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Topic #7870304
MaddyP - Parker, Mattie, Amanda, Alex in HOH room talking about Oregon NT 0 Replies #7870304 10:36PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7870309
Starr - Matt is complaing that he has to give natalie a massage. He doesn't really want to though but thinks he needs to keep her happy. He says she is 0 Replies #7870309 10:37PM 14/02/2008
dying to have sex with him...but he just can't do it on national TV b/c he thinks he'll get the whole state of Oregon (Nats home state) mad at him. Then in the next breath he said if it were on the outside, he'd have sex with her...but never call her again. In the house he thinks she'd get too attached, and he's not that bad of a guy. (!?)
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Topic #7870331
MaddyP - Parker complaining about his crappy situation with Jen (again) 0 Replies #7870331 10:40PM 14/02/2008
HOH room with Alex, Amanda, and Mattie
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Topic #7870383
MaddyP - Current Alliances 0 Replies #7870383 10:45PM 14/02/2008
According to Amanda, Sharon and Josh, Alex and Amanda, and Mattie and Natalie are in an alliance.
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Topic #7870402
MaddyP - Alex is headed toward the Diary Room 0 Replies #7870402 10:47PM 14/02/2008
Amanda complains she better not be next.
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Topic #7870406
MaddyP - Amanda complains that Alex is mean to her NT 1 Replies #7870406 10:48PM 14/02/2008
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MaddyP - Talking about the bible thing from earlier, he called her a bitch, etc. NT #7870422 10:50PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7870459
MaddyP - Mattie's talking about moving to LA after the show NT 0 Replies #7870459 10:53PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7870484
bbshannon - Amanda is in the middle of the HOH bed between Parker and Matt "her boys" 1 Replies #7870484 10:55PM 14/02/2008
Basically what is going on is Amanda told Parker he knows how she feels, she has her head on his chest.
They each talk about who they'll stay in touch with ..Amanda wants to move to Scottsdale for some reason..Matt to LA. Matt and Parker know they'll be close..don't know about Alex.
Amanda keeps asking them what to do about Alex since she isn't into him and he's so jealous whenever she is with another guy (like last night with the massages from Parker)
Matt seems to think hes gonna get a BJ from Natalie..and it's not as bad as having sex with her.
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bbshannon - Amanda "Alison and Ryan need to go home" They are looking at the spyscreen at Jen and Ryan NT #7870499 10:56PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7870495
MaddyP - Mattie keeps complaining that Natalie is a 'crazy lunatic partner' NT 0 Replies #7870495 10:56PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7870506
Starr - Parker, Matt, Amanda talking in the HOH bed. Alex is in the DR. Amanda is telling them about her talk with Alex earlier. She says Alex 0 Replies #7870506 10:57PM 14/02/2008
really likes her a lot. But, she thinks he's so jealous. She tells Matt & Parker they are the only guys that are nice to her. She is going to be nice to Alex because they are partners...
Parker wanted some cuddle time with Amanda, but she didn't get the hint (earlier, before she went up to the HOH with Alex). Parker was disappointed.
Matt says he relates more to Amanda and Parker...but Alex is "his boy", too.
Matt says Amanda has two guys fighting over her, and all he has is a lunatic (Natalie). He also asks Am & Parker if he should get a BJ from Natalie. Asks if it would be bad? Both Amamda and Parker don't think it would be bad. Matt says it's not as bad as sex, right? (Oh brother)...Amanda is telling the guys Alex tried to kiss her in the stock room earlier. She told them she's not really into him.
She also says she is not hooking up with ANYone on TV.
I think Parker was disappointed.
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Topic #7870519
bbshannon - Something happened downstairs on the screen and they are all laughing. Parker and Amanda are cuddling/flirting and Matt wants to leave 0 Replies #7870519 10:59PM 14/02/2008
Amanda tells him not to leave cuz Alex will get jealous
Matt would rather hook up with Chelsia or Jen.
Alex is coming back up to HOH and they all adjust themselves. Matt gets on top of Amanda to make Alex jealous. They want her in the DR.
Matt: So whats it like being with three hottest guys in the house in one bed?
Amanda puts on some clothes (cuz she's barely wearing any
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Topic #7870522
bbshannon - Matt: I hopes James bangs my partner NT 0 Replies #7870522 11:00PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7870523
MaddyP - Amanda is upset that Alex is coming back 0 Replies #7870523 11:00PM 14/02/2008
He likes her, but she doesn't like him. I think she likes Parker, but I'm not sure.

