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Topic #2459539
birdiebogie - Ape said she told them Janie never said bad things about Maggie - but they didn't believe it NT 0 Replies #2459539 7:14PM 11/09/2005
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Topic #2459545
scoobydoo - April: Maggie likes everybody (ed: LIE) NT 0 Replies #2459545 7:15PM 11/09/2005
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Topic #2459552
ferretkiss - APR and JAN at HT (going over the APR - IVETTE Fight earlier) [LONG] 0 Replies #2459552 7:16PM 11/09/2005
ape saying she missed 3 months of the first year of her marriage. jan asks what matt thought about her going on the show. ape says matt doesnt like "reality" but he knows she is a big fan of reality tv so he told her to do whatever she wants.

they talk about which of their parents knew, and their dads.

jan says her brother had an idea because she came out here for it (or he - in that case he came out there with her, not sure), but she had to tell him she didnt get it, and he was like i cant believe they didnt pick you.

ape: you sent in a tape, right?

they are both in HT. jan in medium green solid color bikini, apr in pink/bluewith flowers (ed: never seen either suit before)

apr talking about a conv she had with either mag or ivette about they have been acting. (ed: its the ivette fight conversation, she is repeating it all for janelle)

apr: she said playing veto yesterday it was like 2 against 1.
jan: oh whatever.

apr: i said ivette i would not rely on janelle i have to rely on myself to stay. and pretty much the reason i dont talk to her is the game is over for me and .... and that upset me and ....and we can talk after this is over ... she pretty much told me i could xx up my *Ass.

jan: are you serious?

apr: hanging around people like that has made me talk about it...

(Sorry serious problems hearing with the HT, no mikes, real communicating, and planes.)

apr: i didnt come in here to frigging lie, cheat.........and i said do you think janelle is going to tell james frigging things that you have said..... janelle knows what you have said about her (BB: April please put on your microphone.) (now i can hear april much better)

apr: so i said, i apologized to janelle yesterday and she goes so now you are going to go back and play nice, and dont think it was horrible things i talked about you (to jan), but the thing is she (iv) does not like rachel, so i said things about rachel, and i realize its my own fault i did not have to listen to it, she said you try to play this sweet little small town texas girl..
jan: she really said that to you?

apr: she was pissed she said you are going to play that sweet little texas girl and i told her there is a reason everyone in the house likes me and doesnt like you, and she said you can have this f*cking veto because apparently you came to play the game, and i said no the game is over for me, her feelings were very hurt she was yelling at me and i said can you just talk and not yell and she said thats my culture and i said thats f*cked up and she was cussing at me the whole time.

apr: i wasnt cutting her down i was telling her that i felt like a lot of the decisions, number one you have never taken responsibilty for any of the evictions, i got blamed for some of them and maggie got blamed for some of them.

apr: oh and then she tried in front of maggie, she said i dont think you understand the week you put james up it was all about them, she said youre selfish, youre selfish. i told her i dont want to sit here, i dont want to yell, i dont want to scream, i just want to see the tapes.

jan: shes a f*ckin bitch she ...

apr: then i got really mad cause she was yelling at me, cussing at me, maggie was telling her to calm down, she (mag) said sit down stop yelling, i thought you would have heard it (to jan).

jan: i was in my room.

apr: she said you f*cking try to portray the sweet texas girl and you are nothing. and i said things were said when janelle was gone.
jan: when i was gone?
apr: the fan thing
jan: no, i already got in trouble for that. (telling ape not to talk about that its not allowed)

apr: she was just yelling you are putting all the blame on me and i was like no im definitely taking responsibiltly for my actions but i hung around wtih you and i made decisions based on what you did, and she was like you cant make decisions on your own?

jan: how could you stand it april?

apr: she started to cry and i was pissed. what did i say? it was whole lot of f*cking mess thats all i can say.

jan: what was maggie doing?

apr: maggie was just sitting there, she told ivette to calm down, and she told ivette that she (iv) never took responsibility for any of the evictions.

apr: i told them i was apologizing to janelle, and i was like i apologize to you, and she was like so now you apologize and i said its my own fault that i listened to you, thats my own fault thats not ivettes fault im not going to sit here and listen.

