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Topic #7861826
GoDeena - hot tub 0 Replies #7861826 12:00AM 14/02/2008
josh in hottub, ryan dangling his legs in.
talking about sharon, josh's new partner.
it's so crazy josh says because you study the game to a tee
and then you say I would never cry and then you get here
and it's all (something)
amanda wearing red 2 piece, arrives.
ryan says "your booty looks nice"
amanda says I was hoping to lose weight here but (something)
this is amanda's first time in the hot tub.
ryan asks if she's cool with everything.
she thinks sharon has benefited from missing "all that fighting that went on."
Amanda says sharon is shocked about Ryan and Jen being together.
Ryan went to get Jen.
Josh says he was crying hysterically for 20 minutes in the diary room.
amanda and Josh talking promises to each other while ryan is gone.
Says he can't cut a deal because Neil wasn't "down with that"
Amanda floating around in a flirty way in front of josh.
Josh: Tell me what you want?
Amanda says she wants "them" out.
Josh: Neil is like James, they are not afraid of anybody.
Amanda: Oh? you like my game? it's a game. (talking about her behavior)
Practically in his lap now.
amanda asking to wear someone's swimsuit later. Now Amanda is in Josh's lap. Yelling in the background. Josh gets out.
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Topic #7861835
Shar - Chelsia has joined Joshuah and Amanda in the hot tub. 0 Replies #7861835 12:01AM 14/02/2008
Now joined by Natalie and James.
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Topic #7861837
mattpd - Parker called to DR. Alison now with Sharon. Sharon rehashing everything she just told Parker now. NT 0 Replies #7861837 12:01AM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7861890
mattpd - Ryan & Jen just did whip-its with the empty whipped cream bottle. NT 0 Replies #7861890 12:18AM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7861893
mattpd - Ryan just licked starburst out of Jen's tongue ring. NT 0 Replies #7861893 12:19AM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7861905
Shar - Alex, Adam, and Matt are playing pool, James is watching. 0 Replies #7861905 12:21AM 14/02/2008
Alex just did an imitation of Allison playing pool, with a very exagerated rear-end projection.
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Topic #7861913
mattpd - Sharon managed to corner Ryan - she's now telling him the story about missing Jacob, etc. etc. etc. NT 0 Replies #7861913 12:23AM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7861921
Shar - Sharon and Ryan in kitchen; she is talking about Jacob again. He doesn't get to see the 0 Replies #7861921 12:24AM 14/02/2008
pictures on the wall, have the whole experience, etc.
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Topic #7861930
Shar - Ryan has joined the group in the hot tub. Allison called to DR. NT 0 Replies #7861930 12:27AM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7861936
Shar - Chelsia thinks that James will go crazy and run around naked if they get HOH. NT 0 Replies #7861936 12:30AM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7861987
Shar - Parker is massaging Amanda in the sauna room while Sharon watches. 0 Replies #7861987 12:51AM 14/02/2008
Lots of trash talk about Jen. Parker says he can never win with her as his partner. Parker is massaging Amanda's legs and the camera zooms in, he says "They are loving this sh*t!".
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Topic #7862051
Shar - Allison and Ryan, talking in the store room: A asks if R will play for POV 0 Replies #7862051 1:16AM 14/02/2008
and not throw it. He promises that he will play to win.
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Topic #7862102
mattpd - Sharon and Parker are going over the same thing about how much Jen bugs them NT 0 Replies #7862102 1:37AM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7862152
mattpd - Joshuah & Alison talking in bed 0 Replies #7862152 1:52AM 14/02/2008
Joshuah is extremely upset and crying again. He's upset that he couldn't say goodbye to Neil and he seems really skeptical still about Sharon. He's definitely not pleased. Isolation is setting in for him now and he's sad he can't talk to anybody from home. Joshuah was getting really close to some guy named Chase when he was back home and he was semi-expecting Chase to walk through the door instead of Sharon. He started crying again when he started talking about Chase.
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Topic #7862169
Samma - Sharon and Parker whispering in the living room 0 Replies #7862169 1:57AM 14/02/2008
Sharon: Until he is gone, you are screwed (talking about Ryan)
Parker: I know for a fact if I wasn't her partner, she'd be out of here
Sharon: I'd make sure of it. I would've got her. I would have her ass, I'd pull her up by her hair.
Parker: God, I missed you and it was only two days!
Sharon: Feels like forever! It's scary how you don't know who you can trust. The one person I never thought would turn on me, backstabbed me.

Talking about how they can't wait to see the episodes and see how everything went down.
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Topic #7862187
Samma - Sharon telling Parker about being nervous about being Joshuah's partner 0 Replies #7862187 2:06AM 14/02/2008
She said she was nervous at first because Josh asked her if she thought they were targets when Parker/Jen were the power couple, and she said Josh gave her the impression that he didn't really care about the game. She said she came back and was worried about being his partner, but she thinks the game has changed a lot now.

She tells Parker that Allison/Ryan HAVE to go home.
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Topic #7862190
Samma - Joshuah shown in DR asking for Tylenol because of a headache, from crying all day NT 0 Replies #7862190 2:06AM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7862204
scandalous - Parker said to Sharon, "do you think the internet people are watching us, getting off...." (lol) NT 0 Replies #7862204 2:11AM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7862205
Samma - Amanda out of the DR, talking to Jen and Ryan about not being compatible with Alex 0 Replies #7862205 2:12AM 14/02/2008
Telling them that she and Alex really aren't that compatible, and that they disagree on everything.

Amanda: Alex said I eat too much!

Now they are all talking about him being on a low-carb diet.
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Topic #7862212
scandalous - Parker said..."wait till I see Julie, he'd say, Julie, you lied to me" he's saying "this show sucks, f*ck you big brother".... 0 Replies #7862212 2:15AM 14/02/2008
They think they'll have to use plastic silverware soon. They (Parker & Sharon) think if the show was any longer they'd kill each other & it would be the first reality show death.

Parker then makes fun of the bb people waking them up in a cheery voice. Said Neil mimics the voice saying, "good morning hg's time to get up and fight."

They agree they'll miss Neil.
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Topic #7862229
scandalous - Parker, Sharon & Amanda were chatting: 0 Replies #7862229 2:21AM 14/02/2008
Amanda said she's hungry & Alex (I think) said she eats too much.

Amanda said she wanted to cuddle w/ Parker & said that she & Alex don't cuddle anymore b/c they're too much alike.

Parker was bitching about BB & said he wanted to kill himself & Amanda got really upset & asked that he please not say that. She walked off upset while Parker apologized. She just kept saying suicide...nice, while Parker is now saying he "pulled a Jen." Amanda said she wouldn't stop him and then went off to bed.

Parker continues to feel like an as*s while Sharon says let her sleep on it.
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Topic #7862245
scandalous - Sharon & Parker talk about Neil... 0 Replies #7862245 2:24AM 14/02/2008
Saying they hope it's not that bad & how they wish he could come back. Parker said that he couldn't come back b/c he's not in sequester & has been exposed to the outside world. They agree it sucks.
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Topic #7862253
scandalous - Sharon contemplating if everyone gets sequestered b/c of the small number of pairs & how she & Jacob were apparently sequestered NT 0 Replies #7862253 2:27AM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7862259
scandalous - Meanwhile Jen & Ryan have been cuddling & chatting on the loveseat in the wc NT 0 Replies #7862259 2:29AM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7862267
scandalous - Sharon says that wherever they were sequestered was similar to pre-show, that they didn't get very far (no sequester house); S & J just talked alot NT 0 Replies #7862267 2:33AM 14/02/2008
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