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Topic #8072316
Telbrook - Matt and Adam are talking about Adam's business ventures---Adam really seems to have business sense. Then flames when Adam starts to talk about how 0 Replies #8072316 4:10PM 02/03/2008
he was recruited to come on BB. Apparently 'Robin' called him up to come on. He was also talking about working one 'The Apprentice' for a couple seasons, making up the challenges, 'like the lemonade stand.'
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Topic #8072319
Shannon72 - Flames continuing 0 Replies #8072319 4:10PM 02/03/2008
Probably because Adam is still running at the mouth about being part of another show.
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Topic #8072338
Shannon72 - Adam made a comment about Nat having googly eyes (ed. well if that isn't the pot calling the kettle black) NT 0 Replies #8072338 4:13PM 02/03/2008
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Topic #8072391
Shannon72 - Adam told Matt that if they win (A/R) they will be targeting Matt 0 Replies #8072391 4:19PM 02/03/2008
Adam and Matt speculating again about if someone will be coming back into the house. Adam picking his nose and trying to bite skin off the palm of his hand.

Matt talking about J/C sceeming (sp?) in the corner and Matt said the way to get to James is to get to his girl (Chelsia) because "he loves that girl".

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Topic #8072440
Shannon72 - Adam and Matt - more talk on couches in BY 0 Replies #8072440 4:23PM 02/03/2008
Game Speculating:
A - Someone is coming the F back.
M - Yup. Where did you think they went?
A - Well, after NY they probably got laid up and they are chillin'.

A - Sheila is busted up (ed. this came out of no where)
M - Imagine if they put us up in a house full of fat girls (ed. this guy is a winner)

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Topic #8072442
Telbrook - Matt and Adam discussing the way to get to James is through Chelsia: 'He loves her, man.' NT 0 Replies #8072442 4:23PM 02/03/2008
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Topic #8072518
Shannon72 - James and Chelsia in hammock 0 Replies #8072518 4:32PM 02/03/2008
C - I wonder what they say in DR
J - Probably make fun of you
C - What do you think they make fun of?
J - Your as$
C - I don't have an as$
J - I was just joking

James calls Alli over to them.

A - I just raped the bathroom. You can eat off the floor.
C - Are you trying to get votes because you can clean? (joking)
A - We've been in the position of people needing our vote and needing the vote of others. Obviously we would like your (J/C) vote.

They are talking about Matt's game play and James said that Matt is a cock$ucker. James said that he's a f'ing roofer and that's all he's going to give him credit for.

James said he doesn't want Ali to be pissed at them (J/C) if things don't go their way.

Alli talking about how Matt really really really knows he is in the house because A/R saved them. James saying that Matt is playing from all angles.
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Topic #8072529
Melisah - James is completely against Matt. 0 Replies #8072529 4:32PM 02/03/2008
James talking to Allison. James is saying that Matt is an [effing c***sucker]. He's just a roofer. He's Boston with a lazy eye. James does not trust Matt, doesn't like his drug and hooker stories. It's no secret James doesn't like Matt and Matt knows it (says James).
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Topic #8072583
Shannon72 - Alli / James / Chelsia on hammock (more) 0 Replies #8072583 4:37PM 02/03/2008
Alli believes that Matt will vote to keep A/R in the game. She is absolutely sure he will.

James said he and Chel are playing their cards really tight on this vote and they are not going to tell either couple what they decide. Alli really working J/C telling them they are the best couple "hands down" in the house. James telling Alli that she is really going to get F'd on this one.

Alli is telling J/C that Josh has been acting insane and everyone in the house knows it. Alli said she knows she's been involved in the arguments but she said, "Should I just take it when someone calls me a c**t?".
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Topic #8072592
Melisah - Ali rehasing drama with Josh... 0 Replies #8072592 4:37PM 02/03/2008
Ali saying she knows her and Ryan aren't going to win because no one likes Jen and no one wants to see her win (through Ryan).
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Topic #8072615
izabbfan - Natalie and Sheila are cooking....Sheila peeled and cut potatoes, they are making asparagus too NT 0 Replies #8072615 4:39PM 02/03/2008
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Topic #8072629
my0wn - Ali, James & chel near the hammock 0 Replies #8072629 4:40PM 02/03/2008
Ali is sitting on the ground in frnt of the hammock, James & Chel are laying under Chel's blk blanket together. Ali is telling them that Matt would go after Josh/Sharron & them (J/C) if he won HOH. James telling Ali that Matt is playing tight w/Josh and he feels that Matt will not vote to keep her. Ali says she knows he will keep her. James says again he just feels it that Matt will not vote for her. James tells her game aside no matter what enjoy your time here, and if things don't go the way she wants they still like her.
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Topic #8072637
Shannon72 - Alli telling J/C that they are not going to win at the very end because of Ryan's relationship 0 Replies #8072637 4:40PM 02/03/2008
with Jen outside of the house. (ed. this is her angle by telling others it is in their best interest to take them to the end).

Alli SWEARS that Matt will vote for Alli to stay. James told Alli -- "All game playing aside, just enjoy your last couple days here". James and Chel asking Ali again not to take it out on them if things don't go her way. Chels said, "You know we love you".