Amanda's going the the diary room
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Topic #7870574
bbshannon - 3 boys left in HOH 1 Replies #7870574 11:06PM 14/02/2008
Parker tells Alex about James wiping out off the chair on the spyscreen
Now its just Matt, Parker and Alex in the HOH room.

In the DR, Matt is gonna talk about his haircut, talk ***** about his partner
Amanda called to the DR again cuz she went outside first
Alex calls her an idiot...(proving that he IS mean to her)
Matt: If natalie had a different voice/personality I'd maybe do her. Do you like fake breasts?
Parker: not really
Matt: me neither

Alex wishes there were more cams on the spyscreen.
Matt and Parker on bed, Alex lounging on the chair
Matt: We are the stars of the show, they are the supporting cast. They are just there to fill in spots.
Alex: They're the extras
Parker: they've done their part

Matt: As long as you dont stab me in the back, Ill say well played, and hopefully you'll take me on a trip with all your dough
Parker: man jen and me need that veto
Matt: Wanna know what else? Sheila and Adam dont owe you anything because they didnt think they were going home that first week, you were just saying that to make them scared. Sheila said that. Don't go ***** start ***** please.
Parker: I wont..just good to know
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bbshannon - continued... #7870623 11:12PM 14/02/2008
Matt thinks Sheila has bigger calves than he'll ever have in a lifetime
Alex: at night the black light is ***** crazy, the bathroom is freaky cuz of the shadows
Matt: i was starting to bug out at the hotel, thinking people were looking at me..i searched everywhere
Parker: me too
Talk about jerking off...
Alex: so the first two weeks they aren't gonna have a food comp? Next week Im guessing sunday right after the eviction maybe an hour later HOH comp..
Parker: we need to win it..James and Chelsia can't win that HOH
Alex: cuz me and you will both be up...or Sheila and of us will definetely be up
Parker: we will be up every week
Matt: what if Sheila/Adam win HOH for some crazy reason
They all groan
Alex: we should be ashamed (if they win) The next one might be a true/false..
Matt: it's usually not physical (hoh)
Parker: they said we're doing everything as couples
Matt: pov is physical, hoh is mental
Matt: I love doing competitions..thats the only reason I wanna play, Im bored. I wanna get my man off the block.
Parker: I hope they pick your ball Mattie.

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Topic #7870593
MaddyP - Parker, Mattie, and Alex are talking about how much everyone likes Adam now NT 0 Replies #7870593 11:08PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7870604
KingMac - Parker Matt and Alex say thier crew are the stars and the others... 0 Replies #7870604 11:09PM 14/02/2008
Are the extras Matt says we gotta get rid of the extras, LMAO! I love these guys.
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Topic #7870649
bbshannon - Matt called to the DR, Parker and Alex left in HOH 0 Replies #7870649 11:15PM 14/02/2008
Parker and Alex talk about the people in the DR...Parker says he was making them laugh. We get flames.

I can hear Natalie say "wheres my partner?" Someone else said "he just got called to the DR.

Amanda is headed up to the DR. Amanda flashes them on the spy screen. They all laugh.
Parker is gonna head to bed. Parker and Amanda hug..she tells him to "sleep with angels, dont let the bed bugs bite but if they do, beat them with a shoe until their black and blue"

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Topic #7870717
bbshannon - Alex and Amanda left in HOH, Alex gives Amanda a big hug 1 Replies #7870717 11:23PM 14/02/2008
Amanda tells Alex she's getting chubby
Alex says the DR people are funny but he can't tell her what they said!
Amanda talks about her DR but no warning from BB. She tells Alex not to look at her fat..Alex likes her curves.

Amanda shuts off the lights, gets into bed.
Amanda hears her stomach growling and she goes "is that my stomach?"
Alex says let me see...pulls the covers over his head and starts kissing her stomach. She says "no biting!" She laughs and asks is it making noise?
Amanda : how do you feel being in the doghouse on valentines day? you know youre a jerk right? just so you know...
Amanda asks him if hes tired..they are gonna play the "sniffing game" Dont know what they're doing...She says "I did 7" Alex has his arm draped over her and she's laying on her back. His head is nuzzled into her neck. They keep "sniffing" so many times..seeing how many times they can do it without running out of breath. Amanda is feeling light headed..
Alex: you lose! he slaps her butt and is rubbing her legs.
They kiss a few times..hes totally rubbing all over her..but she keeps laughing and rolling away.
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bbshannon - They are playing "gossip" now. Whispering different things into eachothers ears #7870787 11:30PM 14/02/2008
I think I heard Amanda say "Amanda's always right"
Alex said something about "being really really sorry, it wont happen again"

