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Topic #2400227
ferretkiss - apr: she went no and that means yes (talking about michael finger-b*nging janelle)... 0 Replies #2400227 12:00AM 07/09/2005
apr: i mean i know he (michael) went down there but i dont know what he did. the rats (Bb) dont even know. if she had her legs up they cant see anything moving.

[ed: just waiting it wont be long before more janelle bashing]

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Topic #2400281
ferretkiss - April's long tirade about Janelle's unshaven crotch 0 Replies #2400281 12:06AM 07/09/2005
apr: when i walked past the living room, howie was like im the boobie coaster champion. so i said to him, for a crotch shot, isnt that worth like 200 points, especially when its so hairy. (april laughs to maggie/ivete at her clever putdown of janelles shaving or lack of it).

apr: guys i saw it first hand, it was like wooly-bully.
mag: is your defniniton of wooly-bully like this?

apr: it wasnt long, it was medium. it was thicker and black. it was like black, you know what im saying, its was like......
mag: do you shave yourself completely bald?
apr: sometimes.
iv: you go bald maggie?
mag: no i go close to bald.
apr: it was like thick, like a patch, it was like grass, it was like a chia pet.
mag it was as long as eyebrow hair.
apr: it was as long as what i showed you, it was thick.

(FYI April has been obsessed with Janelles pubic hair and cannot stop talking about it to maggie; has been going on all evening at various times.)

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Topic #2400391
drummer_inblack - Around the feeds: F1 Howie wandering around the house; F2 Janie sleeping in GR; F3 & F4 Nerd Herd in HOH NT 0 Replies #2400391 12:33AM 07/09/2005
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Topic #2400416
drummer_inblack - F1: Howie's now in the kitchen making himself a roast beef sandwich; BB once again zooms in on the "Time To Get In Shape" Sign. NT 0 Replies #2400416 12:39AM 07/09/2005
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Topic #2400530
amynyc - ALERT: 1am BBT - Ivette tells nerd herd in HOH room she smokes weed with "Tush" 0 Replies #2400530 1:16AM 07/09/2005
1 am BBT: In HOH room, while discussing her OCD with Maggie and April, Ivette tells them how her closet is organized and she and "Tush"/Maggie, her girlfriend, even have a "weed purse" in the closet. It's with the organized purses, but it really has their weed paraphenalia in it.

Then she ha ha laughs, she doesn't smoke weed (wink, wink) - she always blames it on her gf, and that gets "Tush" mad.

(Ed. This is the 1st time I have heard her admit to smoking weed, and I haven't read it in a post yet either).

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Topic #2400538
amynyc - HOH room- on and off FISH while Ivette talks about travels with her gf NT 0 Replies #2400538 1:17AM 07/09/2005
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Topic #2400558
amynyc - HOH room - Ivette talks about bidets again 0 Replies #2400558 1:26AM 07/09/2005
Maggie left to get something in kitchen, Ivette and April in HOH bed. Ivette talking about using the bidet again. Earlier, about 12:45 am BBT, Ivette spent at least 15-20 minutes telling Maggie and April all about how fastidious her mom is and how her mom always had a bidet in the bathroom. She says it is a cuban latin thing, and that girls are taught to wash between the legs 3 times a day every day. She explains the procedure in detail and Maggie and April are very confused why a shower a day is not enough. Ivette tells all about how she was taught to wash with a cup of warm soapy water if there is no bidet, over the toilet.

