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april asks if she can help with Maggie's wedding if she gets married - scoobydoo
2:59PM 11/09/2005
Ape also said she won't take her eyes off of matt and will sit with him when he's in the bathroom even if he's taking a dump and it smells NT - pc2000123456
3:01PM 11/09/2005

A: I am scared to walk out of this house. I just started my job and I haven't been to a lot of the offices yet. - ILuvJanie
2:59PM 11/09/2005

April: My dad was wearing shorts & a Hawaiian shirt to my wedding - scoobydoo
3:01PM 11/09/2005

Talking about if she ever gets married, Maggie says - ILuvJanie
3:01PM 11/09/2005

Ivette frowning the whole time Maggie & April are talking about weddings NT - scoobydoo
3:01PM 11/09/2005

Maggie trying to include Ivette in wedding conversation but Ivette mumbling NT - scoobydoo
3:03PM 11/09/2005
M to I: what do you want? you want it to be laid back? - ostra
3:04PM 11/09/2005

Ivette just listening to April ramble on and on about her wedding. Ivette resting her head on her hands. NT - ILuvJanie
3:03PM 11/09/2005

M: I never grew up wanting to be a mom. I love not having responsibilities. I have really warmed up to the idea of being a mom. NT - ILuvJanie
3:05PM 11/09/2005

Maggie is warming up to the idea of being a mom now NT - scoobydoo
3:05PM 11/09/2005

A: I have a younger friends that have kids. M: It seems that people in the south have kids at a younger age NT - ILuvJanie
3:06PM 11/09/2005

A: People in New York don't have kids. It's the norm to be 35 and no kids NT - ILuvJanie
3:06PM 11/09/2005

Maggie: it seems like only women in the South have kids younger - scoobydoo
3:06PM 11/09/2005

M: Me and my brother were accidents. My parents used a condom and birth control (her exact words) NT - ILuvJanie
3:07PM 11/09/2005

M: If me or Ivetta win HOH, we can do this. M: I want to be playing her in the final (I assume she meant Ivette) NT - ILuvJanie
3:09PM 11/09/2005

M: I would love to say "I pick Ivetta to win BB6" That would be awesome! NT - ILuvJanie
3:11PM 11/09/2005
Ivette remains silent to this comment. NT - Sunflake
3:24PM 11/09/2005

April tells Maggie the riddle that BB gave her and Janelle last night....... - Sunflake
3:28PM 11/09/2005

April says it's sooo boring. She and Maggie start playing coasters, Ivette napping on round thing in BY, Janie napping in HOH. NT - Sunflake
3:43PM 11/09/2005

April/Maggie looking at fish...April says...on Tues when I leave...Let me say goodbye to the fish before I tell you goodbye NT - Jana
3:59PM 11/09/2005

Mag, about Janelle: She just continues to hurt my feelings... - nickinoodles
4:08PM 11/09/2005

So you all know... Ivette is awake and she's not pouting in the barracks - memyselfandi
4:11PM 11/09/2005

April says that Janelle says: just because james said what he said... - nickinoodles
4:18PM 11/09/2005

Ivette in Kitchen: I'm dying to go home where people really know me (directed towrds Ape's attitude towards her) NT - TVfan
4:25PM 11/09/2005

maggie, ivette and april at hot tub NT - neysa54
4:49PM 11/09/2005

Janelle still asleep in HOH NT - Croatia
4:51PM 11/09/2005

april, ivette and maggie talking about people and heart attacks. - serac
5:00PM 11/09/2005
She also claims that most people under the age of 30 who have heart attacks, have them because of cocaine. "Cocaine is in their system." NT - applecrisp
5:12PM 11/09/2005

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