud)
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Topic #2403121
amynyc - April - I cant wait to see more pictures back on the wall NT 0 Replies #2403121 11:07AM 07/09/2005
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Topic #2403125
amynyc - April sniffing a LOT, both thinking a lot (counting the $$??) NT 0 Replies #2403125 11:08AM 07/09/2005
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Topic #2403135
nickinoodles - April loves asians....(referring to Julie Chen) 0 Replies #2403135 11:09AM 07/09/2005
She said, "I love Julie...she's so cute and huggable!"

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Topic #2403147
amynyc - April - what are we gonna say to Julie? Julie is so cute - I like asians! 0 Replies #2403147 11:09AM 07/09/2005
Ivette: what's Julie's last name again?
April: Chen

April" I love ethnicities, I would love to adopt out of my culture
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Topic #2403225
nickinoodles - April usually bashes Janie for knowing a lot about past seasons... 0 Replies #2403225 11:13AM 07/09/2005
but she's very familiar with bb3...who was in the final four....what amy won...what jason won....April remembers how excited Danielle was about winning something....

Ivette seems to remember the same things....
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Topic #2403301
nickinoodles - April and Ivette discussing super plus tampons..... 0 Replies #2403301 11:18AM 07/09/2005
and April says she hasn't had sex in a while so the super plus ones were huge and hurt...
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Topic #2403396
BenSparks - Maggie describing the "Laguna" that is next to her parent's house in Sabastical... NT 2 Replies #2403396 11:26AM 07/09/2005
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aloha1961 - maggie was actually describing the lagoon (pond) next to a video store where her parents live in sebastipol, ca NT #2403427 11:29AM 07/09/2005
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itsjustme - actually it is the laguna that's located in Sebastopol. I know because I used to live close to there. NT #2403765 12:05PM 07/09/2005
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Topic #2403426
nickinoodles - April: Ivette's kinda in a sad mood... Mag: Really? 0 Replies #2403426 11:29AM 07/09/2005
April: well she was before when we were sitting here.

Mag: oh.
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Topic #2403447
knifey_spooney - Maggie and April bash Ivette after she is called to the DR 0 Replies #2403447 11:31AM 07/09/2005
April recapping to Maggie that Ivette said she didn't win the right HOH, because she can't compete this coming week.

Maggie says it was the best time for her to win because her partner left, and doesn't IVette realise how guilty that makes HER feel?

MAggie says Ivette just doesn't like that they (Mag and April) have two shots at staying and she (Ivette) only has one.
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Topic #2403490
nickinoodles - April (about Ivette and fam): it seems like they have money... 1 Replies #2403490 11:37AM 07/09/2005
Maggie: with Ivette, the money is for the worm and frankie.

Ape: she wants to up and move her family, but all that money can't possible let her relocate them...i mean, hello?

Mag: different way to look at it...

Ape: money can't solve problems....have you said that to her? She always said, i want to solve all my families problems....

Mag: i've said it...

Ape:being religious...i mean, love can solve problems, family can solve problems...not the green dollar bill. And the thing is is that i have family things that i would not give out on television, so it doesn't matter...no family is perfect. I wouldn't talk about my family problems on national television.

Mag: i feel guilty talking about her family problems....dont' think they belong on tv...i would never talk about mine.

Ape: i can't believe she'd talk about her mother having a horrific anal somethingorother...I don't want yall to comment on my stuff.

Mag: it's interesting...
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PandeMOANium - April was talking about Ivette's mom's horrific *gambling* problem. (I couldn't understand April at first, either) NT #2403521 11:39AM 07/09/2005
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Topic #2403532
nickinoodles - Ape: you can tell that she (Ive) thinks that money does solve problems.... 0 Replies #2403532 11:40AM 07/09/2005
it has and then they lost it...it was a security and you remember those being good times. What she doesn't see is that is what caused those problems. But by losing it, it seems that that's what caused the problems.

Mag: icing on the cake that already exists...

Ape: getting the money can only add fuel to the fire...we all deserve the money, but if she gets it, it can cause more problems. IF they don't have money now, and the mother spends all their money...what would she do now with 500 thousand....
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Topic #2403586
nickinoodles - Mag: we voted James out again in the DR.... 0 Replies #2403586 11:44AM 07/09/2005
Mag, Ape and Howie are making fun of James for complaining about being backdoored.

Mag: he competed for 8 fu*king weeks! what more could he want....

Ape: how do you think James would've done on the morpha thing?

Mag: no one would've beat Janelle.

How: Janelle broke the record.

ALL: Nakomis was great, incredible, likable....

Mag: she was the most hated the first week...b/c of her looks. It was a given. She didnt go up tho...

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Topic #2403615
nickinoodles - Ape to How: are you the same in this house than you are outside.... 0 Replies #2403615 11:46AM 07/09/2005
yeah...but i'm toned down in here...

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Topic #2403682
nickinoodles - talk about James and how he would never put Ivette up... 0 Replies #2403682 11:54AM 07/09/2005
Mag: i can laugh about it now, but i sure as hell wasn't laughing while he was here...

How: he was a BB dream...he had the advantage to win....

Mag: think Janelle is the same? She's been put up more than anyone in this house...

How: she's been the pawn many times..even tho she wins a lot...Janie's ass was on the line and she won the veto....it shows the competitive fire in ya....

Ape: i think everyone deserves to be here..we've all won stuff...

How: absolutely.

Mag: no one really under the radar...no one forgotten like past years....

Ape: anyone who's left would end up winning...

Mag: Michael was a total competitor....we beat him down as a person. (ed. her mom must really be proud now)
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Topic #2403693
nickinoodles - How: Michael's not bad b/c he went out in week two...Howie's not good b/c he went out in week 11.... NT 0 Replies #2403693 11:55AM 07/09/2005
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Topic #2403726
nickinoodles - Ape to Ive: are you ok today? Ive: yeah...just drained. (only April feels like something is wrong with Ivette today) NT 0 Replies #2403726 11:59AM 07/09/2005
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Topic #2403871
ostra - Lunch time, they made eggs and bagels, Howie curses when he opens the sliding door and his bagel lands on the floor, cam switches to Janie sleeping NT 0 Replies #2403871 12:23PM 07/09/2005
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Topic #2403919
IHateApril - April says she's friends with all of Matt's friends, but she doesn't talk to them because she's married. 0 Replies #2403919 12:33PM 07/09/2005
[Ed. Don't know what being married has to do with it, I guess maybe if she talks to them that means she might want to sleep with them or something.]
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