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Topic #7937380
raindrop110475 - Is official ryan and adam are aware of the lesbian couple lie and seem to think is not big deal NT 0 Replies #7937380 10:04PM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7937408
bbshannon - Alex telling them all his life him and Amanda are Leos and are very alike 0 Replies #7937408 10:06PM 20/02/2008
But hes only known her for 2 weeks..great body, beautiful..something could happen. She could be his ticket out of there though...he says its a rollercoaster.
Talks about his family, his job, etc.
Now Sharon is telling her story.
This all stemmed from Matt wanting to get to know them.
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Topic #7937417
raindrop110475 - James adam and ryan are all excited abotu operation condor NT 0 Replies #7937417 10:06PM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7937431
WVpdles - James, Ryan, Adam talking about who should go up against A/A to play PoV... 0 Replies #7937431 10:08PM 20/02/2008
Adam said he would be dead weight in PoV comp.
James said he can't put up Nat/Matt in case A/A get PoV
James said they'd all discuss it tomorrow, he can't do it without his girl.
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Topic #7937454
bbshannon - Sharon tells Alex, Josh, and Matt about her dad being in the military and there being a bounty for his head. Flames NT 1 Replies #7937454 10:09PM 20/02/2008
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bbshannon - She says he really wasn't around that much..she had to be the mom. #7937466 10:10PM 20/02/2008
Alex and Matt asking lots of questions about her dad's job in the marines.
How she changed schools every 3 years.
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Topic #7937461
WVpdles - James agrees Ryan has the week off, after being on the block this week.. 0 Replies #7937461 10:10PM 20/02/2008
Ryan said he owed them votes for keeping him.
Seems the guys have decided to do rock,paper,sissors to see who goes up against A/A
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Topic #7937471
raindrop110475 - james ryan and adam plan to add josh and play paper rock scissors for who goes up as pawn NT 0 Replies #7937471 10:11PM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7937511
WVpdles - Adam says if they can't decide on evictiong vote, they lose their stipend NT 0 Replies #7937511 10:13PM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7937518
raindrop110475 - James planned to make guys have power and elimintae womans vote by refusing to agree with girls if they didnt vote way they wanted 0 Replies #7937518 10:14PM 20/02/2008
Says then if you go on block they would still have votes. But Adam says BB told them if they dont agree they also loose stipend and go on bloick
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Topic #7937553
raindrop110475 - James tellsRyan and Adam to N**ger knoock on his door to wwake him up apparently means beat door down 0 Replies #7937553 10:15PM 20/02/2008
Boys say they will put their women in check
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Topic #7937582
raindrop110475 - Nat is massaging James tellign james how awesome it is they are drunk (james and chel) NT 0 Replies #7937582 10:17PM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7937718
SouthernBelladonna - Matt wants to know if the piggies pee. He says he doesn't see any wetness in the cage. 0 Replies #7937718 10:26PM 20/02/2008
Alex tells him, he's sure they do.
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Topic #7937740
SouthernBelladonna - Alex comes in the sauna room and points out that james is drooling while getting his massage. Everyone laughs. James barely moves. NT 0 Replies #7937740 10:27PM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7937781
raindrop110475 - James tells nat ali and matt that he and chelsea were making out NT 0 Replies #7937781 10:30PM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7937882
WVpdles - Sheila and Adam are talking about their earlier fight and have made up NT 0 Replies #7937882 10:36PM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7937901
raindrop110475 - Sheila lecturing adam on what he says and how peeople get hurt especially women when yout ell them things and mess with them about votes 0 Replies #7937901 10:37PM 20/02/2008
Ryan comes in and Sheila asks if he understand her reason for cryign and ryan said just to keep them from askign for her vote. Says she couldnt have told truth Ryan says he understands.
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Topic #7937903
WVpdles - Matt came in while Nat was giving James a massage, Matt told James he'd hook him up with a massage from Nat every night if they didn't go up.. 0 Replies #7937903 10:37PM 20/02/2008
James said he and Chel made out b4 she passed out and Matt told Nat to finish him off
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Topic #7937931
WVpdles - Matt went out to the kitchen and told Amanda about James and Chel. Amanda replied that they'll be hooking up, if they aren't already.. 0 Replies #7937931 10:40PM 20/02/2008
Then Amanda made a comment about not believing James is poor.
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Topic #7937980
bbshannon - Alex tells Natalie that her mic is lost in her tits...let it breathe! NT 0 Replies #7937980 10:44PM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7938094
SouthernBelladonna - It looks like James is passed out on the massage table. NT 1 Replies #7938094 10:54PM 20/02/2008
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WVpdles - Amada just said he's snoring his butt off NT #7938129 10:56PM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7938130
bbshannon - Josh says the house feels a lot smaller without Parker was his huge hair 0 Replies #7938130 10:56PM 20/02/2008
Matt says Sheila is gonna move to New York to stalk Alex.

Sheila still bitching about Adam and his inappropriate comments.

Matt says he'll see Parker on TMZ.
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Topic #7938140
bbshannon - Matt jokes that Natalie was born waving an Oregon flag NT 0 Replies #7938140 10:57PM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7938205
bbshannon - All the girls putting on lotion of Ali's thats really expensive..Alex says it stinks 0 Replies #7938205 11:02PM 20/02/2008
They are all getting along
Sharon in the DR, James on massage table, Chelsia asleep in HOH

Jen left Ryan underwear! They are all laughing.
Amanda making cookies in the kitchen. All on the floor talking.
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Topic #7938219
WVpdles - amanda's serving cookies to everyone but Chel who's asleep in HOH bed and James still on massage table NT 0 Replies #7938219 11:04PM 20/02/2008
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Topic #7938232
WVpdles - Jen left Ryan pair of her underwear and he's gonna sniff them every night b4 bed NT 0 Replies #7938232 11:05PM 20/02/2008
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