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Topic #7855290
Melonie - Girls, Sheila, Natalie, Amanda, Jen, and Ryan in the sauna random chit chat, Jen on top of Ryan doing his nails. NT 0 Replies #7855290 11:41AM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7855303
bbshannon - Matt about to talk to Natalie but she's busy talking 0 Replies #7855303 11:42AM 13/02/2008
Neil (I think) tells him just to say "I don't wanna eat you out"
Matt runs up to HOH and Alex wants his "watah"
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Topic #7855326
bbshannon - Neil tells Chelsia not to tell the Mexican how to clean the dishes! NT 0 Replies #7855326 11:43AM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7855355
bbshannon - Josh talking to Alison in the bathroom. She has her hair in rollers and is doing her mascara NT 2 Replies #7855355 11:46AM 13/02/2008
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bbshannon - She said she had to let loose last night..she has been stressed for the past 5 days NT #7855361 11:46AM 13/02/2008
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bbshannon - Whips out the dreaded blowdryer. Josh primping, moving his mic around, pulling at his shirt. NT #7855378 11:48AM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7855396
KennyN - Matt tells James he has to stop joking with Natalie sexually. She takes it too literally. NT 0 Replies #7855396 11:49AM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7855406
Hippiebitch - Sheila- I dropped out .. as soon as son is 18 Im going back to school 0 Replies #7855406 11:50AM 13/02/2008
dropped outta high school... didnt get GED...I dropped out so I could persue acting and modelling in the 8th grade!
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Topic #7855424
KingMac - Sheila says she dropped out of school in the 8th grade NT 0 Replies #7855424 11:51AM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7855425
Melonie - Parker and Matt back in the boat room talking about Natalie again. He says Natalie offered him favors if he is nice to her. 0 Replies #7855425 11:52AM 13/02/2008
James is also in the room. He says he doesn't think people in Oregan are very blunt.
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Topic #7855439
Melonie - Matt said he left his match to be on this show, he said hopefully it works out. His match is 22. 0 Replies #7855439 11:54AM 13/02/2008
He said he did not come here looking for love he came for one reason, that love would just be icing on the cake. Now hes talking about a girl that wouldn't sign a release and we have flames.
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Topic #7855483
KennyN - Matt says he signed contract stating the prize would be $500,000. No splitting money with partner. NT 0 Replies #7855483 11:59AM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7855504
Hippiebitch - Sheila wants Lindsay Lohan to play her in a movie... Sheila says she left home at 14 NT 0 Replies #7855504 12:01PM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7855523
KennyN - Amanda wants Matt to let her talk to Natalie to find out if she really likes him "that way." NT 0 Replies #7855523 12:03PM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7855531
Hippiebitch - SHeila met Stan Milanowsky in Vegas, one of the biggest photogs who shot Christy Brinkley and for shot for Vogue 0 Replies #7855531 12:04PM 13/02/2008
She had to lie about her age to work in a casino.
She didnt even check him out.
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Topic #7855548
Hippiebitch - Sheila why would I persue modelling if I didnt think I was hot. 0 Replies #7855548 12:06PM 13/02/2008
I got rid of everything had to my name and a one way ticket to Chicago...
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Topic #7855561
Hippiebitch - Jen went to a modelling school when she was little , "Paper Dolls" NT 0 Replies #7855561 12:07PM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7855562
Melonie - Neil and Chelsia are cleaning up the kitchen. Alex eating a mellon trying to determine what it is. NT 0 Replies #7855562 12:07PM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7855635
Hippiebitch - Sheila - long story short...they sent two polaroids to Hugh Hefner who didnt get them coz he was moving from Chicago 0 Replies #7855635 12:14PM 13/02/2008
Bob Guccioni got them right away they overnighted them Bob had his secretary call and invite me to NY.
I had no idea it was nudity
I went to NY and the rest was history
I didnt thinkId ever do nudity I was 18 when I went to NY it was just my mom she found out in a weird way...rdy for this?
this is crazy absolutely crazy
I told my mom I was don modleling in nY I told her lingirie I really was shooting lingirie when I got there my 1st shot was beautiful in lingirie and Mom was dating a guy who was a huge Penthouse fan who told my mom she had to see these beautiful girls he didnt know me I was living in NY He opened the mag and my mom said, "THATS MY DAUGHTER" she called me in NY and says "Sheila" Id alrdy gone to Eurpoe with Bob I was scared to tell anyone I really did wanna be a legit actress.
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Topic #7855636
Melonie - Sheila talking about how she did a movie with Shelly Winters, Sheila tells them about telling her mom about doing nudity. 2 Replies #7855636 12:14PM 13/02/2008
She talks about how she has been on David Letterman. And her and Letterman have the same birthday. She is talking to Jen and Natalie. Jen is excited that she did movies. She did Spring Break, and European Vacation she was the girl that gave the prizes. And now she is talking about residule checks she used to get. In National lampoons she was dressed like a pig.
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Melonie - Now she is talking about how her mother was a single mother, and now she is in her shoes. NT #7855656 12:16PM 13/02/2008
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Melonie - She says her mother and her son do not have a very good relationship. #7855672 12:18PM 13/02/2008
Shedding a few tears.
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Topic #7855655
Hippiebitch - Nat - my family found out I was a stripper coz my uncle saw me pulling outta the strip club parking lot and told my whole family 0 Replies #7855655 12:16PM 13/02/2008
alot of the strippers would make fun of me coz I didnt do drink and would do homework in the back ... IN all the 5 yrs I stripped I never drank. I can barely hang from this pole sober!
Never got into cocaine
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Topic #7855699
Hippiebitch - Sheila - you wouldnt know my movies theyre B movies. I did Spring Break...Europeon Vacatiion 0 Replies #7855699 12:21PM 13/02/2008
played the girl who gives them the prizes.. who gave them the vacation, I get residuals from that! The Pig In the Poke Girl The Griswolds were dressed up as pigs on the game show they had the choice of the prizes or the vacation...I played the Vanna White role with the prizes.

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Topic #7855729
Hippiebitch - Discovering alot of April Bdays in the house...Apr 7th Matts Bday Sheilas is the 12, Parker is the 6th 0 Replies #7855729 12:24PM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7855746
Melonie - Nominations today showing on feed one. NT 0 Replies #7855746 12:26PM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7855778
Melonie - Joshuah, Parker, and Amanda on all four feeds In the boat room. Talking about how there is nothing to do. 0 Replies #7855778 12:29PM 13/02/2008
Talking about people in the kitchen making a fruit salad. Parker wants to make a turkey loaf. They think people are trying to use the food before the food comp. Amanda is doing something to parkers hair.
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Topic #7855804
BBInsider1 - We have confirmation: According to Amanda, they moved in on Thursday night. Sharon/Jacob were evicted late Saturday night/early Sunday morning. NT 0 Replies #7855804 12:32PM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7855845
texasbytch420 - All feeds on Parker & Amanda.. She's helping him w/ his hair, they are in his bed, (they look really cute together!) NT 0 Replies #7855845 12:35PM 13/02/2008
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