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Topic #8067247
CruiseCritic - Josh is tossing, turning, pillow-hugging. I dont think he is asleep. Everyone else appears asleep NT 0 Replies #8067247 5:19AM 02/03/2008
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Topic #8067277
CruiseCritic - Josh is out of bed NT 0 Replies #8067277 5:52AM 02/03/2008
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Topic #8067281
CruiseCritic - Josh is back in bed and covers up his whole body, head and all. Very restless... 0 Replies #8067281 5:54AM 02/03/2008
Sharon now moving around as well and Josh has the pillow covering his head.

No movement or sounds from other HGS
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Topic #8067492
pooh5983 - Everyone is still sleeping NT 0 Replies #8067492 7:20AM 02/03/2008
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Topic #8067927
bbbrat - F4 had a brief shot of Diary Room NT 0 Replies #8067927 8:45AM 02/03/2008
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Topic #8068156
DanaRose - BB plays hungry like the wolf to wake HGs NT 1 Replies #8068156 9:21AM 02/03/2008
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DanaRose - Then ...Flames NT #8068166 9:22AM 02/03/2008
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Topic #8068160
catgurl - Hungry Like the Wolf plays then we get flames NT 0 Replies #8068160 9:21AM 02/03/2008
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Topic #8068236
echo - House guests its time to get up for the day...announces......rayn in bathroom.. 0 Replies #8068236 9:35AM 02/03/2008
josh and sharon up in hoh ..josh telling how nat and he baptised the water last night and blessed the house
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Topic #8068244
echo - house guest I said its time to get up for the day...said rudley and in an annoyed tone...ryan looks up and says what a dick! NT 0 Replies #8068244 9:36AM 02/03/2008
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Topic #8068247
echo - Sharon tells Josh that james made her pinky swear last nite not to tell josh that matt and ryan have an secret alliance NT 0 Replies #8068247 9:37AM 02/03/2008
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Topic #8068251
echo - Shiela now in bathroom as ryan bruses teeth...sharon and josh discuss putting sheila and adam up today NT 0 Replies #8068251 9:38AM 02/03/2008
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Topic #8068256
Melisah - Josh and Sharon talking about game. 0 Replies #8068256 9:39AM 02/03/2008
Sharon tells Josh she can't keep information from him. Sharon tells Josh that James came to her (Sharon) last night and told her that Matt and Allison have a secret alliance and the house is going to fall 1:1.

James told Sharon he didn't even tell Chelsia this information.

Josh asked Sharon how James knew. Sharon said Ryan told James while they (Ryan/James) were out smoking.

Josh figures out that this is why Allison is working James/Chelsia for their vote, to make sure it's 2:0 their (R/A) favor.

Sharon said James suggested forming an alliance with Matt but keeping a secret alliance with J/C.

Josh and Sharon are now talking game and scenarios in the HoH bathroom.
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Topic #8068264
Melisah - "I don't think James would steer us wrong." - Josh to Sharon. 0 Replies #8068264 9:41AM 02/03/2008
J/S trust J/C. They seem to have a pretty strong alliance (J/C, J/S).
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Topic #8068271
Melisah - Sharon telling Josh that she can't trust Matt anymore after Matt told her 0 Replies #8068271 9:42AM 02/03/2008
that he hasn't been making any alliances when they've figured out he's making alliances with pretty much everyone in the house.

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Topic #8068326
Melisah - HGs doing their morning thing, talking about the wake up song. 1 Replies #8068326 9:52AM 02/03/2008
Something about 99 problems? (ed: I am unfamiliar with this song)

People in, people out, people yawning, brief talk of what happened last night, talk of the sirens, not much game talk yet outside of what J/S discussed this morning in HoH.
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Toka - Song is 99 problems but a bitch ain't one NT #8068350 9:58AM 02/03/2008
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Topic #8068335
Melisah - Flames. 1 Replies #8068335 9:55AM 02/03/2008
Ryan/Allison/Matt/Adam were talking about the morning song (though not singing it, just discussing what the lyrics meant). Something about drugs. (Sorry, I don't know this song, can't give any insight.)
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Ess - That's a lyric from "99 Problems" by Jay Z. It must've been one of the wake-up songs. NT #8068346 9:57AM 02/03/2008
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Topic #8068345
Melisah - "You can't have sex with animals" - Sharon, to Josh and Chelsia in the kitchen. 0 Replies #8068345 9:57AM 02/03/2008
Awkward conversation to come back in on.

