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Alli dying Amanda's hair and Amanda making sure she knows that she's sorry for all that happened. - MtDewAddict
2:46PM 26/02/2008

Alex comes in and sits in the bathroom corner seat and stares at Alli/Amanda NT - MtDewAddict
2:47PM 26/02/2008

Alex said BB isn't happy that he's not campaigning, FLAMES then back to saying he's hoping it will show what his word means. NT - WVpdles
2:50PM 26/02/2008

Amanda discussing if her hair is level 3 or level 4 dark brown hair. Lots of talk about hair dye. Alex says BB doesn't like him right now - MtDewAddict
2:54PM 26/02/2008

Alex asked if his word didn't mean something about him in the game and Ali told him no, it means you're - WVpdles
2:54PM 26/02/2008

Nat giving Matt crap for watching Alli dye Amanda's hair and not watching Nat paint a mermaid scene on the bowling pins NT - MtDewAddict
2:57PM 26/02/2008

Nat goes off by herself to paint saying Matt should be spending time with her 'cause it could be their last day - MtDewAddict
3:00PM 26/02/2008

Alex is talking to people trying to find out if Matt really IS campaigning because he's starting to figure out that M/N are doing it - MtDewAddict
3:03PM 26/02/2008

Ryan is going to take a nap NT - luvsit77
3:04PM 26/02/2008

Ryan lays down to nap, Sharon is reading the Bible, Alli is making salad - MtDewAddict
3:07PM 26/02/2008

Ali asked Matt if he had a deal with Alex that he won't campaign, Matt said no just that they won't talk bad about each other which he hasn't NT - WVpdles
3:09PM 26/02/2008

Josh says, "im not talking to anyone for the rest of the day" - mansbridge
3:09PM 26/02/2008

Alli asks Matt if he promised to not campaign. Matt says he promised to not talk s**t about Alex b/c they are friends. - MtDewAddict
3:10PM 26/02/2008

Sheila angry she is called to DR in the middle of her meal NT - mansbridge
3:14PM 26/02/2008
Sheila had just made herself a bowl of salsa/relish and didnt have her eyes on - CruiseCritic
3:21PM 26/02/2008

Ali just said 'why isn't allison smiling' to matt and alex in the kitchen NT - WVpdles
3:15PM 26/02/2008
she is talking about what everyone was saying when SHE was on the block NT - caitlinrae
3:22PM 26/02/2008

Matt says he really wants to take a nap but he doesnt want to miss anything - CruiseCritic
3:24PM 26/02/2008

Alli eating a bowl of spinach salad and they are talking how people will keep - CruiseCritic
3:25PM 26/02/2008

Alex staring at Alli eating her salad - not much else going on and she just ate some cucumbers - CruiseCritic
3:28PM 26/02/2008

Ali saying Parker actually expected her to lay down and leave NT - WVpdles
3:28PM 26/02/2008

Alli said Parker genuinly expected her to just lay down for him when it came to the vote - CruiseCritic
3:29PM 26/02/2008

Sharon told Josh in storage room that Amanda told her they're the swing vote. Josh said he's going to bed - WVpdles
3:31PM 26/02/2008
Sheila back from DR. NT - WVpdles
3:32PM 26/02/2008

Matt coughin and choking a little - Alex asks if he is alright. All 4 fees go to SR - CruiseCritic
3:32PM 26/02/2008

Funny - Alli and SHeila showing group how Parker crawled in the BR and feeds (all 4) go to - CruiseCritic
3:33PM 26/02/2008

Josh to DR. and on the way he saw Ali laying on the floor with Sheila next to her and thought she was dying again. - WVpdles
3:33PM 26/02/2008

Alex asked what the difference is between campaigning and saving yourself. - WVpdles
3:35PM 26/02/2008

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