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Josh planning to make nat swear on bible she wont vote him and shaeron out or put them up - raindrop110475
8:03PM 26/02/2008

Sharon - cannot trust Matt, lies about everything NT - alabbfan
8:03PM 26/02/2008

S - Alex needs to step up and start cutting better deals (w/HG's) NT - alabbfan
8:04PM 26/02/2008

Josh and sheila decide to go with house an vote to keep nat and mattie - raindrop110475
8:05PM 26/02/2008
oops josh and sharon not sheila NT - raindrop110475
8:07PM 26/02/2008

S - spying from upstairs on kitchen NT - alabbfan
8:07PM 26/02/2008

sharon not happy wants to try to sway someone to save amanda - raindrop110475
8:08PM 26/02/2008

allison telling chel that if they get HOH she is safe NT - raindrop110475
8:09PM 26/02/2008

Alli to C -we don't want u/james to be upset w/us cause if we get HOH, you guys are safe. NT - alabbfan
8:09PM 26/02/2008

meanwhile nat sheila and amanda in bedroom talkign abotu what a great job they did with cast in house NT - raindrop110475
8:10PM 26/02/2008

sheila tellign amanda and nat this is worst eviction since day one NT - raindrop110475
8:11PM 26/02/2008

josh and sharon outside HOH hiding behind couch spyign on chel and allison NT - raindrop110475
8:12PM 26/02/2008

sheila says she will think about nat whenever she sees a beaver or hooters chick NT - raindrop110475
8:13PM 26/02/2008

Nat walks up to ryan in kitchen and says your nicest guy in house and apparently I am nicest girl (ed eww) chels says maybe u should hook up NT - raindrop110475
8:15PM 26/02/2008

sharon says all the smack mat has been saing about alli need sto come out tonight she is gonna pull her aside they hope to save amanda NT - raindrop110475
8:18PM 26/02/2008

allison tells amanda she is in house because matt and natallie didnt use POV NT - raindrop110475
8:21PM 26/02/2008

allison sayign if amanda was nicer to her in beginning then allison may vote for her now NT - raindrop110475
8:22PM 26/02/2008

allison tellin amanda that she thought alex and amanda not campaigning was stupid NT - raindrop110475
8:24PM 26/02/2008

josh comfronting matt on talking smack on alli in diary room and matt sayign I never said smack on alli josh says your flip flopping - raindrop110475
8:27PM 26/02/2008

Matt tellls alex tide is turnign and is alex whose staying and matt says theyu all want deals and I cant offer them anything - raindrop110475
8:32PM 26/02/2008

amanda implied to allison mattie talked smack on her allison is relayign this to chel says she doesnt care if he did that was then this is now NT - raindrop110475
8:33PM 26/02/2008

Amanda talking to james and josh in HOH - raindrop110475
8:35PM 26/02/2008

Apparently matt told peopel he got bj and amanda is gonna imply house thinlks its from alli since he told everyone he would get bj from alli before - raindrop110475
8:40PM 26/02/2008

Amamnda is worried people yelling at her and chel and josh saying people who were hurtful are people who are on your side now meaning her and josh - raindrop110475
8:45PM 26/02/2008

alex says matt told him he is not capaigning and sharon says on everythign she has she promises he has been campaiging hardcore NT - raindrop110475
8:46PM 26/02/2008

while james and josh and sharon convincing alex and amanda to bust out mattie on lies on alli - raindrop110475
8:49PM 26/02/2008

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