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ivette: i think i have to go potty m: ok - we have time NT - bbaddict2005
11:20AM 18/09/2005

m: its so much better in these (talking about walking in her slippers - ed: not for live feed watchers EEK - my ears!!!) NT - bbaddict2005
11:21AM 18/09/2005

ivette going to wash clothes tomorrow - her last batch maggie doesn't care - all her clothes are wrinkled. NT - bbaddict2005
11:22AM 18/09/2005

maggie walking around b/y (for the love of god, maggie, pick up your feet!!!) NT - bbaddict2005
11:23AM 18/09/2005

ivette loves baby rooms with little peas. maggie: like the actual vegetable? - bbaddict2005
11:25AM 18/09/2005

talking about friends nurseries I; i'm telling you, maggie, if i were to be so fortunate to win this, i would totally have a baby. i'm tired of - bbaddict2005
11:28AM 18/09/2005

talking about flying while pregnant NT - bbaddict2005
11:29AM 18/09/2005

i: my favorite show is a baby story have you ever seen it? maggie? yeah on tlc? - bbaddict2005
11:29AM 18/09/2005

i: i can't wait to have a belly m: i have one i: oh please, you're stomach is so much flatter than mine NT - bbaddict2005
11:30AM 18/09/2005

m: you picked up the pace (walking) you dropped a load and now think you can zoom around the yard? NT - bbaddict2005
11:30AM 18/09/2005

maggie doesn't think she'll shower or change out of her pjs today NT - bbaddict2005
11:31AM 18/09/2005

ivette asked allison for quarters NT - bbaddict2005
11:31AM 18/09/2005

i: what did april get out of there? m: she got a boy & girl kissing and i told her to give that to jen-jen - bbaddict2005
11:32AM 18/09/2005

Ivette wondering about James question about not taking Janelle - scoobydoo
11:34AM 18/09/2005

ivette wants her pink shirt that says i love maggie m: i think's that's so funny - bbaddict2005
11:34AM 18/09/2005

Ivette: "Strategically it would have been stupid for me to pick Janelle." - scoobydoo
11:36AM 18/09/2005

I; first of all, i had a promise to you, but i couldn't have thought about picking april over you because it wouldn't have been a crap shoot - bbaddict2005
11:36AM 18/09/2005

i: "maggie - - try not to look so shocked next time" her voice is hysterical - it didn't sound like her NT - bbaddict2005
11:37AM 18/09/2005

m: what was her question that put me on such defense? - bbaddict2005
11:38AM 18/09/2005

ivette thinks janelle will vote for maggie just to prove she made a dumb decision NT - bbaddict2005
11:40AM 18/09/2005

i: well, the game wasn't over, but now it is NT - bbaddict2005
11:41AM 18/09/2005

maggie wonders if they vote live - - ivette thinks so NT - bbaddict2005
11:42AM 18/09/2005

i: to be honest, i said my strategy and that was my strategy - to be honest NT - bbaddict2005
11:43AM 18/09/2005

Ivette: My strategy was to be honest and blunt so I wouldn't get questioned - scoobydoo
11:43AM 18/09/2005

i: we were so blunt and honest and in everyone s face and admitting what i done while everyone else tried to be - bbaddict2005
11:44AM 18/09/2005

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