(ed. - why not just take a shower if necessary?)
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Topic #2400563
amynyc - BB: Maggie pls put on your microphone.... FISH all 4 feeds NT 0 Replies #2400563 1:27AM 07/09/2005
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Topic #2400576
amynyc - Howie working out in BY, Janelle asleep in GR, Ivette listening to music in HOH bed NT 0 Replies #2400576 1:31AM 07/09/2005
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Topic #2400584
amynyc - April just got in bed with Ivette (room is dark) and Maggie comes out of bathrm and... 0 Replies #2400584 1:34AM 07/09/2005
gets freaked out because she thinks she sees a camera man behind the glass in the wall. Ivette says you are just noticing it now? Maggie says it really scared her, and April saw it too.
Maggie: very mean people (rats), that scared the ***** ***** outa me

Ivette is making fun of her and April for being scared by it
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Topic #2400587
amynyc - HOH room: April and Maggie insist to Ivette it was really scary to see the cam man behind the glass NT 0 Replies #2400587 1:35AM 07/09/2005
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Topic #2400590
amynyc - Ivette says they have curtains behind the windows and she sees them sometimes......then FISH NT 0 Replies #2400590 1:36AM 07/09/2005
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Topic #2400600
amynyc - FISH all 4 cams, back for one sec (Howie now in gym), NH in bed... and FISH again NT 0 Replies #2400600 1:41AM 07/09/2005
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Topic #2400607
amynyc - Howie in BR - about to shower, NH in bed. April and Maggie asking Ivette about bidets again (April - it's not normal) NT 0 Replies #2400607 1:46AM 07/09/2005
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Topic #2400616
amynyc - Maggie and April telling Ivette to turn down the music on headphones and tell them more stories about Cuban culture 0 Replies #2400616 1:51AM 07/09/2005
Iv: On Thanksgiving we have "Cuban bread". It's like french bread but really fluffy, it's really good.
April/Maggie: How many people at Thanksgiving?
Iv: Lists off family members who usually come (grandma, aunts,mom dad....

and then interrupted again by FISH!!!

(ed...cam men probably falling asleep!)
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Topic #2400620
amynyc - Howie in shower, NH rambling on in HOH bed, Janie asleep in GR NT 0 Replies #2400620 1:53AM 07/09/2005
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Topic #2400623
amynyc - NH planning what they will cook tomorrow, who will slice what, who will cook what, blah, blah, blah NT 0 Replies #2400623 1:55AM 07/09/2005
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Topic #2400625
amynyc - Howie farts in shower - "Oh, sorry BB". He is walking back and forth between the 2 shower areas and you can see his white butt in the clear glass NT 0 Replies #2400625 1:58AM 07/09/2005
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Topic #2400626
amynyc - Howie keeps flashing his butt in the clear glass part of shower door...just blew his nose into his hand (ew!) NT 0 Replies #2400626 2:03AM 07/09/2005
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Topic #2400627
amynyc - Howie out of shower, gets shorts off counter, back to shower, farts again - "sorry BB" NT 0 Replies #2400627 2:06AM 07/09/2005
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Topic #2400628
amynyc - Howie put shorts on in shower stall, puts mike on, primps a bit in BR NT 0 Replies #2400628 2:08AM 07/09/2005
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Topic #2400633
amynyc - NH still awake and STILL watching the spy cam - Maggie says Howie still has his light saber...April discusses her period is coming soon... 0 Replies #2400633 2:17AM 07/09/2005
April complains she was almost asleep but Ivette woke her up by pulling a pillow out. The 3 are adjusting pillows and trying to get comfy.

April: "I'm a scooter-downer. I love it"
Maggie" : So was Jennifer
April: when I get my period I am really hot
April: If you want to cuddle come join us, the boogly woogly crowd
Maggie says she is really hot now and at home she is usually cold

Maggie is rocking her legs (?) and telling April how she needs to do this to fall asleep

(Ed: I saw the covers moving up and down the other night and I wasn't sure what to think! It REALLY does not look good)
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Topic #2400639
amynyc - All HG's asleep (NH in HOH bed, Howie and Janie in GR beds) NT 0 Replies #2400639 2:30AM 07/09/2005
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Topic #2400661
amynyc - Not sure if Howie ever fell asleep yet - he has been tossing & turning like crazy for over 35 minutes now. He just yawned again. NT 0 Replies #2400661 3:06AM 07/09/2005
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Topic #2400672
amynyc - Howie IS finally sleeping, all hg's sleeping NT 0 Replies #2400672 3:45AM 07/09/2005
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