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Maggie knew Howie & Rachel were a couple by actions on surfboard - scoobydoo
7:40PM 18/09/2005

Ivette: What was your & Cappy's strategy? - scoobydoo
7:42PM 18/09/2005

When Ashlea & Kaysar were nominated, Janelle was lobbying for Kaysar to be - scoobydoo
7:43PM 18/09/2005

Maggie: I can't to wait to hug him (eric). He's going to be here. That's so cool! NT - scoobydoo
7:44PM 18/09/2005

Maggie saying April got a lot of sh*t for being a gossiper NT - scoobydoo
7:45PM 18/09/2005

Maggie's favorite time was in the HOH room. I mean f*cking A, we were there - scoobydoo
7:47PM 18/09/2005

Maggie: I will never forget the time April put on her orange workout - scoobydoo
7:50PM 18/09/2005

Maggie works out with Dave at the gym all the time. Ivette: Is it the same one - scoobydoo
7:52PM 18/09/2005

Maggie doesn't want to lay out tomorrow- she feels leathery NT - scoobydoo
7:55PM 18/09/2005

Still working on the puzzle - no talking, burping or hiccuping NT - scoobydoo
8:44PM 18/09/2005

Ivette is in the shower with pretty shower cap on and Maggie is still working the puzzle.. NT - missellie
9:35PM 18/09/2005

Ivette out of shower and Maggie now in Bathroom. NT - missellie
9:47PM 18/09/2005

Maggie was going to do a mud mask but it is all gone so is asking Iv about Foot scrub.. NT - missellie
9:48PM 18/09/2005

Iv has a burn (on leg maybe) Maggie asked her if she wanted to put burn cream and Band aid on it Iv said No.. NT - missellie
9:50PM 18/09/2005

Maggie and Iv have now started playing Cards will do more puzzle on monday.. NT - missellie
9:56PM 18/09/2005

Ivette and Maggie playing Black Jack on couch .. NT - missellie
10:09PM 18/09/2005

It seems Maggie is teaching Iv how to play black Jack and telling her casino rules.. NT - missellie
10:23PM 18/09/2005

Maggie getting ready to shower finding clean clothes Iv talking about doing Laundry tommarow.. NT - missellie
10:27PM 18/09/2005

both sleeping... - L34F
11:59PM 18/09/2005

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