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Topic #7927271
Bigjock4u9 - Josh asks Adam if he trusts Allison and And josh says she is CRAZY NT 0 Replies #7927271 12:23AM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7927287
xoxBeccAxox - this happened a few mins ago.. 0 Replies #7927287 12:25AM 20/02/2008
alison told matt and alex that her and ryan would be the best pair to bring to the final two. Nothing was official, but maybe the start of a new alliance? Meanwhile, Josh eavesdropped on the whole conversation and thinks Alison is turning on them. He's now telling Adam and James about it. They all agree that Parker and Jen have to go this week but Next week may put A/A and A/R up on the block.
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Topic #7927337
WVpdles - Ali is now telling Sharon and Josh, everything that her, matt, and alex discussed NT 0 Replies #7927337 12:33AM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7927415
bbshannon - Alex and Amanda sleeping in the same bed..Amanda is wearing the SMALLEST pair of underwear possible 0 Replies #7927415 12:48AM 20/02/2008
She is very chatty and he's just mumbling.
She asks him if hes heard anything today and he said he tried to talk to Alison about strategy and if they were partners, they would take the house down.
He's completely turned away from her on the very edge of the bed
Amanda: you can't do that with me?
Alex: we could've..but you put us in this position.
Amanda: Ive been all ears today
Alex: dont go and tell everyone!
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Topic #7927457
Bigjock4u9 - FOTH NT 0 Replies #7927457 12:56AM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7927490
scandalous - Jen & Ryan are lying on the floor next to Jen/Parker's bed; Park & Jen laughing, I think b/c Ryan was talking in his sleep NT 0 Replies #7927490 1:04AM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7927497
scandalous - Cams were on Jen/Ryan & Parker, but audio from the pink room where Matt/Sheila discussed the date vs. days in the house (19/13) NT 0 Replies #7927497 1:06AM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7927499
scandalous - FOTH NT 0 Replies #7927499 1:07AM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7927508
scandalous - Cams back in pink room, Sheila said she asked Alex if he wanted his bed back (after HOH), but I don't think they're moving out 0 Replies #7927508 1:11AM 20/02/2008
Sheila said Alex is a good guy

Nat said Alex is hysterical and keeps her up laughing @ night.

Nat starts complaining again about how Matt won't talk to her.
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Topic #7927520
scandalous - Sheila asks Adam if he'll behave tomorrow w/ Julie, Adam said he will if Julie behaves... 0 Replies #7927520 1:18AM 20/02/2008
Adam said if Julie startes w/ him, he'll answer her questions starting w/ "Babe"

Sheila brings up the "Geesha" comment.

Nat starts asking what a Geesh is, Sheila says that's not how you pronounce it, Jen calls out "Geisha" from the other room (pronounced Gay-sha; ed. which is correct.)

Now Adam & Matt saying they're going to tag-team a Geesh when they get out of there.

Nat says to Matt, "oh, you're that desperate?"

Sheila tells Adam to stop calling them "Geesh" that it irritates her, she tells him he makes stuff up & it's buggin' her.

Adam says do you really think they'd put me on the show if I make stuff up?

Adam says, the "geesh" is a serious issue on the street & you're making me look like a joke. Now he's imitating an Asian accent; Sheila's appalled.

Adam says he's going to step outside, Sheila says, "we know what you're really going to do."

And the silliness goes on...
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Topic #7927522
scandalous - "Something's" going on under the covers between Jen & Ryan NT 0 Replies #7927522 1:19AM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7927524
scandalous - James gets up & leaves the room, Ryan & Jen play "asleep" for a sec, now James out back talking to Adam/smoking NT 0 Replies #7927524 1:21AM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7927540
scandalous - "Bro talk" in back w/ Adam & James; they're saying there's shady bro sh*t going on & they can't sleep... 0 Replies #7927540 1:29AM 20/02/2008
Adam is saying "Operation Condor" must touch down. (I'm unclear as to what Op Con is)

They say Park & Jen gone tomorrow, then either Alli or Amanda. James also brings up backdooring Mattie.

They say if Alli "flips a b*tch" then Operation Condor won't go through.

Ultimately the end solution they seem to be working towards is Adam, James, Josh and their respective partners being the final 3.
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Topic #7927543
scandalous - Jen & Ryan "finish up" and Jen gets up (to go to the bathroom I think. I haven't seen Park in the bed since they started & don't know where he is) NT 0 Replies #7927543 1:30AM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7927546
scandalous - Adam flexes his muscle at the cam on his way back to bed, James back in bed NT 0 Replies #7927546 1:31AM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7927547
scandalous - Jen comes back from WC (not enough time for her to have showered) and she & Ryan are giggling about their rendezvous NT 0 Replies #7927547 1:32AM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7927549
scandalous - Jen & Ryan were talking about something, but w/out mics and being on the floor I think you'd need dogs' ears to get what they're saying NT 0 Replies #7927549 1:36AM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7927551
scandalous - Parker's back (may have been in DR); now all the hamstah's in bed (or asleep on the floor) NT 0 Replies #7927551 1:38AM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7927564
scandalous - Cam switches to HOH; Amanda saying what? Alex said what? Amanda said she thought he was laughing NT 0 Replies #7927564 2:00AM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7927565
scandalous - Alex tells her to shut up and go to sleep, Amanda looks under the covers and says, "that's so cool......"and we get flames NT 0 Replies #7927565 2:01AM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7927566
scandalous - Cam comes back to Amanda saying "I think after the first month it gets easier." Alex says, "I'm not talking about sex... 0 Replies #7927566 2:05AM 20/02/2008
She said "oh, you mean anything?" he says "yeah" she said "you mean you don't (masturbate) in the bathroom?" He said "no I was afraid there was a cam in there" she said "me too"

Amanda rolls over and Alex says she's on his side and to roll back. They then go back and forth with him mimicking what she's saying in a baby voice. He's being mean to her, but still in an almost flirty way. Telling her she has a fat ass, telling her he needs more room on the bed, she says i might fall off then..he says good, he's playing saying "bueno!"

then flames
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Topic #7927567
scandalous - They're flirt/fighting more, Amanda starts saying bueno (in an even more baby voice than usual), (more babbling/teasing inside) 0 Replies #7927567 2:13AM 20/02/2008
Alex has his pillow over his head to block her out.

Amanda starts swearing in Spanish; Alex belches; Amanda says she hates his diet & that she should start eating carbs; Alex says (in baby voice) that he can't or the weight would come back.

Amanda says night jerk, Alex says night bitch

Alex said something about "up your *ss", she says up your penis hole, Alex said (in a normal voice) "my penis hole!?"

Amanda asks what that's called & Alex cant think of it & says "cervix"..."no".

Amanda says that's mine! (LOL)

Amanda asks Alex if he'll brush her hair tomorrow...No....will he scratch her back....No. He says what does that turn you on? Then said, "as long as I stay away from your no-no spot?"

Most of this is said with Alex using a baby voice.
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Topic #7927568
scandalous - Alex & Amanda now seem to be sincerely finally trying to go to sleep, both on their backs & clearly on their "own side" of the bed NT 0 Replies #7927568 2:14AM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7927571
scandalous - We had one feed on guinea pig cam but now Adam up again, going to the WC NT 0 Replies #7927571 2:25AM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7927574
scandalous - Cam zooms in on the soap dish (as if to see if he'll wash his hands, lol) he exits the WC and does NOT wash them, just reaches in pants to adjust NT 0 Replies #7927574 2:27AM 20/02/2008
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