BB: Janleel please put on your microphone (later, please move it higher)...

apr: and also ivette told maggie that you (jan) didnt like her. and ive been telling maggie now, for the last two weeks, the only girl janelle likes is you, she hates me and ivette.

jan: shes (iv) a b*tch she has everyone turned aganst me, i told janelle when i was hoh im sorry we are not friends.

apr: and she told me you are telling me the maximum you are going to get is fifty thousand. (apparently apr told ivette she cannot win)


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Topic #2459554
birdiebogie - Janie is just taking it all in and agreeing - knowing full well she will use this to her benefit 0 Replies #2459554 7:16PM 11/09/2005
DOesn't hate Ivette - but just doesn't like her in the house
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Topic #2459560
scoobydoo - Janelle: I don't hate her (Ivette) but in the house, she's become this loud 0 Replies #2459560 7:18PM 11/09/2005
crazy person.

April: Outside of this house, i never say I hate somebody. It's totally my own fault. I heard it all the time so

Janelle: It's really sad
April: Her feelings are really hurt and she still thinks I want to play the game. She told me to shove the veto up my ass. She said I was playing for the money.
Janelle: She's the one who's playing for the money. She's the only one. I came here to play the game. maggie came here for Eric.
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Topic #2459576
birdiebogie - Ape wants to see the good in everyone - iv only sees black and white NT 0 Replies #2459576 7:20PM 11/09/2005
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Topic #2459581
scoobydoo - April saying again she said some hurtful things 0 Replies #2459581 7:21PM 11/09/2005
Janelle thinks she only said bad things about Jennifer. Put alot of blame on her for Kaysar eviction.
April: We are all to blame for that. It wasn't just IVette or Jennifer. We were all a part of that.
Ivette has a great heart. She's a very giving person. I can think of so many times she's taken up for me. She's just very vocal - very black and white. She either likes you or hates you. I like to see good in everyone - whether 10% or ... For her, it's black or white. Either you're good or you're not. It's my own fault for not ... I look back and I'm like, I just try to think back.
Janelle: I can't believe she told Maggie I didn't like her.
April: She might have really believed James though. I have been telling Maggie that you never say anything bad about anyone.
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Topic #2459586
scoobydoo - April: Everyone has been a hypocrite in this game. No one's been perfect NT 0 Replies #2459586 7:22PM 11/09/2005
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Topic #2459599
scoobydoo - April said her worst week of venting in DR was during Hurricane Howie week NT 0 Replies #2459599 7:24PM 11/09/2005
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Topic #2459605
serac - april says ivette sees things as black or white. 0 Replies #2459605 7:24PM 11/09/2005
janelle can't believe that maggie didn't think she liked her, april says for 2 weeks she has said maggie thats not so. janelle says ivette is still trying to make you think I don't like you. april says we have all been hyprocrites. april says I still talk to her but she won't talk to me. april says ivette only yells at me now but I still love her to death. I can't be upset. April says when howie bashed her she was so pissed, but jenn and her should have taken the blame all though it was all on jenn.
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Topic #2459612
BHnoah - Ivette cryin' to Maggie in bathroom saying April has gone out of her way to make her feel like sh-t NT 0 Replies #2459612 7:25PM 11/09/2005
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Topic #2459621
Angelfire - Ivette telling Mags that it isn't right to tell someone that they have no chance at winning! That is trying to 0 Replies #2459621 7:26PM 11/09/2005
hurt someone, and she would never do that.
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Topic #2459630
bakerladee - Yvette and Maggie talking in the washroom. 0 Replies #2459630 7:26PM 11/09/2005
Y: I am so in shock that A would go out of her way to try to hurt me.
I would never go out of my way to hurt someone. For her to tell me that I do not have a chance at the $500 is just mean. (Didn't Yvette tell April to tell Janelle the same thing.)
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Topic #2459638
Diana - Ivette and maggie in bathroom... 0 Replies #2459638 7:26PM 11/09/2005
I: You don't tell someone even if you make it to the end you won't win the money. You don't do that to someone to make them feel like *****!!

