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Topic #7865097
Melonie - Alex and James in the lounger 0 Replies #7865097 12:50PM 14/02/2008
Alex is talking about who he can save. James said he is not going to stress or cause drama he said the girls cause all the drama.

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Topic #7865119
Melonie - Josh and Allison in the kichen discussing possibly winning the veto.. 0 Replies #7865119 12:53PM 14/02/2008
Allison says she feels very good she knows shes not going home so whatever it doesn't matter.

When asked how he was doing today Josh said he can't he feels like he lost a best friend, like you have lost your only sanity. Allison tells him if he needs her.

He said it will be easier to hang out later he doesnt want people to think they are in an alliance.

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Topic #7865126
Melonie - Allison and Josh think Sheila and Adam will go up is Allison and Ryan come down. NT 0 Replies #7865126 12:54PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7865138
Melonie - Allison tells Josh bottom line they have got to win pov. NT 0 Replies #7865138 12:55PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7865148
KennyN - Allison tells Josh she's not sure if they'll even be doing food comps this year. She doesn't care either way. NT 0 Replies #7865148 12:56PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7865161
Melonie - Alison tells Josh she want no drama.. 0 Replies #7865161 12:58PM 14/02/2008
She tells him she is not even in the mentality whatsoever.
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Topic #7865179
Melonie - Amanda says she was just informed that chelsia hates her and that she doesnt like people that are into 1 Replies #7865179 1:01PM 14/02/2008
Jc (something) shoes. Amanda said she doesn't care she only cares if "Parker" likes her. She and Sharon are in the hammock.

She tells her Josh came up and talked to them last night wanted to ask them if they wanted to go final four.

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Shar - BCBG shoes. NT #7865193 1:03PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7865197
Melonie - Sharon and Amanda in the hammock cont 0 Replies #7865197 1:03PM 14/02/2008
Sharon tells Amanda that Jen being there without Ryan may make her want to go home.

Amanda said that after Ryan and Allison she really wants James and Chelsia gone.

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Topic #7865224
KennyN - Parker says again that this is the most unfair season ever. NT 0 Replies #7865224 1:06PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7865230
Melonie - Parker is on the ground next to the hammock in the conversation 0 Replies #7865230 1:07PM 14/02/2008
He tells them they can build up more trust this way. Amanda tells parker he has cute lips.

Sharon says she feels like she is so unproductive she hasn't done anything for three days.

Parker says he can't wait to get out of there he is going to cuss each and every one of them out. (meaning bb)

Amanda asks Parker why he never cuddles with her. He said because he doesn't want to make it obvious jokinly.

Sharon says she almost got married at 18 to Jacob, they are discussing wanting to be married. Parker doesn't want to marry to 35 or when it happens.

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Topic #7865245
PrincessManda - Jen, Amanda and Parker chit chat...... 0 Replies #7865245 1:10PM 14/02/2008
They are talking about getting married.

Sharon: " I almost got married when I was 18"
Amanda: "With Jacob?"
Sharon: " Yep"

Amanda: " Parker doesn't want to get married until hes 35"

Parker explaining that he wants to get married after he does his own stuff and he just moved out here.

Amanda see herself getting married in two years and starts having kids.
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Topic #7865256
Melonie - Parker, Amanda and Sharon 0 Replies #7865256 1:11PM 14/02/2008
Discussing relationships. Sharon talking about when she was going to marry Jacob.
Amanda says she always meets these guys that are so great and then when they get together things change as in when they want babies etc.
Amanda wasn't ready to have babies and ex was.
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Topic #7865271
Melonie - Sharon would love to see how they are being portrayed 0 Replies #7865271 1:13PM 14/02/2008
She wonders what her family is thinking.

Sharon discussing how there must be a twist. Sharon says if you think about it four people are going to make it to the end. He said there is just not enough people. Wonders if they are going to sequester.

