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maggie complaining about her thumb - it better not be permanent - she needs it for work - - she has cappy fingers right now - bbaddict2005
11:46AM 18/09/2005

ivette: now saying it was meant to be that she didnt win the bocce ball, she would have put janelle up - - it was meant for maggie to get it NT - bbaddict2005
11:47AM 18/09/2005

maggie thinks it was meant to be - whoever got evicted, their partner would get HOH NT - bbaddict2005
11:47AM 18/09/2005

maggie is going to buy some UGG slippers and the robe i: i told you i was getting you the robe and the lionel riche cd - bbaddict2005
11:49AM 18/09/2005

maggie: woodshop was my favorite class in high school NT - bbaddict2005
11:50AM 18/09/2005

maggie wonders if daves knee is ok and if he's firefighting NT - bbaddict2005
11:51AM 18/09/2005

ivette has to go potty again (but keeps walking) - - says again, i think i have to go potty (and keeps walking) NT - bbaddict2005
11:52AM 18/09/2005

maggie: that chili's was sooo good - - for me that hit the spot - bbaddict2005
11:52AM 18/09/2005

girls in b/y sitting on green striped round thing - maggie playing cards, ivette eating NT - bbaddict2005
12:12PM 18/09/2005

maggie: they left the hair dye - - i guess that meant i can take it - bbaddict2005
12:14PM 18/09/2005

ivette: how'd your feet get so torn up? maggie: uhhhh, shoes NT - bbaddict2005
12:14PM 18/09/2005

ivette: this is f*ed up - i'm glad it benefitted you (talking about cards, but the irony is pretty funny!) NT - bbaddict2005
12:15PM 18/09/2005

ivette: laying down a card - there ya go - for you maggie: thanks , i appreciate it (again, the irony!) NT - bbaddict2005
12:16PM 18/09/2005

maggie: oh, i smell like home cooking NT - bbaddict2005
12:16PM 18/09/2005

ivette: i start thinking with you, then i stop thinking, then i start thinking again NT - bbaddict2005
12:17PM 18/09/2005

maggie - very LOUD burp - - sorry - how rude, how vulgar, how incidious - i never heard than until i came here NT - bbaddict2005
12:18PM 18/09/2005

maggie: what's left of your chilis food ivette: i don't want my corn, do you want my corn - bbaddict2005
12:20PM 18/09/2005

maggie wants to go visit her grandparents in arkansas NT - bbaddict2005
12:21PM 18/09/2005

ivette: this is our last sunday here - - that's it maggie: awesome - bbaddict2005
12:28PM 18/09/2005

ivette: my teeth are yellow maggie: drink more water I; it's coffee, not water NT - bbaddict2005
12:33PM 18/09/2005

maggie thinks the BB cameras are f*ing with her - when she tries to show ivette, they won't do it NT - bbaddict2005
12:34PM 18/09/2005

girls decide to go inside because it's getting hot ivette asks if maggie going to make breakfast - maggie says not yet, but soon NT - bbaddict2005
12:35PM 18/09/2005

maggie: what's that smell ivette: building sh*, i think NT - bbaddict2005
12:35PM 18/09/2005

maggie: it's chilly in here, holy cow NT - bbaddict2005
12:36PM 18/09/2005

ivette mocking janie: ivette - the other day i came to you with an offer. if you needed the money for your family, why didn't you take it - bbaddict2005
12:39PM 18/09/2005

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