(ed: did she (Ivette) not say the same thing to Janie less than a week ago?

Maggie: I don't want you to be in pain <groan..you get the picture>
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Topic #2459644
BHnoah - I: "I didn't tell her(A) to throw janelles' sh-t around" (making me laugh) NT 0 Replies #2459644 7:27PM 11/09/2005
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Topic #2459646
Angelfire - Ivette saying that she saw how shady Kaysar was, and that is why she went to the group to get him out. 0 Replies #2459646 7:27PM 11/09/2005
Week one we saved him, he was a big reason that cappy is gone as much as James.
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Topic #2459661
Jillio71 - Maggie and Ivette in bathroom 0 Replies #2459661 7:28PM 11/09/2005
Maggie: I know you are really down right now and I don't know how to fix it.

Ivette: you don't have to fix it

Maggie: You need to realize you can't control other people. She (April) can say whatever she wants.

Ivette: I would never intentially hurt her. I said I was sorry if I hurt her but she is going out of her way to be a bitch to me (she is crying now). She doesn't understand how hard I have tried to keep true to myself and play this game because I have my family at home. She told me I have pissed off so many people that I am not getting it (win the money). You do not go out of your way to make someone feel like *****.

Maggie: I know that and I wish I could have stopped it. I don't want you hurting.

Ivette: I am in shock. I know that I knew Kaysar was a smart player but did not know the extent of how he was manipulating the others until April and Jen told me. I would never say my opinion of Kaysar is because of you guys.

Please note some of this is paraphrased.
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Topic #2459663
BHnoah - I: "I didn't tell janelle to be the biggest bi-ch to Jennifer"--- Maggie: she's having regret, and it has alot to do what Janelle is telling her NT 0 Replies #2459663 7:28PM 11/09/2005
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Topic #2459667
bakerladee - M: I don't see the purpose of going back and rehashing everything that has happened in this house. 0 Replies #2459667 7:29PM 11/09/2005
Yvette crying.

M: April is regretting some of the way she has acted in this game.

Y: I just want to go back home where everyone knows that I am a good person.
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Topic #2459669
Angelfire - Ivette wants to go home to people she knows, she wants to be with people that know she isn't a mean person. NT 0 Replies #2459669 7:29PM 11/09/2005
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Topic #2459694
BHnoah - Ivette:" I've been so welcoming to everyone in the house " 0 Replies #2459694 7:30PM 11/09/2005
It's not my fault Janelle was the biggest bi-ch or that Rachel didn't offer me food, that really hurt me
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Topic #2459695
Angelfire - Mags wishes she could make it go away for Ivette, that they will all be 0 Replies #2459695 7:30PM 11/09/2005
home soon with people that love us.
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Topic #2459703
Jillio71 - Maggie: If Janelle said these things it would not f***ing matter. It hurts because she is our friend. NT 0 Replies #2459703 7:31PM 11/09/2005
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Topic #2459711
serac - april keeps saying she takes the responsibility onto herself. 1 Replies #2459711 7:31PM 11/09/2005
jan says ivette has been nice to me since after jenn left. april says jan will see after the show, she will see the whole picture then. april says I did get dark today, a little tan. april says it was all our fault kaysar went home, but jan says james said it was all jenn. Jan says if she knew she would have made noms. different. april says all her fault because she didn't win hoh or veto. april says ivette needs money for family, but jan says we all need it. april says you can't put a face on money. saying it's a get rich quick scheme.
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ferretkiss - soon after April says she takes "half" the responsibility NT #2459785 7:37PM 11/09/2005
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Topic #2459715
bakerladee - M: Soon we will be back with people that know us and love us. 0 Replies #2459715 7:31PM 11/09/2005
It is hard hearing this kind of stuff from someone who has been your friend.
A lot of stuff she has said to you, she has said to me also. She is just having a hard time right now. It hurts because we are hearing this from someone that we care about. Janelle could say the same things and it wouldn't mean anything. As much as you don't want to hear it, April still cares about you.
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