S/J/C in the kitchen. Sheila/Natalie still in the bathroom? Everyone else in the backyard getting fresh air, laying around, talking about weather.
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Topic #8068359
Melisah - Allison in doing yoga in the BY 0 Replies #8068359 10:00AM 02/03/2008
Sheila bad mouthing Allison to Josh & Co in the kitchen. Sheila and Josh talking about how desperate Allison is. Sheila saying how hypocritical Allison is for being against the house orgy the other day but now is making out with everyone (well, James/Chelsia) for votes. "Pathetic" "Hypocritical" "Disgusting" Etc.
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Topic #8068380
Melisah - "I'm not going to vote for someone because I made out with them." - Chelsia to Sheila. 0 Replies #8068380 10:04AM 02/03/2008
Chelsia calling Sheila out on talking ***** about Allison behind her back but not confronting Allison to her face.

Chelsia goes into the BY ranting that Sheila is ranting and raving about Allison. Allison clearly heard this and is asking about specifics.

Josh and Sheila are expecting Allison to come storming in any minute. Sheila saying "She can come in here, I'll tell it to her face. Un[effing]believable."

The guys in the BY don't want the drama in the BY... they're relaxing, keep the drama elsewhere.

Allison goading Ryan in to go and defend her.

Sheila, "I am ready to evict her ***** ass right out the door." (to the Kitchen crew)
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Topic #8068401
Melisah - Houseguest repositioning themselves. 0 Replies #8068401 10:08AM 02/03/2008
Josh and Sharon in HoH eating breakfast. Josh saying they should keep their distance from Chelsia if Chelsia goes off. (cam 1 and 2)

Sheila bitching about Allison the bathroom to Natalie and Ryan. (cam 3 and 4)

Josh, "Oh my God! Why can't I evict this beast!?"

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Topic #8068416
Melisah - Sharon and Josh speculating why James just told Sharon about the alliance between 0 Replies #8068416 10:10AM 02/03/2008

Josh/Sharon... if the couples are playing as one, why would James not tell Chelsia and why would he request Sharon not tell Josh?
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Topic #8068421
Melisah - Ryan's trying ("trying") to do some damage control with Sheila... NT 0 Replies #8068421 10:11AM 02/03/2008
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Topic #8068434
Melisah - "That woman has, like, serious [f'ing] mental problems." - Allison about Sheila to the BY crew. 0 Replies #8068434 10:14AM 02/03/2008
Ryan back in the BY. Allison wanting to know what Sheila and Ryan talked about.

"Oh, she has no idea what I could do to her right now." - Allison to Ryan about Sheila.

Ryan telling Allison to talk to Sheila. Ryan's not really into drama and being mediator because he doesn't know what was said by Allison. Allison's a little irritated that Ryan can't do damage control.

Chelsia asking Allison to bring Sheila outside so they can all watch the drama.

Allison now confronting Sheila in the bathroom.
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Topic #8068455
Melisah - Sheila/Allison having it out in the bathroom. 0 Replies #8068455 10:17AM 02/03/2008
Allison saying she's made out with James and Chelsia lots of times, it's not just recently for votes.

Allison: "Why do you care?"
Sheila: "I don't care. You're right. Do whatever you want."
"It just bothered me."
"You don't know me."
"I don't know you."
"You're grasping at straws."
"I think you're grasping at straws."
"I'm just trying to have a good time in this house."

Allison: "I just don't know why you're starting with me this morning.

Now they're rehashing everything.
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Topic #8068462
Melisah - Sharon on HoH balcony listening to Sheila/Allison argue. NT 0 Replies #8068462 10:17AM 02/03/2008
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