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All HG's still sleeping. NT - ShelBel
9:22AM 11/09/2005

Maggie up. Off camera... sounds like she went to WC. NT - Veruta
9:34AM 11/09/2005

Maggie returns to bed in MBR NT - Veruta
9:35AM 11/09/2005

TRANSCRIPT - Saturday, April Before the POV Comp & April After the POV Comp. Attitude Changes - TRANSCRIPT - PawPrint74
9:38AM 11/09/2005

looks like maggie is up NT - pooh5983
9:57AM 11/09/2005

Maggie is up, she's shuffling to pantry and into the kitchen. NT - hoarsewhisperer
9:58AM 11/09/2005
she made coffee, now feeding the fish NT - hoarsewhisperer
10:04AM 11/09/2005

BB: Good morning Houseguest. The veto ceremony will begin in 2 hours. NT - Woolly
10:13AM 11/09/2005

BB just announced "Good Morning Houseguests, the Veto Ceremony will begin in 2 hours" NT - hoarsewhisperer
10:13AM 11/09/2005

Maggie washing dishes NT - puck71
10:14AM 11/09/2005

Ivette up now too, they said something about the veto, then fish for a bit NT - puck71
10:19AM 11/09/2005

Maggie in barracks talking to April about last night, April will be up soon NT - puck71
10:25AM 11/09/2005

April's wake up call continues - fnfish
10:33AM 11/09/2005

Maggie and April talking, April continuing to realize some things - puck71
10:45AM 11/09/2005

All feeds show M/A/I sitting and chatting at BY table, Janie presumably still asleep NT - puck71
10:47AM 11/09/2005

April starts talking about the guy who came over the PA and talked to her and Janelle last night, then FISH - puck71
10:52AM 11/09/2005

April and maggie talking about what is going to happen. - bakerladee
10:57AM 11/09/2005

April and Maggie wanting to lay out today and April saying the weather doesn't look like it will be nice enough. NT - bakerladee
10:58AM 11/09/2005

Ivette pops up to bash Janelle about what she says in the DR NT - pooh5983
11:05AM 11/09/2005

Ivette is upset about Janelle and it all the Janelle did everything bad and she did nothing NT - pooh5983
11:09AM 11/09/2005

Ivette just said that Janelle is only see what is good for her NT - pooh5983
11:12AM 11/09/2005

April: THe bottom line is that the S6 hated Maggie because of what James was feeding them NT - bakerladee
11:12AM 11/09/2005

April finally confronting Ivette about her treatment of Janelle - puck71
11:14AM 11/09/2005

Ivette (earlier) to Maggie about April: What if I wasn't 100% on what I was going to do? She creates her own circumstances. NT - BB6Addict
11:16AM 11/09/2005
referring to the veto. NT - BB6Addict
11:16AM 11/09/2005

April telling Ivette: she felt she did alot of things because she listened to Ivette NT - scoobydoo
11:17AM 11/09/2005

Ivette: April, you want the f!cking veto, you can shove it up your !ss. I don't want it!! (storms off) NT - BB6Addict
11:18AM 11/09/2005

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