Chels and James said that anything can happen in the next couple days. Alli went back into house.
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Topic #8072665
Shannon72 - Ryan/James/Adam in BY smoking and a few girls in ktichen making dinner. NT 0 Replies #8072665 4:43PM 02/03/2008
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Topic #8072801
my0wn - James, Ryan, & Adam outside smoking near the pool table 0 Replies #8072801 4:51PM 02/03/2008
Ryan asking questions about James's bike trip if he has went thru Colorado James says he went thru the continental divide. Talks about having a letter with his bike in case it is stolen. basically says if you need it take it but please finish the trip for me has his website explains what he is doing. Says he calls his bike Adriana and he takes it everywhere with him, in bars, houses etc. smoke break over, James goes inside, Ryan and Adam try their hand at basketball.
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Topic #8072856
my0wn - Ali talking to James near the pigs, going over the puzzle in the cage & other odd things in the house NT 0 Replies #8072856 4:55PM 02/03/2008
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Topic #8072858
Shannon72 - Alli and James near guinea pig cage looking at the objects and wondering if they will have anything to do with comps. 0 Replies #8072858 4:55PM 02/03/2008
Alli is giving away her "trade secrets" to James so he can win after she leaves the house.
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Topic #8072881
Shannon72 - Alli and Chel in bedroom 0 Replies #8072881 4:57PM 02/03/2008
A - I just want you guys to know that everyone wants to be here.
C - I know. It just sucks because we (J/C) need to know how M/N are going to vote. We don't want to base our vote off theirs but we don't want to stand out either if we don't vote the same way.
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Topic #8072903
my0wn - Ali & Chel in the bedroom 0 Replies #8072903 4:59PM 02/03/2008
what I caught
C - I just want to know what Matt is doing

A - I really believe Matt is going to vote for us thatís the deal I will let Ryan explain it to you

C - yeah that would be good.
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Topic #8072984
Shannon72 - James heading up to HOH where Josh and Sharon have been camping out 0 Replies #8072984 5:07PM 02/03/2008
Josh asleep and Sharon just looks like she woke up. James is climbing in bed with them.

Josh woke up and said he is afraid of Matt and Josh told James he heard Matt tell Adam they will go to F2 together. James said, "No f'ing way!".

James told Josh that Matt owes alot to Allison. Josh looked horrified and said, "Does this mean this is going to go down to the very wire?". (ed. Josh is scared that Matt is going to flip and vote to keep A/R in).
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Topic #8073054
Shannon72 - James told J/S that they don't have to worry about J/C. 0 Replies #8073054 5:12PM 02/03/2008
James joking about worst case scenario and A/R staying in house. Josh jumped out of bed completely horrified at the thought. Sharon is laughing at Josh's reaction. James laughed and said again that he doesn't have to worry about it.
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Topic #8073135
Shannon72 - Up in HOH - Sharon/James/Josh 0 Replies #8073135 5:17PM 02/03/2008
Josh and James talking about how it's best to keep A/S and N/M in house because Sharon and Nat are easy to manipulate. James said all you have to do is tell Nat you wont be her friend anymore. Sharon said that Adam/Sheila can be swayed and that is scary because M/N can get to them. Josh said best case scenario would be for J/C to win HOH next and second best would be for Josh/Sharon to win POV.

They are now speculating on what the HOH comp will be -- mental or physical.

Josh said he doesn't know about Adam and asked James what his take is on him.

Feeds switched to Ryan and Alli in BY.
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Topic #8073273
Shannon72 - Alli and Ryan in backyard 0 Replies #8073273 5:25PM 02/03/2008
A - I told J/C that Matt was going to vote for us to stay but the vibe that Matt is giving up is really scary. You have to talk to him.
R - Yeah
A - Do you really really really trust Matt?
R - Yeah, I do.
A - Then why is he acting like he is playing both sides right now?
R - I don't know.
A - I feel so bad about Adam because I really love him and it sucks. He came up to me in the bathroom and told me how much he hates his partner (Sheila). Whether you believe me or not that she turns things to the nth degree.
R - Mmmmhmmm
A - I have walls up and everyone tells me that but when the walls break down I am a different person. Everything thinks that I'm a f'ing liar.
R - Uh huh
A - I can tell you right now that Chel wants me here. But the way Matt is acting is putting so much doubt in their mind and I don't want them thinking that.

Ryan goes back to playing basketball.

(ed. basically Alli told Ryan he needs to convince J/C that Matt and Nat will be voting to keep them (A/R) in because J/C already told Ali that they are probably going to vote the same way M/N will be)
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Topic #8073368
Shannon72 - Josh making fun of Matt's lazy eye and how it goes nuts in the morning which is why no one talks to him in the morning. 0 Replies #8073368 5:31PM 02/03/2008
Josh saying that his eye only has 4 positions. Josh, James and Sharon just ripping Matt apart and talking about how his pant legs were rolled up 3 times this morning. James said Matt spends more money on his hair products then his education. Josh wants the siren to go off while Matt is deep in sleep because he can't function when he wakes up.
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Topic #8073420
Shannon72 - Sharon asked James what went down between James/Chel/Alli and James said it was just kissing. James also said he masterbated too but that was it. NT 0 Replies #8073420 5:34PM 02/03/2008
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