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Josh back to doing sit ups, Ryan starting to get up from couch NT - NYTC7
5:10PM 26/02/2008

Sharon's trying to get josh to keep his cool. She said she's not worried about him going off, but if a fight starts that he'll jump in NT - WVpdles
5:15PM 26/02/2008

josh and sharon just talked to ryan, saying they both needed to be on the same page for the vote tomorrow NT - WVpdles
5:28PM 26/02/2008
Josh says he doesn't trust Ryan and James needs to work Adam and get him to flip. NT - WVpdles
5:29PM 26/02/2008
josh told amanda he was close to a nervous breakdown and about to go off on ali like he did her NT - WVpdles
5:30PM 26/02/2008

Josh sharon andamanda in SR talkign about how to get extra vote for amanda and alex to stay NT - raindrop110475
5:32PM 26/02/2008

Amanda said S/A said they're going with the majority. Josh we need to get them to think they're the only vote. - WVpdles
5:32PM 26/02/2008

Amanda is hiding behind fridge in storage room, said she's gonna stay there all night NT - WVpdles
5:33PM 26/02/2008

Josh is in BR with matt and Adam saying this is decision that dictates game on how this game will go - raindrop110475
5:52PM 26/02/2008

Ryan out of DR. Amanda called to DR. NT - WVpdles
5:52PM 26/02/2008

Josh heads into Bathroom where sheila and allison is josh tells them hes about to explode - raindrop110475
5:53PM 26/02/2008

Josh picking zits and talking to allison josh says he feels like he can control amanda and allison feels she can control matt - raindrop110475
5:59PM 26/02/2008

Sheila's hiding the remaining pickles because some are missing NT - WVpdles
6:14PM 26/02/2008

J/S at HT, Josh said they just have to win HoH and PoV, if they're as good as they think they are they can do it - WVpdles
6:15PM 26/02/2008

Josh just told Ali, he's voting to keep A/A and will get their votes in the jury and A/R won't NT - WVpdles
6:27PM 26/02/2008

Ali/Ryan in hammock. - Tikkanen
6:57PM 26/02/2008

allison says james threatened her saying if she doesnt vote way james wants them to hell makereal uncomfortable in there NT - raindrop110475
6:57PM 26/02/2008

Allison says she is afraid she will be portrayed as home wrecker worried jen will kill her - raindrop110475
7:02PM 26/02/2008

ryan telling allison she isnt 100% his type but she could grow into his type NT - raindrop110475
7:04PM 26/02/2008

Allison says dr is shooting for her to say she likes ryan but she is respectful he has gf but if he didnt she would be different NT - raindrop110475
7:05PM 26/02/2008

Ali/Ryan in hammock still. - Tikkanen
7:06PM 26/02/2008

Josh - i'm gonna unleash the beast! - WVpdles
7:10PM 26/02/2008

Amanda's scared to start another fight, Chel and Sharon said she has to to save her butt. - WVpdles
7:19PM 26/02/2008

HG's getting ready for dinner, setting table NT - alabbfan
7:26PM 26/02/2008

Matt trying to get Alex/Adam come to dinner even though they can't eat NT - alabbfan
7:28PM 26/02/2008
Amanda's crying NT - WVpdles
7:28PM 26/02/2008

Matt calling Amanda "Beautiful" and trying to comfort her NT - alabbfan
7:29PM 26/02/2008

Alex carrying Sheila down to dinner (neither can eat). NT - alabbfan
7:30PM 26/02/2008

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