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James, Ryan, Matt, Adam and Chels in Boat Room, then LR. - Snarf123
2:22PM 06/03/2008

All Feeds now LR with James and Ryan playing chess. Adam and Chels watch. - Snarf123
2:29PM 06/03/2008

Sharon wants to feed the guinea pigs. They talk about requesting a pepper for them, even though the HG's aren't allowed one this week. - Snarf123
2:30PM 06/03/2008

Sharon and Adam in Kitchen talking about how to stop smoking and/or conserve cigarettes. - Snarf123
2:38PM 06/03/2008

James returns from DR session to resume chess game with Ryan, and of course, Ryan is immediately called to the DR. NT - Snarf123
2:40PM 06/03/2008

More in the LR -- James, Chels and Adam mostly. - Snarf123
2:47PM 06/03/2008

F1 swtiches to Sheila and Nat in the Spa Room. Lockdown over. - Snarf123
2:50PM 06/03/2008

Matt and Sheila in Hammock. Nat tries to join, and Matt says no, but she sits down anyway. - Snarf123
2:52PM 06/03/2008

Shelia and Natty want Chelsia gone - Timot
2:54PM 06/03/2008
Nat not complaining about the wine - complaining about Chelsia's attitude that night over the wine NT - Suzan
2:59PM 06/03/2008

Sheila and Nat still in Hammock. - Snarf123
2:56PM 06/03/2008

F1 & 2 cut to Matt and Chelsia outside, with Adam listening in. - Snarf123
3:00PM 06/03/2008

F3 on Sheila and Nat in the Spa Room again. - Snarf123
3:05PM 06/03/2008

Meanwhile, on F1 & 2, Matt talks about how he quit smoking (weed) cold turkey and never went back to it. - Snarf123
3:08PM 06/03/2008

Matt, Chels and Matty talk about the noms. Matt makes it clear they didn't want the hottest girl left in the house to leave. - Snarf123
3:11PM 06/03/2008

Chels says that she thinks the entire cast got in because they were all sexually charged. NT - Snarf123
3:12PM 06/03/2008

BY crew talking now about how mean Sheila is to Adam. - Snarf123
3:16PM 06/03/2008

4 Feeds on Nat painting a fingernail polish portrait of Sheila. - Snarf123
3:19PM 06/03/2008

Josh: I'm being haunted by Allison. I'm seeing her, I'm hearing her. Sheila: So Good. Josh: haunted. NT - coz
3:31PM 06/03/2008

Josh: I am so ready for America to choose something! NT - Amandafan
3:51PM 06/03/2008

Matt up in HoH amusing himself with a ball, waiting for Ryan to come out of HoH bathroom. - Snarf123
3:57PM 06/03/2008

Ryan, James, Adam, Josh at hot tub talking sports - girls in kitchen talking about the food comp today NT - Suzan
4:00PM 06/03/2008
Chelsia done eating now joins the guys at the hot tub - the subject is now the schools they attended NT - Suzan
4:02PM 06/03/2008

Outside lockdown announced, Ryan called to the DR, and now trivia NT - Julie
4:29PM 06/03/2008

Trivia NT - SavageRider
4:29PM 06/03/2008

And we're back on... - Melisah
5:55PM 06/03/2008

They're just milling about, talking about how to set the oven to broil - Melisah
5:57PM 06/03/2008

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