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Topic #7852626
KennyN - Parker watches the guinea pigs play, then walks to the backyard, and back to the guinea pigs again. NT 0 Replies #7852626 2:12AM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7852634
PeachesInMich - Ryan and Jen were kissing - Parker was looking at the guinea pigs and then FOTH NT 0 Replies #7852634 2:16AM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7852646
PeachesInMich - Jen was laughing about making out with a gay guy (IDK if she's joking or not) She said it's probably already been all over t.v. by now NT 0 Replies #7852646 2:22AM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7852649
Ilovetwins - Parker is looking at the library-printed wallpaper. Then FOTH NT 0 Replies #7852649 2:23AM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7852661
Ilovetwins - Alex & Amanda in bed in HOH, Parker naps on floor near HOH, 0 Replies #7852661 2:29AM 13/02/2008
Ryan & Jen chatting in one of bedrooms. Now two first feeds on Alex & Amanda and two last feeds on Ryan & Jen.
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Topic #7852671
KennyN - Jen & Ryan both head to bed. Jen asks, "Where's Parker?" Parker's still upstairs laying/napping against the wall outside HoH. All else in bed/asleepNT 0 Replies #7852671 2:38AM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7852746
folieadeux8381 - Parker has been talking to Jen in the sitting area 0 Replies #7852746 3:19AM 13/02/2008
After a long talk she says she's going to bed.
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Topic #7852759
folieadeux8381 - Jen and Parker whispering in bed. 0 Replies #7852759 3:28AM 13/02/2008
whispering something about their 10 G's.
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Topic #7852773
KingMac - jen and parker talking about how people are gonna judge them 0 Replies #7852773 3:41AM 13/02/2008
Jen says she does not care what people think of her, Parker says he can hear the internet saying stuff about how they don't like him.
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Topic #7852777
folieadeux8381 - It looks like everyone is in bed now. NT 0 Replies #7852777 3:43AM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7852798
folieadeux8381 - Ryan is snoring his head off!! ...Poor Allison! 0 Replies #7852798 4:19AM 13/02/2008
I think it's Ryan, cam 2, who is snoring his head off, and quite loudly too! Oh my! Correct me if I'm wrong about it being Ryan though, but if so, POOR ALLISON! How in the world could Jen ever sleep in the same room with him I'll never know... It's beyond me...

She keeps softly saying, "Shhhh..." He'll stop for a minute then start right back up again! =[

She's getting quite a bit more aggravated now. Muttering things under her breath and such. She's even grabbed his arm while saying, "Shh," to wake him up.

She told him his snoring was like a bullhorn! LMFAO

It seems like Alex is snoring pretty bad too, but nowhere near as bad as Ryan!
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Topic #7853541
Antoinette - someone is up and about... female not sure who NT 0 Replies #7853541 8:07AM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7853545
cat8mysn - Aroud the feeds 0 Replies #7853545 8:07AM 13/02/2008
A few moments ago there was a noise, sounding like maybe someone behind scenes walking around in heels. Feed 3-movement from the right side of the bed, don't know who it was but they literally smacked their bed mate in the nose with their elbow, rolled over and back to sleep but made sounds like they were cold.

Feed 1- Sheila is up and dressed and getting something to eat. Feed 1 and 2 is now on Sheila and 3 and 4 on sleeping hamsters.
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Topic #7853547
PrincessManda - Sheila Up 0 Replies #7853547 8:07AM 13/02/2008
Sheila is up and went into the storage room and is now heading into the kitchen to put her glass into the sink and is now in the bathroom and is going to take a shower.
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Topic #7853560
Raffyroo - Sheila is up and in the bathroom looks like she is taking a shower 0 Replies #7853560 8:09AM 13/02/2008
She went to the wc, got her shower things out from the cupboard, brushed her teeth, and is now in the shower
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Topic #7853662
PrincessManda - Sheila 0 Replies #7853662 8:24AM 13/02/2008
Sheila just got out of the shower and put some oiment on her face and deodorant on and now is brushing her hair in the bathroom on feeds one and two

Feeds three and four are on hg's sleeping
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Topic #7853677
Raffyroo - I looks like Chelsia is getting up soon 0 Replies #7853677 8:25AM 13/02/2008
She keeps rolling around, now seems to be awake laying in bed with her knees up.
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Topic #7853682
BIGBROTHERinBuf - Movement! 0 Replies #7853682 8:27AM 13/02/2008
As you know Sheila is up and getting ready for the day. (Hopefully the rest will follow suit.) There was some movement on cam 2 but that as fallen back to sleep.
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Topic #7853799
Raffyroo - Sheila is out of the shower 0 Replies #7853799 8:44AM 13/02/2008
She got out, fiddled around in the kitchen, made some coffee, and is now blow drying her hair
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Topic #7853804
PrincessManda - Sheila was in KT making coffee..... 0 Replies #7853804 8:45AM 13/02/2008
and now she is in the bathroom blow drying her hair.

Feeds 3 is on hgs sleeping
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Topic #7853809
KaySeeDubya - James keeps popping his head up and says something to Chelsia before lying back down. NT 0 Replies #7853809 8:45AM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7853839
KaySeeDubya - Sheila is still messing with her hair. Nobody else appears to be up. NT 0 Replies #7853839 8:49AM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7853939
Raffyroo - FOTH NT 0 Replies #7853939 9:05AM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7853960
KaySeeDubya - Cameras are back with all of them on someone sleeping. Not sure what happened to Sheila. NT 0 Replies #7853960 9:07AM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7853969
KaySeeDubya - Cameras are back on Sheila who is still making coffee and doing the dishes. She's still the only one up and about. NT 0 Replies #7853969 9:08AM 13/02/2008
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