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Topic #7941010
bcbmom - Josh and Sharon in Storage Room talking NT 0 Replies #7941010 10:05AM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7941019
CruiseCritic - Josh talking about wanting to know if they are going to be put on the block and their PLAN 0 Replies #7941019 10:06AM 21/02/2008
Sharon says if we were going up anyways - we can talk about it later,

Josh asks if James out of DR yet - someone says yes, he is up in HOH room and Josh wants to know what he is doing

SOmeone tells him changing his clothes. Josh asking Adam what James said last night on who he was putting up.

I think Adam said either us or Josh....

Adam - look who you are going up against, you will be fine
Josh - no matter what it is stressful

matt says he might put me against them, who knows.

Adam - it sucks dude, i dont want to go up
Matt - its only three votes

feeds now goes to Josh and Sharon in SR and Josh saying that Adam did tell him that it is them or Adam.

Sharon says this would keep our sh!t out of the limelight
Josh - lets say we are up against A/A and they take themselves out and then Matt/Nat goes up?
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Topic #7941022
bcbmom - Josh asks Sharon if they should go up as a pawm 0 Replies #7941022 10:06AM 21/02/2008
She thinks they should and he still thinks that they shouldn't
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Topic #7941041
CruiseCritic - Sharon - what i was saying to her is, right now, heres the deal - I 0 Replies #7941041 10:08AM 21/02/2008
am just trying to keep it to where (as josh interrupts her numerous times0

SHaron -If they think, Alex said the game would be even. If we go up against them, they wont know where they lie, it will shake up the game

Josh - if we go home this week it will because you want us on the block

Sharon says they swore to Matt/nat they wouldnt put them up

Josh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Sharon said she would rather go up against them than anyone else in the house.

Sharon tries to talk and Josh interrupts contantly
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Topic #7941050
Roxystar - Josh: I think the block is scary Im f**kin scared of being on the block NT 0 Replies #7941050 10:09AM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7941067
CruiseCritic - Josh says they are going home no matter what A/A and Matt wont take them off if he wins POV 0 Replies #7941067 10:11AM 21/02/2008
Sharon says not if they are having deals - we dont know what is going on?

Sharon says she knows for sure they would stay against A/A and we dont know what would happen against anyone else.

Josh - i dont want to take the risk

Sharon says she doesnt want someone else to go up and take themselves off and have them go up.

Josh doesnt want to go on the block - he would rather have someone he hates on the block A/A or A/RY

Sharon says if A/Ry are in final two against them they would win (phone - gotta go)
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Topic #7941124
Roxystar - Chelsia and James in HOH room 0 Replies #7941124 10:16AM 21/02/2008
James: You think we should make an alliance now? Someone that wont be on the block with us? I dont know because next week its going to be 2 couples voting.
Chelsia: Someone that wouldnt be on the block with us would be Amanda and Alex or Matty and NAtty. and I dont want to make an alliance with either one of them I dont trust them one bit.
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Topic #7941139
Roxystar - James: We have to get rid of her.. if not we are just setting ourselves up. (talking about Sharon) NT 1 Replies #7941139 10:19AM 21/02/2008
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Aeropostale676 - I think it was Amanda actually, not Sharon. NT #7941147 10:22AM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7941235
raindrop110475 - Josh in Hoh with James and chels sayign they got played 0 Replies #7941235 10:36AM 21/02/2008
James says they cant spill secret cause rest of house will be like you all kept the secret for them. Chel says she has to poop and they say they wont listen but James says he doesnt trust them and is afraid adam turned mattie against them.
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Topic #7941242
raindrop110475 - Josh is telling James about a convo with Sheila when Adam is playign both sides that adam wouldnt even says he was evicting jen and parker 0 Replies #7941242 10:37AM 21/02/2008
Says adam is tryign to lay the crazy sheila thing
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Topic #7941253
raindrop110475 - Josh and james and chel all think it should be amanda and alex and natalie and matt next two NT 0 Replies #7941253 10:39AM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7941254
raindrop110475 - James says is shady that sheila and ali lied abotu sexuality to play a game NT 0 Replies #7941254 10:39AM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7941262
NYTC7 - Josh comes up to HOH 0 Replies #7941262 10:40AM 21/02/2008
BB -James, please put on your microphone
Josh - Amanda thinks shes safe b/c she wants to bring Josh/Sharon to final 3 so they won't vote her off
Josh talking about Sheila/Ali messed up by making up secret
James- we can't tell we knew though b/c it will mess us up, we got played
Chel - I have to poop
Josh - Alex matt adam talked in BY, adam said sheila was the one who wanted to vote for jen/parker, adam is trying to blame sheila for everything & he's playing all angles
Josh - you guys are going up next week if I don't win HOH, Matt/Nat need to go next week
Chel - all Matt has to do is make it seem like he cares about Nat and she will do whatever he wants her to
James - Ryan came up to me and said don't put me up
Chel - as soon as we got HOH everyone turned nice
James leaves HOH

