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Maggie picked up her mike and said "Sorry BB about my diary room. It's not personal" Then fish NT - fnfish
9:19PM 11/09/2005

More Mag/Ive in barracks. - fnfish
9:25PM 11/09/2005

April/Janelle playing volleyball in BY NT - BBFaininTX
9:25PM 11/09/2005

April relaying shitting story to Maggie/Ivette - BBFaininTX
9:30PM 11/09/2005

April excited to leave on Tuesday - BBFaininTX
9:33PM 11/09/2005

Janelle out of the bathroom and has changed her clothes. NT - BBFaininTX
9:34PM 11/09/2005

Maggie said to Ive...'I don't want to give her that choice' but I didn't hear why she said it. Anyone eles? NT - Yaya007
9:37PM 11/09/2005
Ivette said she would be happy if Janie chose Mag for final 2 and Mag said this in response NT - slh127
9:38PM 11/09/2005

Janie actually peed her pants from laughing about farting so much NT - koala
9:38PM 11/09/2005

April and Janelle back in BY playing volleyball - BBFaininTX
9:40PM 11/09/2005

Ape & Jan - Stuartswan2
9:49PM 11/09/2005

April and Janie talking about the third safe - BBFaininTX
9:49PM 11/09/2005

Janelle and April playing volleyball say they wish they would of played earlier NT - Stuartswan2
9:50PM 11/09/2005

Janelle spiked the ball and hit April... - Jillio71
9:51PM 11/09/2005
Janie dying laughing... NT - Jillio71
9:55PM 11/09/2005

Maggie says for the game to be less serious, that we should put all assholes in the game. NT - Stuartswan2
9:52PM 11/09/2005

Jan and Ape going over next week's events NT - Stuartswan2
9:54PM 11/09/2005

Ape has decided to wear a dress in honor of her eviction. NT - Stuartswan2
9:56PM 11/09/2005

Nothing! Maggie and Ivette finally got the riddle. NT - Candy_Caity
10:03PM 11/09/2005

finally! Maggie figures out the riddle.... - AngelFoot316
10:03PM 11/09/2005

Maggie grabs and her mic and says "nothing" - Mrguytvblog
10:08PM 11/09/2005

April to Janelle: I "Loved" Howie. He was so sweet. NT - BBFaininTX
10:10PM 11/09/2005

April /Janie conversation in Hot Tub this evening ...April's version of the fight she had with Ivette this morning... - Taffy
10:39PM 11/09/2005

BB is playing with a bell when they ask ? NT - pooh5983
11:06PM 11/09/2005

All in barracks - BBFaininTX
11:08PM 11/09/2005
Janie had gone into the batheroom and did her roots and has to wait 40 minutes before she can put the toner/neutralizer on it, so in the meantime - Mikkie
11:33PM 11/09/2005

All feeds are on the MBR with Janie Maggie and April talking - pooh5983
11:11PM 11/09/2005

They are having good talk in the MBR without Ivette(she is in bed) - pooh5983
11:15PM 11/09/2005

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