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Ryan and All confronting Chel about her saying she wants to be in F4 with Josh & Sharon. NT - milajoy
12:33PM 26/02/2008

More talk btw Ryan Allison and Chel - xXkrypticXx
12:41PM 26/02/2008

In HoH room, Chel reporting back to James what Ali and Ryan said NT - WVpdles
1:14PM 26/02/2008

James told Chel she needs to stop worrying about trying to break people, with Amanda it was ok because the whole house was behind her... - WVpdles
1:20PM 26/02/2008

James told Chel, we're done. We're goin gup next week. And if you're not preferred to play PoV we're going home. NT - WVpdles
1:21PM 26/02/2008

James telling Che if she keeps thinking - IggysPINKTights
1:22PM 26/02/2008

Ryan goes to talk to Che and James - IggysPINKTights
1:26PM 26/02/2008

James says that her stressing over who leaves over and over is going to make her not do well in comps - IggysPINKTights
1:27PM 26/02/2008

James told Chel to say nothing to J/S, let them hang themselves with the vote. NT - WVpdles
1:27PM 26/02/2008

James and Ryan playing pool NT - IggysPINKTights
1:34PM 26/02/2008

Alex is saying I'm not campaigning and Matt is saying I know but they want us to budge ;) - IggysPINKTights
1:37PM 26/02/2008

Nat talking about her dog having seperation anxiety NT - IggysPINKTights
1:40PM 26/02/2008

Ryan in HoH with James and Chel - WVpdles
1:42PM 26/02/2008

Amanda stopped James from putting a metal bowel in the microwave. He was going to melt cheese over his triscuits NT - WVpdles
2:02PM 26/02/2008

Matt and James in Kitchen, Matt accused James of talking trash about him in what he says - Gorf
2:03PM 26/02/2008

Amanda told James she knows she can't beat the promise being made that they'll never get put up and always use PoV on them NT - WVpdles
2:03PM 26/02/2008

James told Adam Matt promised Ali he'd never put them on the block and always use the PoV on them NT - WVpdles
2:07PM 26/02/2008

Chel tried some of James cheese/triscuits and seemed surprised it's good NT - WVpdles
2:09PM 26/02/2008

James, Chelsia, and Adam eating in kitchen. Josh walks by. - helena
2:12PM 26/02/2008

BB: Chel and James please report to the HoH room - WVpdles
2:13PM 26/02/2008

Josh told Sharon, what Chel heard from Allison NT - WVpdles
2:21PM 26/02/2008

Josh told Sharon he was at the Amanda exploding point, he could go off on anyone for anything NT - WVpdles
2:26PM 26/02/2008

James told Sharon Ali's playing both sides has a deal with both Amanda and Matt NT - WVpdles
2:29PM 26/02/2008

Nat and Josh in hammock. Nat saying again she's not going to campaign, but Josh says it's a good idea to remind people of Amanda's actions NT - MtDewAddict
2:41PM 26/02/2008

Josh asks Nat who they'd put up if Matt/Nat stay and win HOH - MtDewAddict
2:44PM 26/02/2008

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