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Topic #2454080
scoobydoo - April: This is not about Janelle. This is MY fault. I've done alot of things 0 Replies #2454080 11:49AM 11/09/2005
based on how you felt, not how I felt. That's MY fault.
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Topic #2454087
bakerladee - April: I looked up to you and based alot of my opinions on what you said. 0 Replies #2454087 11:50AM 11/09/2005
It is my fault and I am not blaming you. I am sorry that it hurts your feelings.
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Topic #2454125
Zazny - Janelle comes down stairs, peeks out the window, then walks to the other end of the house NT 0 Replies #2454125 11:51AM 11/09/2005
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Topic #2454126
bakerladee - A: Why are you yelling, why can't you talk like an adult! NT 0 Replies #2454126 11:51AM 11/09/2005
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Topic #2454128
pkruger - Janie's up NT 0 Replies #2454128 11:51AM 11/09/2005
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Topic #2454130
Vinman - Janey just looked outside a the fight thru the BY glass door! NT 0 Replies #2454130 11:51AM 11/09/2005
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Topic #2454138
scoobydoo - April: You know the safest person this week was Maggie. 0 Replies #2454138 11:52AM 11/09/2005
maggie says Janelle was the only safe person
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Topic #2454185
BBwob - It's been going on for 30 minutes and Maggie finally chimes in "This doesn't matter you guys," and they continue. NT 0 Replies #2454185 11:55AM 11/09/2005
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Topic #2454250
scoobydoo - April: Do you understand that James was going to protect you & Beau no matter what? NT 0 Replies #2454250 11:58AM 11/09/2005
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Topic #2454257
Zazny - I: Maggie has been way more cold to Janelle than I have! NT 0 Replies #2454257 11:59AM 11/09/2005
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Topic #2454271
BHnoah - Ivette to April-- "maggie has been cold to her than I ever have, so don't tell me James was protecting me" yelling loudly NT 0 Replies #2454271 12:00PM 11/09/2005
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Topic #2454289
scoobydoo - April & Ivette argument 0 Replies #2454289 12:00PM 11/09/2005
April: I don't know why we even have conversations because you're always right. ... After game is over, you'll think about certain things from start to finish. I hung out with you the most. I'm not blaming you for it but I listened to you the most. You were the most vocal person. There are alot of things I've done in this game because of listening versus what I would have done. That was my fault. I'm not blaming you for it. It's my fault.

Maggie: But you ahve to understand, it does make me feel like sh*t. Now when I have conversations with you both, I feel like sh*t.
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Topic #2454292
BHnoah - Maggie"I feel like sh-t being in here" NT 0 Replies #2454292 12:00PM 11/09/2005
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Topic #2454313
scoobydoo - Ivette to April: My feelings have been so hurt by you. 0 Replies #2454313 12:02PM 11/09/2005
maggie and I will be good friends after this house. I will never forget you blaming your actions on me. The person I am in this house is the person I'm outside this house.
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Topic #2454347
scoobydoo - Ivette saying she's sacrificed herself in the house for the people she loved. 0 Replies #2454347 12:03PM 11/09/2005
She says she's played for Eric even though she's been called psycho.

Now turn to Michael accusations. Ivette says she's never called Michael a sexual predator.
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Topic #2454352
nickinoodles - Ape: we all agreed that we would not play this game again, but if i did, we probably wouldn't be friends... 0 Replies #2454352 12:03PM 11/09/2005
Mag and Ive at the same time: i never said that.

Mag says she would definitely be friends with the same people....

Ape is backtracking....then says, she would play differently....
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Topic #2454399
BHnoah - Ivette-- "I will never forget you blaming your actions on me, I'm the same way outside as I"m outside" 0 Replies #2454399 12:05PM 11/09/2005
then she goes on how she's called a pycho about her actions about Eric
and then Ivette yells more and more loudly about how she (Ivette) defended her (A) during the whole Michael situation
I: All I know since yesterday, I said I was sorry and you've ignored me
A; You apologized in the gym, but you yelled at me upstairs afterwards
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Topic #2454491
nickinoodles - April's diatribe.... "The dill is, the game is over for me, bottom line." 0 Replies #2454491 12:09PM 11/09/2005
Ape: when it's over, you think about the past and how you've played and how i was portrayed.....i never said the money was important...i didn't even come in this house looking at the money...i know you did b/c you said so on several occasion....i wish there wasn't money b/c people act differently the closer they come to it....trust me, people have said April doesn't need the money...no one in here can say anything about me b/c you all don't know....I don't feel like someone deserves it more than anyone else...i'm not going to vote b/c they need it over someone else..i'm gonna vote with my heart...i'm gonna vote for someone who played with a good heart.

Ive: don't you think i know that if i'm at the end with any of you, i'm not winning....and that's ok....i've accepted that a fu>king long time ago...
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Topic #2454542
nickinoodles - Ive: i won that veto for my mother! NT 0 Replies #2454542 12:10PM 11/09/2005
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Topic #2454559
nickinoodles - Ive: i'm a much better person than her (janelle)! NT 0 Replies #2454559 12:11PM 11/09/2005
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Topic #2454613
Zazny - M: If America sees fault in what I've done, I blame it on the TV show *shrug* NT 0 Replies #2454613 12:13PM 11/09/2005
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Topic #2454647
nickinoodles - Ive: I think Janelle has the worst soul out of anyone I've ever met! 0 Replies #2454647 12:14PM 11/09/2005
Mag: i say that she doesn't have a big heart and i mean that...i think that's true....

Mag: people are willing to see how we treated each other...if America sees fault in anything i've done, i blame it on the tv show....i feel horrible about how it'll affect my family.....i don't wanna watch the videos b/c what i see from you guys is what brought me to you guys....i loved jennifer, beau and of course eric....as much as you guys butted head (oh this is so sticky sweet...just imagine the rest)
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Topic #2454705
scoobydoo - Maggie: I don't see us as playing dirty. 0 Replies #2454705 12:16PM 11/09/2005
maggie: When you say you are looking back at things you have done, it makes me think I should do that too
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Topic #2454770
scoobydoo - Maggie doesn't think they should consider what Janelle thinks, or what James thinks, etc NT 0 Replies #2454770 12:19PM 11/09/2005
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Topic #2454780
nickinoodles - Mag: I don't look back.... Ape: it's different when you're leaving b /c you do look back... 0 Replies #2454780 12:19PM 11/09/2005
Mag: you looking back with regret...makes me feel like i should look back....i don't see you as being malicious, playing dirty (she's a bit blind, i think), i don't see Ivette doing any of those things...

Ape: i look back, i'm not blaming you...

Ive: but Janelle thinks I said all those things....it's so much easier to blame it on me....

Mag: gimme a second to talk...everything in this game has been blamed on other people....nothing we can do....i can't go to howie and say it's my fault for sarah's eviction....fine, if you wanna blame me for it..i know i had a part in it, but i can't do anything about the blame...Janelle thinks i had a part in Kaysar...i don't care...i only care what you guys thought...(denial).....I don't care how any of them feel about me...i think the problems that exist is b/c we're considering other peoples thoughts...you're looking back and seeing things you don't like..i'm ok with that....i'm glad you're honest with me....i've been honest with you....but your honesty makes me feel like i should be looking back....
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