Amanda is half naked..wearing tiny booty shorts and a sports bar rolling around on the bed. (awkwaaard)
Alex is now kissing her neck/ear/ and Amanda says "Okkkkayyy! Woohoo!" and she rolls away. She is being a total tease! She has "goosebumps"
She says he's trouble.
Alex gets mad that people think he's a player..he says his business comes first and he can't have a relationship.
Amanda: I would never put work before a boyfriend. Being here forces you to get to know someone. Im hungry.
Alex: what else is new?
Amanda: you're mean! Puts her pillow over her head. Alex pulls the covers over their heads.
Alex pulls her close to him and they are facing eachother but she keeps looking away. She puts her arm around him...he kisses her chest again and she says "trouble!"
He rolls away from her. Then she faces him again. He pulls away, then she wants more, then she pulls away and he wants more.
Amanda: its night vision.
Alex is fed up.
Amanda: cuz youre in the doghouse
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Topic #7870820
MaddyP - Parker and Jen waving at the camera, talking 0 Replies #7870820 11:35PM 14/02/2008
She is glad that Parker is getting along with James and Alex.

They are discussing the infamous rumor that there is a long lost bro and sis in house
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Topic #7870833
bbshannon - While Amanda and Alex do their little dance, feeds 3 and 4 are on the backyard 0 Replies #7870833 11:36PM 14/02/2008
Josh: can you imagine being married to someone like amanda? she wants so much attention..I have never heard one smart thing out of her mouth. They are all wrapped in towels.
Sharon claps and laughs as Josh bashes Amanda.
James on the couch as well. Chelsia has her feet in the hottub.
Josh: shes running around like she owns the house.
They are worried she could hear them, but James says the spyscreen isn't outside.
Josh calls her a skankass..Sharon laughing.
Chelsia thinks Matt will realize no one likes amanda, there goes his alliance.
Jen is told to stop playing with her mic. (can't see her on feeds)
Chelsia: I like what Ali said about Jen, that its a marathon and she came sprinting in.
Josh calls her dumb as a rock.
James: Im the token crazy guy, you're the gay guy, Parker's the black guy
Chelsia: Amanda is spossed to be the dumb bitch, they talk about the roles they have to play.
BB tells Josh to put on his mic.
Chelsia says she was pretending to be peirced when she got her key.
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Topic #7870849
bbshannon - Around the feeds: Jen and Parker in bed with lights off chatting, Backyard people bashing other houseguests NT 0 Replies #7870849 11:37PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7870860
MaddyP - Backyard people convo 0 Replies #7870860 11:39PM 14/02/2008
Josh, Chelsea, James, Sharon

making fun of Parker. "What are you going to do? Do you work out? You can't hurt us!"

It's like high school

James can't trust Matt anymore
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Topic #7870875
MaddyP - Nat gives Matt a massage 0 Replies #7870875 11:40PM 14/02/2008
Talking about veto comp. Matt doesn't want to play, but is bored.

Now, talking about showtime viewers. It's funny and weird that showtime people watch us instead of going to bed (That's me!)

They feel save with Chelsea and James.
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Topic #7870909
bbshannon - Feed 3 switches to Natalie straddling Matt's back giving him a massage 0 Replies #7870909 11:44PM 14/02/2008
She is in a blue bikini; her hair in pigtails, wearing huge heart earrings; he is all oiled up.
Natalie: are we still on showtime? that's so funny... I wonder how many ppl are watching this right now.
Talk about the first painful it was. Natalie remembers Adam and Sheila cheering her on. Matt thinks they could've won. Natalie thinks sometimes they gotta take risks..
Matt: we gotta win HOH this week..I think we would be safe if James and Chelsia win
Natalie: Same with Josh and Sharon, they love me. They have another agenda, its not us.
Matt wants to know cuz they are partners.
He says sorry Ive been mean to you...Youre like country, Im city. Its just me.
Natalie: I'm not used to being around guys at all..I didnt know how to take it..I find you hysterical. I love your personality..this is cool now and I understand.
Matt: just say it back to me.
Natalie: Im a really fast learner..I can catch on really quick. I was mvp in basketball in highschool....
Matt: yep...
Natalie keeps talking about good she was.. talk about how they wish they had a basketball hoop. She just keeps talking about her she played with black she surprised them.

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Topic #7870916
bbshannon - Feed switches again to Alex and Amanda under the covers..she tells him to stop 0 Replies #7870916 11:46PM 14/02/2008
More of the same...moving away, coming together, etc. He seems frustrated.
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