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april says beau would be pissed at her alot. NT - serac
7:32PM 11/09/2005

Mags, we have to remember that she is leaving the game, we don't - Angelfire
7:33PM 11/09/2005

Y: What truly scares me is - What she will go back to the S house and say NT - bakerladee
7:33PM 11/09/2005

Ivette: What truly worries me is what she is going to go back and say (to those in sequestor). We know she exaggerates everything, everything! NT - Jillio71
7:33PM 11/09/2005

Apr tells Jan that apparently Ivette has a big carpet burn on her butt from jumping for joy after wining veto NT - ferretkiss
7:34PM 11/09/2005

Maggie: If someone is hurt by me and talks about me there is nothing I can do about it unless they tell me then I can try and fix it. NT - Jillio71
7:34PM 11/09/2005

Maggie is not a yeller and says Ivette yells because like she says it is cultural (Ed. note As if!) NT - Jillio71
7:35PM 11/09/2005

Ivette (bawling and blowing her nose now): If it were not for my family I would not have used that veto!! NT - Jillio71
7:37PM 11/09/2005

Ivette says she wouldn't have used the veto if it wasn't for her family. She is really crying hard. NT - Angelfire
7:38PM 11/09/2005

Eric wouldn't have told her those things, that is why it effected her so much when he left. NT - Angelfire
7:39PM 11/09/2005

Maggie: This game is awesome because you can take those you care about as far as you can... - Jillio71
7:40PM 11/09/2005

Mags telling I to get her shi) together and play the game for the family. Ivette is - Angelfire
7:43PM 11/09/2005

Ivette says she is tired of feeling bad for saving herself. Maggie said each person would do the same thing. NT - Jillio71
7:43PM 11/09/2005

Iv to Mags: I'm tired of feeling bad b/c I saved myself. Mag: No one would have done anything different NT - abbybb
7:43PM 11/09/2005

Ivette: I'm not going to sit here and feel bad about what the internet viewers see. NT - Jillio71
7:46PM 11/09/2005

I know you're hurt b/c it's someone in the FS..but you're family wouldn't want you to give up b/c someone hurt you. - abbybb
7:47PM 11/09/2005

I'm tired of being blamed for everything she's done.. It's like we're f**n girlfriends says Iv.. - abbybb
7:48PM 11/09/2005

Maggie and Janie are showing incredible patience... - Diana
7:49PM 11/09/2005

Iv: It pisses me off b/c I carry a lot of blame. I throw myself to the wolves and I've had just as much part and admitted it. I've taken blame.. - abbybb
7:50PM 11/09/2005

Iv: I tried to protect myself and everyone in our group. Mag: Everyone has. Iv: I know I won HoH too late NT - abbybb
7:51PM 11/09/2005

IV: She made it a point to tell me over and over again that you (Mags) gave me HoH. MAG: U had to ans. those questions right also. U earned it NT - abbybb
7:52PM 11/09/2005

Ivette telling Maggie that April rubbed it in her face when Maggie let her (Ivette) win HOH... - Jillio71
7:53PM 11/09/2005

Mag: You've just had your ass kicked. NT - abbybb
7:54PM 11/09/2005

I: You know I thought when the time came for us to vote one of us out, I - scoobydoo
7:55PM 11/09/2005

IV: We always said 'Fight for your own ass' and I did. MAG: And no one's debating that. NT - abbybb
7:55PM 11/09/2005

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