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Topic #7934846
ccquilter - Kitchen chatter - the girls and Sheila and Alex have a minor row 0 Replies #7934846 7:12PM 20/02/2008
Kitchen - Sheila is upset with Adam
Now wondering if she’s the only one that sees Adam this way - that he’s a jerk
Allison saying that Adam told the boys about the vote and him being forced to vote a certain way
Sheila feels she’s been thrown under the bus and its all his fault
Allison wants to know if she can chop some things up
Amanda showing Allison how to cut an onion
Amanda asks Alex if he’s having a protein shake
Alex asks Sheila what’s wrong she wants to know how many hours he’s got
Allison calls Amanda over to look at what she’s doing
Alex and Sheila are now spontaneously going at it
Sheila yelling that he put the right people up
If Alex was playing for himself he would have put the miserable people up - he put up people for the house.
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Topic #7934874
AndreBBFan - Nat with Jamsia in the HoH room. Nat is excited. Promises she/Matty won't but J/C on th block next week. NT 0 Replies #7934874 7:13PM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7934915
ccquilter - Sheila and Adam in the bathroom 0 Replies #7934915 7:15PM 20/02/2008
Sheila is trying to tell him off - he tries to talk back
Sheila gets really loud with him, and he gets loud with her
It gets a bit hot - he walks away
Sheila is really mad with him
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Topic #7934965
ccquilter - Sheila and Allison in the bedroom 0 Replies #7934965 7:18PM 20/02/2008
Sheila is really mad.
Doesn’t want to ever hear Adam’s name ever mentioned ever after she leaves this house
She feels like she’s the a**hole to vote them out of the house
She’s mad that he talked about the diary
She feels he’s an idiot
Josh comes in
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Topic #7934970
AndreBBFan - Sheila/Ali talking. Sheila pissed at Adam and Matty. NT 0 Replies #7934970 7:18PM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7935041
my0wn - James & chel in HOH James says matt might team up w/Adam cause he is not dumb NT 0 Replies #7935041 7:21PM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7935054
WVpdles - Amanda and Ali are trying to convince Sheila to join the rest of the women cooking for their men, so she doesn't get in trouble NT 0 Replies #7935054 7:21PM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7935071
Rosario - Sheila is telling Allison that she cant trust Adam NT 0 Replies #7935071 7:22PM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7935118
WVpdles - Alex, Ryan, Adam in BY - alex says sheila is playing the mommy card, 0 Replies #7935118 7:25PM 20/02/2008
alex said if it wasn't for the house he would have put up sheila and adam
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Topic #7935192
Taffy - Sheila just said that "Adam is f*cking this game up" to anyone that can hear her screams... 0 Replies #7935192 7:28PM 20/02/2008
Amanda comes in and tells Sheila something like she has to make food for Adam. Sheila says she will and will add Arsenic to it...Amanda insists and Sheila tells her to let her calm down...Sheila tells Amanda that she gave her her space when she (Amanda) was upset...

Now sheila is saying that Adam got on her face and threatened her...Allison backs her up repeating "yes, he did". Sheila says Adam is a degenerate,because of the way he talks about women...Sheila says she has asked herself about Adam "Is he real, he's no evil Dick, I've never seen anything like that, he's such a liar" Sheila yells now..."How dare he get on my face and say "they're gonna come after you...(yelling) WHO'S GONNA COME AFTER ME?!!! WHO?!!!

...voices can be heard on the back's gonna be a long weekend....

Sheila keeps screaming that she doesn't give a sh*t what anybody thinks of her in the house, she's successful...Allison keeps repeating "you're totally right" and "I agree"... (another smart move Sheila...NOT! ed)
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Topic #7935284
susooz - Adam & Ryan- Ry misses Jen - Adam saying Sheila is crazy NT 0 Replies #7935284 7:33PM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7935332
WVpdles - Adam told Sheila she overacted when she came out of the DR crying NT 0 Replies #7935332 7:37PM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7935342
Taffy - Allison, now alone with Sheila, is trying to talk her into cooking something for Adam... 0 Replies #7935342 7:37PM 20/02/2008
Sheila tells her that she needs to calm down, tells Allison that she understood when Allison was upset so Please let her calm down. Allison says she's worried that Sheila might get in trouble. Sheila says she's a fast cook, she can make something really quick...

Tells Allison she doesn't care if she goes because of what Adam did...tells Allison she (A) can go cook for her man or stay there. Allison says she'll stay with her...Sheila keeps talking about Adam.Now Adam is in the room and Sheila is telling him that when they came out of Diary room she went to hug him and he responded "They're gonna come after you"...

Adam says they miscomunicated...Allison keeps interjecting...can barely hear Adam over sheila's rant...Sheila asks him why did he have to say that while they were still in the house (?) and could hear him...
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Topic #7935364
Rosario - Adam tells Sheila she is nuts and Sheila responds that anyone watching the show will see he is the one that is nuts NT 0 Replies #7935364 7:38PM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7935407
WVpdles - James alone in HoH singing to music you can hear from the headphones and we get FLAMES NT 0 Replies #7935407 7:39PM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7935432
Taffy - Adam tells Sheila she's nuts...Sheila replies loudly "OH I'M F*CKING NUTS?" 0 Replies #7935432 7:41PM 20/02/2008
"Anyone watching this show knows who's f*cking nuts, I guarantee you!"...(hmmm, need a minute?lol ed)
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Topic #7935465
WVpdles - Chel and James are getting drunk, James telling Chel that Ryan was the one who made the snack comment about Parker NT 0 Replies #7935465 7:43PM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7935474
Taffy - Sheila (in kitchen now) tells Allison that she hopes she's not portrayed on the show as the crazy one 0 Replies #7935474 7:44PM 20/02/2008
Allison says "no, they will not" Sheila says they better not...conversation turns to cooking and Sheila is all giggles now.
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Topic #7935478
WVpdles - All women except Chel are cooking NT 0 Replies #7935478 7:44PM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7935485
WVpdles - James says that all the men are making the decisions in the relationships, except for Sheila and Adam they can't figure out NT 1 Replies #7935485 7:45PM 20/02/2008
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my0wn - James mentions putting Adam & shelia up as a pawn NT #7935504 7:46PM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7935505
ccquilter - James and Chelsia in HOH 0 Replies #7935505 7:46PM 20/02/2008

James looks at the camera and says - these are the people we have to beat for a quarter of a million dollars.
James thinks the other couples, the men are running the pairs
Chelsia doesn’t know about Adam
James talks about putting them up (Adam and Sheila) because they are unlikely to win anything.
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Topic #7935532
WVpdles - James and Chel agree they aren't gonna become famous from being on BB9, and aren't going to let it consume their life.. 0 Replies #7935532 7:48PM 20/02/2008
Chel said Matt voted that way because he's moving to LA and moving in with Parker
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Topic #7935533
ccquilter - More James and Chelsia in the HOH 0 Replies #7935533 7:48PM 20/02/2008
James says they have a pseudo alliance with Joshua
C says Joshua is a gossiper
James - that’s great if he can be our eyes and ears
C says she loves Alli, but she’s not here to make friends
James - to be honest, how many people are likely to see each other outside the house
C says two
James says he has things to do that don’t involve the people in this house or the game

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Topic #7935569
WVpdles - Josh in HT telling Adam, Matt was Parker/Jen's executioner because they left them on the block NT 0 Replies #7935569 7:50PM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7935577
WVpdles - James says they can use the excuse that Sheila is only here to promote her book as they reason they're a pawn NT 0 Replies #7935577 7:51PM 20/02/2008
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