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DaisyDuck Josh is working on Operation C, Ryan is acting like he likes the idea. He wants to see what happens with VETO comp first. J guaranteed R 2 weeks no 0 10:43AM 07/03/2008
TracyTurnblad Joshuah really pressuring Ryan to back door Matt 0 10:44AM 07/03/2008
DaisyDuck Ryan just asked Josh if Adam was down with the plan. He said Adam doesn't know about it, he then asked if James was down with it, he said 100%. NT 0 10:45AM 07/03/2008
EvelDickthebest Ryan told Josh Nat is the rat NT 0 10:52AM 07/03/2008
EvelDickthebest Ryan seems into this deal and him telling nat is the leak makes me think hes going for it NT 0 10:53AM 07/03/2008
NYTC7 Josh is going up to HOH, tell ryan the house will promise him that he will have 2 weeks of safety 0 10:53AM 07/03/2008
NYTC7 Josh to WC, Chelsia and Sharon are there, telling them that Nat leaked everything last night NT 0 10:53AM 07/03/2008
NYTC7 Josh told Sheila that nat leaked everything, she says I TOLD you!!! NT 0 10:54AM 07/03/2008
NYTC7 Josh says he just went upstairs to try and save himself 0 10:56AM 07/03/2008
NYTC7 Chelsia is PI$$ed at Natalie NT 0 10:56AM 07/03/2008
NYTC7 Ryan says that they think that they have natalie 0 10:58AM 07/03/2008
NYTC7 Josh asks Nat point blank if she said anything to Matt, and she denies it NT 0 10:58AM 07/03/2008
NYTC7 Ryan thinks that he and matt will go up on the block if any one of them get HOH 0 10:59AM 07/03/2008
NYTC7 Josh and James are tlaking and Ryan and Matt are talking I cant follow both conversations NT 0 11:00AM 07/03/2008
NYTC7 Matt says that he's not talking to Sharon and that Sharon gave him attitude this morning 0 11:01AM 07/03/2008
NYTC7 Natalie is insisting to Josh and James that she does not go back on her word NT 0 11:02AM 07/03/2008
doodles444s Nat telling Josh they should all stop being paranoid and that she is a girl of her word.. NT 0 11:03AM 07/03/2008
NYTC7 Ryan said I knew you wanted to play, but I couldn't call you out, it would have looked bad NT 0 11:03AM 07/03/2008
NYTC7 Ryan saying that he should try to be cool with Josh, work that angle NT 0 11:04AM 07/03/2008
Suzan Natalie is right next to Josh as he's making his bed, goining on and on about how trustworthy she is how 1 11:05AM 07/03/2008
NYTC7 Matt says I'm not worried until next weeks HOH NT 0 11:05AM 07/03/2008
Suzan Josh and Sheila in the bathroom - Josh: Well we all know who to get out next week NT 0 11:08AM 07/03/2008
NYTC7 Ryan saying that Sharon and Josh needed to practice more 0 11:09AM 07/03/2008
NYTC7 Matt thinks that M & adam will go up next week 0 11:10AM 07/03/2008
Suzan Matt to Ryan - oh listen to this, every girl in the house is supposedly going to try and get me emotionally 1 11:11AM 07/03/2008
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