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Topic #7938255
bbshannon - All talking about the margarita if they get Petrone, Alex will get drunk 0 Replies #7938255 11:09PM 20/02/2008
Amanda brings in the cookies and they all snack.
Josh says how much a*s Matt is gonna get after the show..they joke that Allison will be the first one.

Ali and Josh talk about how much they like they miss it.

Sheila talks about Boogie..hopefully he'll have a party for the BB people in LA. (as if)

Alison mocks Mattie's accent
Nat wants a massage..Matt immediately says "8-ball you do it"

Ryan rubbing Amanda's shoulders..she's seating below him on the floor.

Josh says he'll get them into all the gay bars..Matt says he'd go.
Natalie asked for something ( i think booze) and BB said maybe later in the week.
Joshua asked to go to the DR (AGAIN) He says he's up to something- drama.

Earlier they were talking about how BB always yells at them.
Josh says "am I in trouble?"
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Topic #7938261
bbshannon - Adam giving Natalie a massage now..hes on the couch she's on the floor NT 0 Replies #7938261 11:09PM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7938324
WVpdles - Amanda trying to wake up James, after she yells his name a few times then FLAMES 0 Replies #7938324 11:17PM 20/02/2008
All the guys are going to carry him upstairs FLAMES
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Topic #7938331
SouthernBelladonna - The Hgs are trying to figure out how to get James off the massage table and up to HOH. NT 0 Replies #7938331 11:17PM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7938345
SouthernBelladonna - Flames on the feeds and Piggies on BBAD. NT 0 Replies #7938345 11:18PM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7938346
bbshannon - More random chitchat in the red room. Everyone minus Chelsia/James 0 Replies #7938346 11:18PM 20/02/2008
Josh in DR.
Everyone is laying on the floor with pillows.
Alison and Matt just said the streets they live on. Then Matt gave out his phone number..And we get flames.
Alison scalped tickets to go to the Nets game..she paid 200 dollars..she told this story already. They were fake..bought other tickets..they were fake again.
Sports talk.
Alison called to the DR.
BB is trying to wake James up. Amanda is rubbing his back and calling his name. Josh joins her in the spa room. Flames again. They can't wake him up. Amanda calls for Ryan and other boys to come to the spa room. Everyone comes in and start shaking him. BB wants them to carry him upstairs.
Matt: Now we know why they wont give us any alcohol.
Adam slaps him and they all say DONT!

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Topic #7938359
SouthernBelladonna - Josh is in HOH, covering Che up. It looks like he's getting the bed ready for James. NT 0 Replies #7938359 11:18PM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7938380
WVpdles - They just moved James to the couch in the massage room and Josh covered him with a blanket NT 0 Replies #7938380 11:20PM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7938387
SouthernBelladonna - James has been moved to the couch in the sauna room. Josh covers him up. NT 0 Replies #7938387 11:21PM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7938389
bbshannon - Sharon shocked they passed out, Ryan talks about DR questioning 0 Replies #7938389 11:21PM 20/02/2008
Josh back up to HOH, I think using the bathroom
Ryan was told that Jen will be watching and to leave a special he thinks she didnt go to a sequester or anything.
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Topic #7938415
bbshannon - Alex: That's what makes me not want to drink NT 0 Replies #7938415 11:23PM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7938424
bbshannon - Matt talking about blacking out 2 Halloweens in a row NT 1 Replies #7938424 11:24PM 20/02/2008
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bbshannon - BB tells him to center his mic and he says "oh you want this story huh?" NT #7938429 11:25PM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7938432
bbshannon - Sharon and Amanda talking in the boat room..Sharon munching on cookies NT 2 Replies #7938432 11:25PM 20/02/2008
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bbshannon - They seem to be making a deal of some sort (Alex told her not to do this haha) NT #7938440 11:26PM 20/02/2008
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bbshannon - Amanda starts talking about Julie Chen's questions to her and we get flames NT #7938456 11:28PM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7938467
bbshannon - Sharon tells Amanda that she's floating and playing everyones cards..finding out what everyone is doing NT 2 Replies #7938467 11:30PM 20/02/2008
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bbshannon - They agree that they have to break "THEM" up cuz they are dangerous together. Don't know who. NT #7938473 11:30PM 20/02/2008
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StephOH - "Them" = Sheila & Allison, ShoToo shown them wanting to split those 2 up NT #7938494 11:34PM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7938488
bbshannon - Matt and Adam playing pool and chatting..Matt talks about snorting "K" Natalie with them as well. NT 0 Replies #7938488 11:33PM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7938501
bbshannon - Amanda and Sharon pinky swear. Amanda says "dont tell anyone" 1 Replies #7938501 11:36PM 20/02/2008
Sharon wants to talk to Josh.
Amanda says Josh and Sharon will be gone..Ali and Sheila will fight to keep eachother in the game.

