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It's official, Ivette used POV, April just said, it sucks when I leave, I am only getting messages from you, Ivette and Janelle NT - bbfaninaz
1:36PM 11/09/2005

April saying she isnt in game any more...so guess she is on the block. - neysa54
1:37PM 11/09/2005

April just said that Ivette thinks she is the devil, because of her speech NT - bbfaninaz
1:38PM 11/09/2005

Things are missing in the house, cameraman zoomed in on bathroom door, where occupied sign is missing NT - bbfaninaz
1:41PM 11/09/2005

Maggie thinks Ivette is being portrayed as the basher; herself as the boring, - scoobydoo
1:41PM 11/09/2005

Maggie: Yvette is being portrayed as the basher, - bakerladee
1:42PM 11/09/2005

Ivette is going to lay out in the backyard by the pool, Maggie and April still at table in BY NT - bbfaninaz
1:43PM 11/09/2005

Maggie and April went inside to get bathing suits on to go lay out with Ivette, Janelle went back to bed after POV ceremony NT - bbfaninaz
1:48PM 11/09/2005

cameraman zooming in on something in the pool. NT - neysa54
1:52PM 11/09/2005

Yvette: the only friends that I have made in this house is you (Maggie) and Eric NT - bakerladee
1:57PM 11/09/2005

All 3 laying out and quiet! NT - bakerladee
2:00PM 11/09/2005

Janelle sleeping in HoH NT - ostra
2:04PM 11/09/2005

BY chat.. - neysa54
2:09PM 11/09/2005

Fish NT - neysa54
2:10PM 11/09/2005

Janie sleeping in HOH, Maggie & April in by, Ivette was in bathroom, just came out in bikini. NT - Billy
2:16PM 11/09/2005

Ivette back in BY. NT - neysa54
2:21PM 11/09/2005

April saying she thinks there is a bug in her pants...looking for it...while holding a top up... NT - neysa54
2:37PM 11/09/2005

Zooming in on maggies boobs...........LOL NT - neysa54
2:38PM 11/09/2005

Maggie talking about all the peach fuzz she has...april i think saying she shaves her ankles. - neysa54
2:40PM 11/09/2005

Maggie says she gave up a trip to Hawaii with Dave - bakerladee
2:44PM 11/09/2005

Maggie says she has "Godparents" for her dogs! (editor's note: WTF!?) NT - ILuvJanie
2:46PM 11/09/2005

Maggie "The smell of fire totally turns me on!!" NT - amIsane
2:48PM 11/09/2005

A tells M that she is gonna win the $500,000 as long as "they" don't change it up NT - ILuvJanie
2:56PM 11/09/2005

M: I can't want for my dogs to slobber all over me. NT - ILuvJanie
2:57PM 11/09/2005

April: I do care what America thinks about me - that's the type of person I am NT - scoobydoo
2:59PM 11/09/2005

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