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Topic #7947671
crateriko - Allison telling Sheila she and Ryan will be laying low this week. NT 0 Replies #7947671 9:24PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7947679
raindrop110475 - Ali saying that Jen said some story in sequester that jen said her bf was in Iraq and didnt approve of her being there 0 Replies #7947679 9:24PM 21/02/2008
they are goign off on jen and how people will be offended she lied abotu a bf in iraq. (ed people will be offended they made up being lesbians too) Stillw anting to make ryan see jen is a bad person. Seems sheila was leading everyoen on abotuali and her being on outs they got moment alone in suana and are quickly discussing stragey. Alli says her and ryan are laying low cause james and chel are very dont mess with me so if anyoen messes witht hem thats who will go on block. So basically saysing that all people need to lay low so they stay off block.
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Topic #7947800
cat8mysn - F1 guys talking about the "pool shed" referring to Howie and the "jack shack" 0 Replies #7947800 9:37PM 21/02/2008
None of them know the details, they don't remember who it was or what it was called and are saying it was on one of the early seasons.
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Topic #7947865
raindrop110475 - Alex says slop tastes likethe last ass he licked NT 0 Replies #7947865 9:43PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7948075
kcs32787 - josh and sharon sleeping... others in kitchen eating cereal NT 0 Replies #7948075 10:05PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7948561
StephOH - J/C, Nat, Adam & Alex in Kitchen talking about "rubbing one out" at 5am NT 0 Replies #7948561 10:54PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7948581
StephOH - Kitchen crew discussing how bad the cold showers are NT 0 Replies #7948581 10:56PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7948602
beckstar - ryan asked sheila/ali how bad jen really is? ali said "total A" (as in ahole) NT 0 Replies #7948602 10:58PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7948604
StephOH - Adam looks at memory wall & says yeah, Jen's pic is first, so she's gonna win hahaha NT 0 Replies #7948604 10:58PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7948614
StephOH - Alex tells Chel you guys better hope I go home, because I have gotten the worse deal out of all of us NT 0 Replies #7948614 10:59PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7948626
beckstar - ali saying how awkward it is that she is friends with ryan but doesn't like his gf 0 Replies #7948626 11:01PM 21/02/2008
ryan said he can see why people don't like her.

ryan/ali in bed and sheila is there talking with them in the dark.
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Topic #7948655
StephOH - HG's in KT talking about insurance, random topics 0 Replies #7948655 11:04PM 21/02/2008
(ed. really boring tonight, not much happening)
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Topic #7948656
beckstar - ryan must have left as ali is talking about ryan wanting to propose to jen 0 Replies #7948656 11:04PM 21/02/2008
after the show is over. sheila is saying love is blind.

ryan reminds ali of friends she's had who were lost in their relationships and got married and were so miserable.

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Topic #7948678
StephOH - Ryan & Adam in BY smoking talking about nom's & POV 0 Replies #7948678 11:07PM 21/02/2008
Adam was glad his key was 1st out, Ryan was stressed because his key was last. Ryan went bak to bed
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Topic #7948681
beckstar - adam/ryan outside smoking talking about bb sparing no expense on them (sarcasm) 0 Replies #7948681 11:07PM 21/02/2008
saying it's going to be a good pov/battle. adam thought for sure he was
going on the block. they are laughing that james didn't remember the drunk convo from last night. (ed. i'm guessing about james telling adam he might be going up or something?)

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Topic #7948703
beckstar - ali/sheila saying matty thinks sheila would keep alex/amanda instead of him/natty. 0 Replies #7948703 11:10PM 21/02/2008
saying what is he on drugs?
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Topic #7948714
StephOH - Amanda calling James out, doesn't understand how in 3 years he has 0 Replies #7948714 11:11PM 21/02/2008
had a mtg co, a sign co, been a stripper, cycled around the world, and some other stuff (didnt get it all)
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Topic #7948721
beckstar - sheila takes off as ryan/ali are going to bed...ryan comes to bed shirtless 0 Replies #7948721 11:13PM 21/02/2008
they are talking about sheila dating scott baio.
ali saying she won't say anything else bad about jen.
she feels like he deserves better and she knows this might
make him mad, but she just wants that out there. this is the last
she will say about it. (ed. yeah right lol)
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Topic #7948728
StephOH - Ali/Ry in bed Ali tells Ry shes not going to say anything else bad about Jen, 0 Replies #7948728 11:14PM 21/02/2008
she just wants to say 1 more thing, "I think you deserve better" Ryan "Really?", she says Yeah
(Im out going to bed....east coast)
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Topic #7948850
beckstar - ryan/ali chat about jen (longish) 0 Replies #7948850 11:24PM 21/02/2008
you are like sooo nice and maybe i don't see the whole picture, but
it's just in the game it pissed me off some of the things she did.
and i just hope this is just how she acted in the game, know what i mean.

ryan said that one thing she told sheila is f'd up.
ali said sometimes she tells you to shut up and it might be just joking, but people think why does she talk to him like that.
he didn't notice that part. he said she knows better than that and he doesn't get pushed around. ali says you're a big boy and you can figure it out.

ryan says you've opened my eyes about some ***** with her (jen)
ali says i don't know you very well but i genuinely care about you and sheila and josh. i'm not gonna say i don't care about a lot of people, but i'm very selective. i don't know why it bothers me, but its hard for me too. it's just that there's not a lot of guys like you out there. everybody tells you you're the nicest guy in the house. that is a HUGE compliment. i just hope you realize, i don't know jen very well, but some of the things i witnessed just really really bothered me. ESPECIALLy the one with you and the one with amanda. she couldn't separate the game from real life. i wish we could have this convo off camera. i don't want jen to be like. i want you two to be happy, but i hope she is not the same as she was in this house. she was deceitful, conniving, obnoxious. i was trying to help her in this game. i'm not gonna sit here and call people out like she did. but every chance she got she ripped me down and made fun of my clothes and my body. i'm 100 percent confident in who i am and her opinion doesn't affect me. but if you were to say something like that it would bother me.

ryan says i don't know why she was like that. (hard to hear him whisper)
ryan doesn't want to make excuses for her. ryan thinks there was a little jealousy cause he and ali were paired up.

ali says she should be secure in her relationship with him and that she doesn't think she (ali) is ryans type. (ed. lol) telling ryan he is going to have a lineup of woman after this show that he is the perfect catch for pretty much a lot of people.
ryan says i've always been good with the ladies, but we'll see what happens.
ali says i don't want this to be taken the wrong way by her, i just i dunno.

ryan says he's not perfect and has flaws.

ali says yeah but overall you do the right thing and are compassionate and have all those qualities.

ryan says thanks.

ali says i don't want you to think i'm saying this to hurt you or jen. i'm saying this from an outside perspective.

ryan says i know what you're saying. when she brought up that race thing that it worked with all the girls. she's got a big mouth. makes me look bad a lot of times.

ali says do you think you're going to get sick of that eventually.

ryan says she is honest and doesn't think before speaking. he loves her honesty, but sometimes he thinks wtf are you doing. she doesn't do it intentionally to hurt him, that's just how she is.

ali asks if she does anything nice for him that is selfless.

ryan says yeah and ali asks what...(feed switches)
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Topic #7948895
beckstar - amanda/nat convo 0 Replies #7948895 11:29PM 21/02/2008
amanda saying they should have used the pov last week.
they are talking about playing hard for pov and the plan that if sheila
and adam win it, that they will take one of the couples up. (not sure if that was bs from sheila) amanda asked natty if sheila was serious and natty thought so.

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