James is closest to Ryan..
Sharon wants to convince them to put up Ryan/Ali up as a pawn..but get rid of Ryan and Ali.
Sharon doesnt trust Alison..She keeps saying f*ck. We gotta find a way...
Maybe stir ***** between Sheila and Alison?
Amanda already tried apparently.
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bbshannon - Alex busts in and scares them..Amanda tells Sharon to tell Alex what's going on #7938534 11:40PM 20/02/2008
Adam told Sharon that James and Chelsia may put up Josh/Sharon as a pawn. She is telling Alex this.

Telling Alex they need to break that alliance up..that would be the best scenario.

James promised Josh he wouldn't put them she doesnt know. Sharon says we gotta get them against eachother.
BB tells Alex to move his mic higher.
Sharon: we gotta plant that seed
Alex doesn't seem very responsive.

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Topic #7938555
bbshannon - Sharon trying to convince Alex to help break up the Sheila/Alison alliance by planting seeds. Amanda left the room. NT 1 Replies #7938555 11:42PM 20/02/2008
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bbshannon - They want to make that alliance look like a threat #7938589 11:48PM 20/02/2008
Sharon will work Josh...Josh is close to James.
Alex whispering but its hard to hear.
Amanda called to the DR.

Sharon says they both suck..and they aren't gonna win POV.
She wants Ali and Sheila to be a big threat...plant that seed now. By Sunday it'll start happening.
Sharon talks about Parker and how he ruined his chances by being was easy to get rid of him.

They gotta make Ali feel okay with being the pawn...Sharon talking up a storm. Sharon says Sheila starts drama and is an actress..
Alex: James said to Matt that him and Natalie are safe.
James also said that Josh is safe, says Sharon.
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Topic #7938594
MtDewAddict - Ryan, Nat, Shelia, Adam and Josh talking about checking voicemail, myspace etc when they get out. Ryan wants to google his name NT 0 Replies #7938594 11:49PM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7938608
MtDewAddict - Alex asks who wants to use Nair on his back tomorrow. He's serious. NT 0 Replies #7938608 11:51PM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7938618
bbshannon - Matt sticks his head under the sink in the bathroom. They have no hot water. NT 0 Replies #7938618 11:53PM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7938622
MtDewAddict - Josh is trying on Alex's glasses. Alex says that the designer of his glasses is "some Jap" NT 0 Replies #7938622 11:54PM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7938624
bbshannon - Sheila brushing her teeth on feeds 1 and 2 NT 0 Replies #7938624 11:54PM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7938626
bbshannon - Josh and Sharon go into room to talk..but Sharon takes away the cookies first so Josh doesnt eat them NT 0 Replies #7938626 11:54PM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7938627
bbshannon - Matt says he hasn't lied ONCE in this game NT 0 Replies #7938627 11:55PM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7938628
EvelDickthebest - Sharon about to tell Josh about her con now amanda is bothering them NT 0 Replies #7938628 11:55PM 20/02/2008
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