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Sharon tellign alex to also tell sheila that allison is talkign smack on sheila too and that matt is talkign smack on allison and sheila will be mad - raindrop110475
8:51PM 26/02/2008

allison in HOH with alex and james - raindrop110475
9:06PM 26/02/2008

james does tell alli he heard mattie say this but hes not campaiging for anyone here NT - raindrop110475
9:07PM 26/02/2008

alex leaves and immediately chel says I just came up here we arent invoved alli asks gut feelign but alex back to quickly NT - raindrop110475
9:08PM 26/02/2008

alli tellign everyone how they are stupid in game jen was idiot for thinking she could get sheila and alex is dumb for not campaiging faster NT - raindrop110475
9:10PM 26/02/2008

alli thinks she could convince mattie to use pov on her week 1 but she wanted to take jen down so she purposefully didnt ask NT - raindrop110475
9:11PM 26/02/2008

alli talkign trash on jen and how jen wasnt real she didnt console her bf alex says so beign real means nothing cause mattie isnt real NT - raindrop110475
9:12PM 26/02/2008

Ryan enters HOH - raindrop110475
9:16PM 26/02/2008

alex asks ryan i f mattie says he wouldnt campaign against me and did how cann u trust his word to you - raindrop110475
9:18PM 26/02/2008

allison says she doesnt care if mattie says crap cause she cant seperate - raindrop110475
9:20PM 26/02/2008

allison says amanda was sly cunning and calous and she doenst associate with people like that so while last 6 days were better but first 14 were - raindrop110475
9:24PM 26/02/2008

Amanda and Sheila thinks that somebody took the pickles and hid them. Joshuah says that it is a penalty nomination to take them out of the storage ... - ttowttow
9:25PM 26/02/2008

alex offers to be amanda and ryans B**ch - raindrop110475
9:28PM 26/02/2008
allison's and ryan's NT - Peachy720
9:29PM 26/02/2008
oops thats right NT - raindrop110475
9:30PM 26/02/2008

Amanda and Sheila are trying to figure out what the houseguests in the HOH room are talking about and why they are not in the conversation. NT - ttowttow
9:28PM 26/02/2008

ryan says he didnt believe in jen when she gave info on mattie telling her thinga about alli - raindrop110475
9:34PM 26/02/2008

Amanda is going crazy because of the slop. She keeps talking to the camera and narrating everything she and Sheila are doing NT - ttowttow
9:34PM 26/02/2008

allison says she doesnt talk smack abotu people in DR NT - raindrop110475
9:43PM 26/02/2008

att says he hasnt made deals with anyone in house - raindrop110475
9:45PM 26/02/2008

allison again giving pointers on how to pl;ay bb how everyoen has to make deals and no one gets anythign for nothing NT - raindrop110475
9:46PM 26/02/2008

matt says no one has told him he has votes right now NT - raindrop110475
9:46PM 26/02/2008

allison says alex and amanda are very lucky she is so forgiving she could have been meaner to them NT - raindrop110475
9:47PM 26/02/2008

allison says in outside world she would trust alex more than matt NT - raindrop110475
9:49PM 26/02/2008

allison says men have to work to get with her and mattie doesnt stand chance NT - raindrop110475
9:50PM 26/02/2008

Sharon and Josh are in Hot tub talking about how to win the upcoming HOH competition and what to do if they win. NT - ttowttow
9:51PM 26/02/2008

alli goign off abotu how no onehas ever called her ugly in her life but guys here are not guys who would like her in real life keeps telling - raindrop110475
9:55PM 26/02/2008

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