Sharon said regardless they are all going to have a part in it no matter what to the end if it stays couples. (speculation)
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Topic #7865278
PrincessManda - Amanda and Sharon 0 Replies #7865278 1:14PM 14/02/2008
Talking about how many couples are going to sequester. How if Alison and Ryan go this week they will be actually able to go home but then jen was saying there would be 3 or 4 couples put into sequester house.
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Topic #7865286
Melonie - Matt, James and Alex in the sauna discussing their jobs. 0 Replies #7865286 1:15PM 14/02/2008
Matt is wondering if Sheila and Adam know each other in Rl because of how they reacted to one another.
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Topic #7865289
PrincessManda - Matt, James and Alex in saunna 0 Replies #7865289 1:17PM 14/02/2008
They were talking how hot it was in there. THey said it was 140 degrees.

Then were talking about if they were allowed to wear there mics in the saunna and they said they could in the manuel.

Matt talking about his roofing job and how he doesn't work with immigrants and hes a foreman.

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Topic #7865297
PrincessManda - Amanda went into saunna room... 0 Replies #7865297 1:19PM 14/02/2008
Amanda: " YOu guys look sexy in there"

Alex: " Can you go into the storage room and see if they have clippers"

Amanda: " yes"

She went to the storage room and came back saying she can't get into the storage room. And then left the Saunna Room.
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Topic #7865320
PrincessManda - More Saunna talk.... 0 Replies #7865320 1:22PM 14/02/2008
Talking about who all has been to oregon and james said he bicycled it. And how oregon is mountains, cliffs, ocean.

James: Big windy raods and the highway is only two lanes. Thats how I got side swiped

Ryan: talking about his hair and after he gets out of the suanna hes going take a cold shower and change into shorts.
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Topic #7865354
PrincessManda - Parker and Amanda out back..... 0 Replies #7865354 1:26PM 14/02/2008
They are laying on towels.

They are talking how tall they are.

Amanda: I'm 5" 2 1/2'

Parker: I am like 5" 11'

Matt, Alex came outside from the saunna. They are talking about getting in the pool.

Natalie is on the hammock saying she is happy that she got her voice back
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Topic #7865389
KennyN - Allison/Sheila talking about how they're similar to Dick Donato because they dont care what others think of them, just like him. NT 1 Replies #7865389 1:31PM 14/02/2008
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Melonie - Allison said she rooted for Zach and Sheila said how could you! (this was in final three of season 8) NT #7865400 1:33PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7865423
KennyN - Allison says that she would rather get Jen out than win the money. That would be more of a victory for her, and she's not going to give up. NT 0 Replies #7865423 1:37PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7865436
Melonie - Allison tells Sheila she wants to be here that she needs to be here 0 Replies #7865436 1:39PM 14/02/2008
Allison says she hopes that Ryan doesn't throw it. Sheila said that would be the stupidest thing he ever did.

(Earlier my phone rang didnt get to update this)Sheila and Allison were discussing season 8 Allison was rooting for Zach Sheila was rooting for Dick and Dani. They compared Adam to Zach. They said zach just didn't know what he was doing. And that Adam and Zach probably had the high school thing in common. He didnt want anyone to not like him. Sheila said that the reason Dick and Daniele won is that they didn't give a crap, and allison said nor do you or I. Sheila says she doesn't care what the other houseguests think. She said when she walks out of the house her life is rich just by what she has.
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Topic #7865537
Melonie - Jen and Amanda in the bathroom 0 Replies #7865537 1:52PM 14/02/2008
Jen says she is staying in this game she has too. Jen thinks this house will be so much better without Allison. Jen says that she will be better off without Ryan too. Jen says she told Ryan hes the reason she is on the block. Jen says she is glad Amanda did what she did. And Amanda told Jen she likes her, Jen said she was going to tell Amanda not to put them up she was going to vote Ryan our but she didn't have time.

Jen says Parker has been real real with her. Amanda wants to go see where Alex is.
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Topic #7865606
Melonie - All four feeds on Allison, Natalie and Sheila in the backyard 0 Replies #7865606 2:01PM 14/02/2008
Discussing votes and the POV. Discussing Marcellas not using the pov and going home. Nat says so it would be stupid not to use it don't do that.
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Topic #7865688
KennyN - Amanda/Parker in bed. She tells him that Alex wants her to let him talk to everyone for her. He thinks he's smarter than she is. She's annoyed. NT 0 Replies #7865688 2:20PM 14/02/2008
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