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I: If [Jen] thought K was a dirty player in the pressure cooker than why is she trying to figure out whose idea it was? M: I don't know! - Zazny
12:03AM 18/09/2005

Ivette going off - missellie
12:04AM 18/09/2005

I: Thanks BB this is awesome! I'll make sure I tell everybody to sign up for this f--ing game! NT - Zazny
12:04AM 18/09/2005

M: James said 'we've all been talking here.' That's how we know he's lying. They told us they can't talk game NT - Zazny
12:05AM 18/09/2005
Right after this Ivette reminded he rthat they apparently had 40 minutes before the questions to talk. NT - Starlady
12:20AM 18/09/2005

M: I will have to go to DR about this [talking game] because I know Alison [Grodner?] would not lie to us NT - Zazny
12:05AM 18/09/2005

I: Beaus the only one happy; M: Yeah because his partner's here! I don't have a partner [on the jury] NT - Zazny
12:10AM 18/09/2005

M: i can't believe the bashing that we just went through NT - cags
12:10AM 18/09/2005

Iv Beau is the happiest camper andMag james is an a hole NT - missellie
12:11AM 18/09/2005

M: I don't think either of us got a better deal. I think they were all harsh. I really do. It's a f--ing crapshoot. NT - Zazny
12:11AM 18/09/2005

I: It didn't matter if I beat Janelle 99 times, Rachel would still vote for you NT - Zazny
12:12AM 18/09/2005

I: Jan might not vote for me just to shove it in my face - Zazny
12:13AM 18/09/2005

Iv just said that Jan may vote against her just because she didn't take her offer and she alludes to Marcellas not using POV. NT - Mirage
12:13AM 18/09/2005

Iv said she knew 3 would go for - missellie
12:14AM 18/09/2005

M: Howie said on live television he should have evicted me! NT - Zazny
12:15AM 18/09/2005

M: They're going to be like 'I don't think either deserves the money.' - Zazny
12:16AM 18/09/2005

M: I don't feel I came out looking like a good person after answering those questions NT - Zazny
12:17AM 18/09/2005

Maggie quote: "I can't believe the bashing we just went though." Goes on to say that at the rap party she is going to tell them - Starlady
12:18AM 18/09/2005

M: No one was nice. Jen [ed: cuddle buddy] wasn't even nice to me! That was not a nice situation. NT - Zazny
12:18AM 18/09/2005

I: Do you want to find out if they can continue talking about the game? M: Let's find out. Ask for Alison. She'll tell us if it's true NT - Zazny
12:19AM 18/09/2005

FISH as final 2 in DR NT - Zazny
12:20AM 18/09/2005

Recap of the Questions Asked By the Jury - Zazny
12:51AM 18/09/2005

Feeds come back, Ivette is screaming and running around NT - Zazny
12:52AM 18/09/2005

Both Maggie and Ivette in a good mood, talking loud in mics. I: Play with me Maggie!!!!!!!!!; M: No!!!!!! NT - Zazny
12:55AM 18/09/2005

M: Are there really butt plugs? (adult) - Zazny
12:57AM 18/09/2005

They are back to talking about Jury stuff just rehashing.. NT - missellie
1:05AM 18/09/2005

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