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Topic #7941264
raindrop110475 - Chels and josh think the Lesbian thing was wierd Josh is still not sure its not true NT 0 Replies #7941264 10:40AM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7941292
NYTC7 - Josh/Chel still discussing Sheila/Alli, neither knows what to believe NT 0 Replies #7941292 10:45AM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7941298
raindrop110475 - Chels explains all the signs that ali and sheila werent couple like sheila asking ali what she really does for living 0 Replies #7941298 10:46AM 21/02/2008
Josh says his gaydar is bad for lesbians he doesnt know if they are lesbians or if they are doign tit to turn on guys. Josh tells them that Ali is workign him saying that ryan wont win so they are good couple to take to end. Josh is tellign James and chel that amanda has never had anyone talk so bad to her as he did and she has never been so insulted and that was worst night of her life and james and chel are snickering and laughing. They all believe that matt and alex are still in alliance. Josh says this is all getting scary and everyone is playing nmon fence. Seems chel and Josh are really upset abotu lesbian thing but dont plan to call them out on it because will come back on them. They say they are not sure they arent a couple because why put the target on yourself like that. Say makes more sense now to say they arent because they are worried they will be new jen and ryan. James and chel says sucks being HOH cause they are out of game play Josh says he will keep his ear to ground
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Topic #7941305
raindrop110475 - Josh says in Amanda wins POV Josh will become devil and go after her like crazy NT 0 Replies #7941305 10:47AM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7941313
raindrop110475 - James and chel think they can control ali cause she owes them 2 one for savign her and one for lyign so she would have to vote way they want NT 0 Replies #7941313 10:48AM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7941318
raindrop110475 - Josh says peeople should gang up on amanda and alex cause they all were ganged up on and that amanda tellign people she willtake them to end now is 0 Replies #7941318 10:49AM 21/02/2008
dumb since shes leaving
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Topic #7941327
raindrop110475 - Josh says James and chel are best friends and james told people last night he was going up 0 Replies #7941327 10:52AM 21/02/2008
Josh says sharon is freaking they are goign up ( not true) James says he started it as rumor and he said maybe not definately. Josh says mat and natalie would take off alex and amanda. Cjhel says she doesnt like pawn thing. James says sheila and ali thing pisses him off
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Topic #7941341
raindrop110475 - James says ali sheila and adam are playing dirty NT 0 Replies #7941341 10:54AM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7941361
raindrop110475 - Josh says amanda was making eyes at dinnertable over drunk HoHers Josh says u know how amanda makes eyes like she is 0 Replies #7941361 10:57AM 21/02/2008
trying to have sex with you through eyes and thats last thing I want
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Topic #7941366
raindrop110475 - James says Operation condor are these people dumb NT 0 Replies #7941366 10:58AM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7941392
raindrop110475 - Josh says was miserable 10 days when alex?amanda were HOH cause she threatened people whenever she was mad about putting them up 0 Replies #7941392 11:01AM 21/02/2008
Says he would rather go home for strategic reasons then because Amanda is pissed off and asks if they should send home matty for strategicc reasons. James and chel say they gave word to Matt and Natalie that if they won HOH they wouldnt put eachother up and say that they never said they wouldnt back door but now saying f it they willput him up cause everyones word is ggonna get broken. Josh says put up ryan and allison against them
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Topic #7941412
raindrop110475 - James and chel looking for technicalities to get out of deal with matt and natalie 0 Replies #7941412 11:03AM 21/02/2008
James says Matt will be prick apparently James bet his stipend on a pool game too and lost and doesnt plan to pay up (e.d nice way to be the good people)
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